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which, by the way, is beautiful at night. It is also the largest opera house in Russia. There's also the exact geographical center of former Soviet Union just south of Lenin Square, marked by the Chapel of St. Nicholas, originally built in 1915 to commemorate 300 years of Romanov rule, destroyed in 1930 and rebuilt in 1993. In winter residents build an ice town on the Ob River, and in summer you can go to the beach. Near the city center on Krasny Prospekt,you can also see some excellent works in the Novosibirsk Art Museum and Local Studies Museum. You could also consider the Novosibirsk Regional Puppet Theater (over 70 years old in an interesting historic building), Novosibirsk Circus, and several other theaters. As in every Russian city, there are multiple monuments to heroes of the Great Patriotic War (WWII), including an eternal flame guarded at special ceremonies by youths with replica Kalashnikovs. Those are standard touristic places, but you should definitely make friends with locals to see the "best" parts of the city. Novosibirsk Zoo The zoo is one of the largest in Russia (after Novosibirsk had a really tiny one for decades until 90-s). Much money have been invested in the zoo during "prosperous 00-s", thanks to the zoo's devoted director Shilo, a member of the bureaaucrat United Russia party. The zoo is very well-attended and one of the best places to visit that Novosibisk can offer.visit to Akademgorodok, built in the 1950s as a mecca for academics but suffering from neglect in the post-Soviet years, is still pleasant as a day trip. This formerly elite institution is located about 30 KM south of the city and features several museums and nice, tree-lined streets. While you're in the area, you might also visit one of several nice beaches on the Ob Sea, the large body of water created by a dam on the Ob River. Also south of the city, about 2 km north of Akademgorodok, is the open-air West Siberian Rail Museum. There are about 90 historical trains and rail cars there. Do File:Russia-novosibirsk-lake.JPG thumb 250px Tanning at the beach in spring Many foreigners may find Novosibirsk gray and boring and not attractive at all, as tourism system isn't really implemented in the city. You'll never see any buses with tourists visiting the city. Yet Novosibirsk is the third biggest city in Russia, it's probably one of the most not touristic destinations in the country. You won't find a lot of touristic guides and prospects about the city. However, if you are interested in exploring real Russia and Siberia and understanding Russian culture, seeing what life in Russia is like and getting in touch with Russia and Russian household, it's a must visit place. Here are a couple of things you might do while staying there: 1. One of the things you should do is visiting Opera House (Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater). Here is the link to their web-page http: index.php?locale en_us. But it's recommended to book tickets in advance. They have very nice operas and ballets and they usually play classic things. Many of the plays are known around the world and it'd be very interesting to see a sort of Siberian interpretation. The Opera House is situated on Lenin Square and you can get there by catching a subway train. There are also a lot of buses and troleybuses running to OperaHouse. The location is very central and you'll easily find it. 2. As there's a lot of snow in Siberia in winter, going skiing or ice skating could be a lot of fun in Novosibirsk. There are a lot of ice arenas in the city. Some of them are free of charge, but those don't usually rent skaters. The ones that rent skaters may be not free of charge. One of the central stadiums is "Spartak", it's quite central. 3. Try some Russian specialties, such as pancakes ("Blini") and "pelmeni"). You can either go cafes or this stuff may be found in many cafes in malls. Buy *'''MegaMall "IKEA, MEGA"'''. *'''Shopping Mall "Aura"'''. *'''Shopping Mall "Royal Park"'''. *'''Shopping Mall "Moscow — Moskwa"'''. *'''Shopping Mall "Megas"'''. *'''Shopping Mall "Siberian Mall"'''. *'''Shopping Mall Pharaon'''. There are a lot of malls, shops, boutiques and stores in Novosibirsk. They offer a lot of goods from all round the world and you can have a great time while shopping. However, be careful when buying anything there - always check what you buy, before you pay. Sometimes the goods you buy may be produced not by a brand company but by a company in an Asian country that has a license for producing products under this brand name. Sometimes the quality of these goods doesn't correspond to the quality of the original brand. This may be especially applied to the European brands. For example, the same scents may have a different aroma in Novosibirsk and somewhere in Europe. It doesn't mean that the goods have bad quality and you shouldn't shop. But be careful if you want to purchase anything. You could have a lot of fun if you go to markets like Central Market ("Центральный рынок") or "Baraholka". There you'll see people from around the world selling stuff that is not brand but it may have a good quality. Be careful there as well, as you may run into pocket pickers. You may even find some local food there and try some specials. There are a lot of different markets in the city but the most famous are Central Market and Baroholka. You may buy nothing there but what you see, you'll see nowhere in the world. It literally looks like an Asian market with only difference it's in the Russian way. Eat * WikiPedia:Novosibirsk Commons:Category:Novosibirsk


