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Morden, Manitoba

).JPG thumb The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Morden is home to the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada, located at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Their collection includes an 11-metre-long mosasaur, approximately 80 million years old.


, Hassa, İskenderun, Kırıkhan, Reyhanlı, Samandağ and Yayladağı. Main sights The long and varied history has created many architectural sites of interest. There is much for visitors to see in Antakya, although many buildings have been lost in the rapid growth and redevelopment of the city in recent decades. * Hatay Archaeology Museum has the second largest collection of Roman (Roman Empire) mosaics in the world. * The rock-carved ''Church of St Peter'', with its network

'') or the Antakya Archeological Museum in the city has the second largest collection of classical Roman mosaics '''in the world'''. The museum also features a good coin collection, artifacts from the Iron and Bronze Ages found in sites nearby and a very impressive sarcophagus with great reliefs. You can check many items from the collection through the official website of the museum: One of the oldest churches


englanti yleista_eng.htm email address Kauppakatu 29 lat 65.7323 long 24.5527 directions phone tollfree fax hours price Tickets 7€ adult or 4.5€ for children. content The largest collection of gemstones in Europe. The well known speciality is the crown designed for the King of Finland in 1918. *


for their traditional skills in producing art out of feathers. There are all in all seven feather-pictures in the treasury, making it the largest collection of such specific items. It belonged to the collection of emperor Rudolf II. Rayón chose to move to Aguascalientes because a big Spanish army was going to Zacatecas. While the Rayón army was traveling, colonel Miguel Emparan intercept them but Rayón won and kept moving to Michoacan. In may 3, close to La Piedad, began the battle of El Maguey, Rayón lost the battle and his resources. In La Piedad he tried to get more resources and move out to Zamora. In Zamora He organized some troops and sent them with Torres to Pátzcuaro, Torres was attacked in the Tinaja Hill, Rayón went to help him and both won the battle against the Spanish army. Rayón tried to attack Valladolid today Morelia but because the Spanish received reinforcements he desisted the attack. He went to Tiripitio to change the war flow, from this very moment he began the group war. He sent Torres to Pátzcuaro and Uruapan, Navarrete to Zacapu, Mariano Caneiga to Panindícuaro and Muñiz to Tacámbaro. Rayón went to Zitacuaro to prepare the defense. Emparanleft Maravatío to attack Zitacuaro in juin 22. Rayón had less mans than Emparan but better artillery, Rayón army attracts the attacker to town. close to the artillery range, the battle took the hold day, Spanish could not take the town with heavy losses for both armies. Around 1400, the triumvirate of chiefs (Tribal chief) from Pátzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio conquered and annexed Uruapan. At the arrival of the Spaniards and before the proceeding conquest by the Tarascan kingdom, the last calzonci (king), Tanganxuan II, found refuge in 1522 in what is today known as Uruapan, when fleeing the conquistador Cristóbal de Olid, according to historian Fray Pablo Beaumont. The town of '''Janitzio''', which means "where it rains", is located atop the hill. Janitzio can only be reached by boats which run regularly back and forth from about 7:30 am to 6 pm, accessible from Pátzcuaro's pier (embarcadero). These boats can be hired to take you around other parts of the lake. The town is famous for the butterfly fishermen who are skilled at lowering their butterfly-shaped nets to catch the local famous cuisine "pescado blanco". The butterfly fisherman were also located on the back side of the 50 peso (Mexican peso) Mexican banknote. caption_bathymetry location Pátzcuaro, Michoacán coords right thumb 250px Lake Pátzcuaro (Image:Mexico-patzcuaro.jpg) '''Lake Pátzcuaro''' (Spanish: ''Lago de Pátzcuaro'') is a lake in the municipality of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. Richards was blacklisted in Hollywood because of his left wing views. He wrote under various pseudonyms to get work, until he finally gave up and became a carpenter. He retired to Pátzcuaro, Mexico, where he died, still bitter about the career he had lost.

