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ethnographic region. Capital is Marijampolė, largest city - Kaunas. *Lithuania Minor (''Mažoji Lietuva''). Region at the Baltic sea coast, also includes territories with large historical Lithuanian population of what is now Kaliningrad Oblast and a bit of northern Poland. Largest city is Klaipėda. As circumstances changed, the Local Detachment moved from cooperation to resistance. !--what "active resistance? Did the troops attack


museum palace was built in 1938. Currently, Museum ''Alka'' is famous in Samogitia for its accumulation of over 62 thousand showpieces, 70 thousand pieces of estate archives, a 12 thousand book scientific library, and 15 thousand film negatives. Telšių apskrities turizmo informacijos centras – Muziejai – Muziejai. The museum has a large historical exposition of Samogitia as well as a large collection of paintings of famous Lithuanian and foreign artists. In the southern part of the city close to the Lake Mastis there is a city park with the Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia. It was opened in 1983 and has an exposition of typical homesteads of 19th century Samogitia. Currently there are 16 authentic buildings. The museum exhibition is arranged in homestead sections: a rich farmer’s grange; a barn; a poor farmer’s grange, and a simple peasant’s grange. Museum visitors can also get acquainted with a windmill, smithy, threshing barn and associated equipment. Drama Theater and Culture Centre The Drama Theater of Žemaitė, named after famous Lithuanian author Žemaitė, is one of the oldest theaters in Lithuania. The origins of the theater in Telšiai starts in the beginning of 20th century when student of arts and medicine Vaseris came back to Telšiai from Kiev and presented two performances in the empty barracks of the town. The Theater is a member of the International Amateur Theatre Association . Nowadays it has two troupes of actors: adult actors (director K. Brazauskas) and youth ''Savi'' actors (director L. Pocevičienė). http: istorija The head of the theater is Artūras Butkus. Telšiai also has a Culture centre. It was established in 1946. Current building of the centre was built in 1974. Since 2007 the building is under reconstruction. Currently it has 13 art collectives. Media in Telšiai The main newspaper in the city and the region of Telšiai is ''Kalvotoji Žemaitija'' (''Hilly Samogitia''), which was established on 19 April 1941. It is published three times a week and is available online. Hostingas už 1 Lt! – The second largest newspaper of Telšiai is ''Telšių žinios'' (''The News of Telšiai'') established on 1 October 1999. It is published twice a week and is also available online. Kontaktai. The main online portal for the city is '''', which is part of the group of portals ''''. Library The main library is the Telšiai Karolina Praniauskaitė Regional Public Library, located in the city centre. It was established in 1922. In 1967 it was named as the best district library in Lithuania. In 1997, the library was named after Karolina Praniauskaitė, the first poetess of Samogitia. Istorija – Telšių rajono savivaldybės Karolinos Praniauskaitės viešoji biblioteka. (21 May 2012). Tourism right thumb Samogitia tourism information center in Telšiai (File:Samogitia tourism information center.jpg) The old town of the city of Telšiai is one of seven protected old towns in Lithuania. Additionally to the Samogitian museum ''Alka'' and Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia mentioned above (#Culture), the main tourist attractions in Telšiai are A. Jonušo Samogitian-Japanese-Chinese Homestead-Museum, Telšiai Cathedral and Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary (on the top floor of the Priest Seminary it is possible to see a panorama of the city), Telšiai yeshiva (Telshe yeshiva), the Church of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, Telšiai (known as the "Little Church"), and the Orthodox Church of St. Nicolaus. A Tourist Information Center can be found in the centre of the town. Telšiai was announced as tourists destination by EDEN in 2013. http: enterprise sectors tourism eden destinations-2013 index_en.htm Geography Telšiai is located in the middle of the Samogitian Heights. The city was built on seven hills on the shores of Lake Mastis. The nearby Šatrija hill (227 m) is a nature preserve. Lithuanian Home Page. Government of Telšiai right thumb Landmark of Telšiai in Samogitian dialect (File:Telšiū žėnklos.jpg) According to the Law on the Territorial Administrative Units and Their Boundaries of the Republic of Lithuania, Telšiai is the centre of Telšiai County as well as the centre of Telšiai district municipality. Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas – Dokumento tekstas. . The city of Telšiai is also the centre of Telšiai town eldership (Elderships of Lithuania). It was established in 1997. Its area is WikiPedia:Telšiai

Kaliningrad Oblast

is Marijampolė, largest city - Kaunas. *Lithuania Minor (''Mažoji Lietuva''). Region at the Baltic sea coast, also includes territories with large historical Lithuanian population of what is now Kaliningrad Oblast and a bit of northern Poland. Largest city is Klaipėda. '''European Summer Time''' is the arrangement in Europe by which clocks are advanced by one hour in spring to make the most of seasonal daylight. This is done in all of the countries


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District is named after Huanggutun ("tun" means village), where the Huanggutun Incident took place. It has an area of WikiPedia:Shenyang Commons:Category:Shenyang


Bosniak claims to Sandžak. and large areas of Montenegro due to a large historical Muslim population. * Albanian claims to Kosovo, which Serbia asserts is a province of Serbia, and which the Kosovar government insists is an independent country, as well as to parts of Montenegro


Music Festival Opens The city is home to one of the most renowned symphony orchestras in the country, and also celebrates Harbin Summer Music Festival. The city's large historical Jewish population are particularly known for their musical talent, having founded the Harbin symphony, for example. thumb left 275px (Image:China Heilongjiang.svg) In Chinese In Mandarin Chinese, the rhotacized ending


sanctions. Also many large historical cities were devastated by the wars, for example Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Mostar, Šibenik and others. It is notable for having been the birthplace of a Dubrovnik trader Nikola Bošković, father of the famed astronomer (astronomy) Ruđer Bošković. The Maleševci first held the Ravno mountain (Ravno (mountain)), but exchanged it with a Pivan ''voivode'' for the Kručica mountain near Volujak. They traded

Republic of Macedonia

of Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatia, Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro, on grounds of ethnic affiliation; still promulgated by the Serbian Radical Party. * Bosniak (Bosniaks) claims to Sandžak. and large areas of Montenegro due to a large historical Muslim population

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