, originated from Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, is the second-largest opera form in China. Also, there are several big shows themed with the history and culture of Hangzhou like Impression West Lake and the Romance of Song Dynasty. Specialty Tea is an important part of Hangzhou's economy and culture. Hangzhou is best known for originating Longjing (Longjing tea), a notable variety of green tea, the most notable type being Xi Hu Long Jing. WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou


States of America in 1976. * The Teatro Massimo was built in Palermo, the largest opera theatre in Italy, third in Europe. * The Weaver building, a mill at Swansea, becomes the first building in the UK to be constructed from reinforced concrete, by L. G. Mouchel (Louis Gustave Mouchel) to Hennebique (François Hennebique) patents.


, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest opera company in Canada and the third largest producer of opera in North America. The COC performs in its own opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. location address 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada client '''Roy Thomson Hall''' is a concert hall located at 60 Simcoe Street in Toronto, Ontario. It is the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Opened in 1982, its circular architectural design exhibits a sloping and curvilinear glass exterior. It was designed by Canadian architects Arthur Erickson and Mathers and Haldenby. The hall seats 2630 and features a pipe organ built by Canadian organ builders Gabriel Kney of London, Ontario. Performing Tafelmusik performs over 50 concerts for its subscription season at its home venue in Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, a historic church in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto, with selected performances at the George Weston Recital Hall in the Toronto Centre for the Arts. They have also collaborated with Opera Atelier. The '''Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts''' is a 2,071-seat theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which had its grand opening Wednesday, June 14, 2006. The first actual performance however, commenced in September 2006 with the first Canadian production of Richard Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen. The theatre, designed by Jack Diamond (Jack Diamond (architect)), is at the southeast corner of University Avenue (University Avenue (Toronto)) and Queen Street West, across from Osgoode Hall. The land on which it is located was a gift from the Government of Ontario. The '''Sony Centre for the Performing Arts''' is a major performing arts venue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. '''William R. Allen Road''', more commonly known as '''Allen Road''', '''The Allen Expressway''' or simply '''The Allen''' and formerly as the '''Spadina Expressway''', is a short expressway (Controlled-access highway) freeway in Toronto, Ontario, which runs from Kennard Avenue in the north, to Eglinton Avenue West (Eglinton Avenue) in the south. The portion south of Sheppard Avenue was originally the completed section of the Spadina Expressway. Allen Road is named after late Metro Toronto (Metropolitan Toronto) Chairman William R. Allen (William Allen (Canadian politician)) and maintained by the City of Toronto. Landmarks along the road include the Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Downsview Park (formerly CFB Downsview). Future During the 2010 Toronto mayoral election (Toronto mayoral election, 2010), Rocco Rossi proposed completing the expressway in a tunnel to meet the Gardiner Expressway. Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto


her home but she frequently appeared at some of the largest opera houses in the world. She was also a regular visitor to the recording studio. Between 1959 and 1964 Söderström was contracted by the Metropolitan Opera in New York to which she would return in 1983-87. Her last stage performance was in 1999 in Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)'s ''The Queen of Spades (The Queen of Spades (opera))'' at the Metropolitan Opera. Later, at the 2005 World Championships (2005 World Championships in Athletics), Mohamed finished tenth but improved upon that the following year in Stockholm with a time of 8:14.67. A month later in August 2006, he finished fourth at the 2006 European Athletics Championships. - style "background:#DDDDDD" Stockholm Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


had contacts with William James and other psychologists. He met Freud in Vienna. He corresponded with Hermann Hesse and was a friend of the in London (UK) living Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. The construction started on 12 January 1874 but was stopped for eight years from 1882 till 1890. Finally, on 16 May 1897, twenty-two years after the laying of the foundation stone, the third largest opera theatre, after Palais Garnier in Paris and the K. K. Hof-Opernhaus


, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest opera company in Canada and the third largest producer of opera in North America. The COC performs in its own opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. '''The Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra''' (also known as '''Tafelmusik''') is a Canadian (Canada) baroque orchestra specializing in early music. They often perform

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