Powell River, British Columbia

and is part of the Sunshine Coast Forest District of the Coast Forest Region (List of Forest Regions and Forest Districts of British Columbia), which is headquartered in Powell River (Powell River, British Columbia), map of Sunshine Coast Forest District and the Lower Mainland Ministry of Environment Region (List of Ministry of Environment Regions of British Columbia), headquartered in Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia). Map of Ministry of Environment Regions It is also within the mainland portion of the Strathcona Regional District (Strathcona Regional District, British Columbia), which has only municipal powers such as sewage and building permits on non-Indian Reserve lands in rural areas. The inlet lies in the overlapping traditional territories and land claims of the Homalco (Homalco First Nation), Klahoose, Kwiakah (Kwiakah First Nation) map of Kwiakah territory, Kwiakah Nation website and We Wai Kai (We Wai Kai Nation) First Nations. Early life Van 't Schip was born in Fort St. John, British Columbia, and was raised in Powell River, British Columbia, where he grew up playing youth football (Association football) in the small community before his family moved back to the Netherlands in 1972. So great was the power of the Southern Kwakiutl that the Comox (Comox (people)) people of the Courtenay (Courtenay, British Columbia)-Comox (Comox, British Columbia) came to speak Kwak'wala instead of K'omox, which today remains spoken by their kin the Sliammon and Homalhko on the other side of Georgia Strait around Powell River (Powell River, British Columbia). Many of the Wewaykum in Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia) are of Comox (Comox (people)) descent, while the Weewaikai of the Cape Mudge Band retain noble lineages and ceremonies going back centuries to their roots in the Queen Charlotte Strait. The great potlatches of the Cape Mudge chiefs are celebrated in the book ''Chiefly Feasts: The Enduring Kwakiutl Potlatch'' (A. Donaitis, U. Wash Press). In politics, he was a member of the Liberal Party (Liberal Party of Canada). His riding spanned the Central Coast, then including the large pulp mill town of Ocean Falls and the western part of the Cariboo and the Squamish-Lillooet (Squamish-Lillooet Regional District) in a time when the largest town was Bralorne (Bralorne, British Columbia), and both were isolated as well as separated by each other by vast mountains. Other voters were in the Chilcotin Plateau and Cariboo, over yet another set of mountains and or huge plateaus from the other towns on the coast and in the southern part of the riding. In those days Squamish (Squamish, British Columbia) was still only accessible by ferry from downtown Vancouver, and the rail line (British Columbia Railway) came no farther south. Most of the remaining major towns in the riding, Squamish, Lillooet (Lillooet, British Columbia), Powell River (Powell River, British Columbia), Sechelt (Sechelt, British Columbia), Ocean Falls (Ocean Falls, British Columbia) and Bella Coola (Bella Coola, British Columbia), were all separated from each other and all those mentioned by either water or rail - or, in the case of Lillooet to Bella Coola (Bella Coola, British Columbia), an arduously long and difficult drive via 100 Mile House

Tuxtla, Chiapas

. It also sells coffee and regional candies from the state. In his time, was a great museum that stored the largest collection of photos, crafts and recreations of life of native villages in the depths of the state, but was almost entirely consumed by fire in 2001. El Universal - - Consume incendio Casa de las Artesanías de


''' sits on the remote frontier of Uzbekistan. Nukus looks like a planned Soviet city (in fact, it was host the Red Army's Chemical Ressearch Institute) but is also home to the Nukus Museum of Art - commonly referred to as the '''Savitsky Museum''' - which houses the second largest collection of Russian avant-garde artwork in the world, second only to the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. A rare gem of a museum in the middle of practically nowhere and a must-see. * The ''' Aral Sea


of Giza Great Pyramid . *October 12 – Nancy Spungen, the American girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, is found dead in a hotel room of a stab wound. Sid is arrested and charged with her murder. History The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities contains many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history. It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, and many treasures of King Tutankhamen. The Egyptian government established the museum, built in 1835 near

South Beach

Champion, Frank Seiberling, and Rockwell LaGorce built homes on Miami Beach. President Warren G. Harding stayed at the Flamingo Hotel (Flamingo Hotel, Miami Beach) during this time, increasing interest in the area. In the 1930s, an architectural revolution came to South Beach, bringing Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, and Nautical Moderne architecture to the Beach. South Beach claims to be the world's largest collection of Streamline


automation control systems; Precise electrical micro machines of low input power; Power tools, for both professional and household usage. Education The largest collection of higher education institutions in Crimea is located in Simferopol. Among them is the largest university in Simferopol and Crimea, the Taurida V.Vernadsky National University, which was founded in 1917.

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