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invasion many Baekje citizens fled to modern-day Japan. As such, today, Gongju is a major tourism drawcard of the South Chungcheong area, particularly amongst Japanese tourists of certain ethnic descent, curious about their ancient roots. Or perhaps simply straying from the hot springs resort down the road. Furthermore, it is also one of the many players in the seemingly never-ending struggle to move South Korea's administrative capital ''out'' of Seoul, with the greater Gongju are having


; ref NTT DoCoMo also has limited operations here for the convenience of Japanese tourists. Hawaiian Airlines is based in Honolulu. " Government and infrastructure The Honolulu Police Department operates the Waikīkī Substation. "Contacting HPD." Honolulu Police Department. Retrieved on May 19, 2010. The United


Governor General Lord Auckland. It grew from strength to strength over the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Locally known as "Wilson's Hotel", it was also known as "Auckland Hotel and the Hall of Nations" in the 19th century, and was referred to as the "Japani Hotel" (Japanese Hotel) colloquially in the 20th century, due to the large number of Japanese tourists there. The hotel was extremely elite, referred to as the Jewel of the East and "the best hotel East of the Suez" by Mark Twain on his voyage along the Equator, and described by Rudyard Kipling in "The City of Dreadful Night". It had notable board members like the author Parry Chand Mitter and stockholders like W. C. Bonnerjee - president of the Indian National Congress. The hotel was famous for its new year parties thrown by Maharajahs (like the Maharajah of Cooch Behar) uptil the 1950s. It has been host to such notables as Elizabeth II on her India visit, Nikita Khrushchev's delegation in the 1950s, and visiting international cricket teams. The hotel kitchens, manned by the legendary Baruahs of Chittagong (now in Bangladesh), was the talk of Kolkata. It steadily progressed downhill since the 1970s, and was taken over by the Government of West Bengal in 1975 on grounds of insolvency. Labour union problems caused the hotel to worsen until a sensationalist news campaign by The Telegraph (The Telegraph (Kolkata)) exposed the sorry state of the hotel in the 1990s. The hotel was privatised in November 2005 with the help of PricewaterhouseCoopers and has been re-christened The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata. Presently, under extensive restoration the property will reopen by 2011. The Lalit Great Eastern will offer 244 rooms and suites along with four Restaurants and Bars, the largest conference and banqueting facility in Kolkata, besides all other 5 star deluxe facilities and services. In 1941, No. 8233 was requisitoned by the War Department (War Department (UK)) and sent to Persia (Iran), becoming Iranian State Railways No. 41-109, during which time, it derailed following a collision with a camel. In 1944, it was converted to oil-firing. In 1948 it was at Suez, needing a new firebox (Firebox (steam engine)), and was almost scrapped, but was then returned to England in 1952 and overhauled at Derby Works. In 1954, the engine was not needed in the Middle East and went instead to the Longmoor Military Railway as WD. No. 500. The ''Oxfordshire'' was officially handed over to the Bibby Line on 14 February 1957 when she steamed towards Liverpool to commence her trooping role. On 28 February 1957 ''Oxfordshire'' left Liverpool on her maiden voyage under the command of Captain Norman Fitch, bound for Hong Kong via Cape Town. The vessel had the capacity to carry 1000 troops, 500 passengers (usually the families of the troops) and 409 crew members. ''Oxfordshire'' made an average of four trips per year between Britain and the Far East, calling en route at Ceylon, Aden, Port Said and Suez in Egypt. However, by the early 1960s the use of aircraft to fulfil transport requirements and the declining number of overseas British garrisons meant that trooping by sea was soon to be redundant. In 1962 the British Government finally decided to rely entirely on air trooping, so the long-term charters of ''Oxfordshire'' and near sister-ship ''Nevasa'' were terminated and the vessels withdrawn from service. The last active troopship ''Oxfordshire'' followed ''Nevasa'' (despatched in October 1962), to lay-up in the safe haven of Cornwall's River Fal in December of that year. Bouvier was born at Grand-Lancy near Geneva, the youngest of three children. He grew up in "a Huguenot milieu, rigorous and enlightened at the same time, intellectually very open, but where the entire emotional aspect of existence was strictly monitored." He passed his childhood in a house where, in his words, "the paper-cutter counted for more than the bread-knife", a double reference to his librarian father ("one of the most amiable beings I should ever have met") and his mother, "the most mediocre cook west of Suez". He grew up indifferent to gastronomy and a hardy traveller as well as an avid reader. Between the ages of six and seven, he devoured Jules Verne, Curwood (James Curwood), Stevenson (Robert Louis Stevenson), Jack London and Fenimore Cooper (James Fenimore Cooper). "At eight years, I traced with my thumbnail the course of the Yukon in the butter of my toast. Already waiting for the world: to grow up and clear off." DATE OF BIRTH September 15, 1915 PLACE OF BIRTH Suez, Egypt DATE OF DEATH May 24, 1972 1948 onwards Finding peacetime duties unexciting, Hastings left the Army in 1948. He turned down an offer from Gillette (Gillette (brand)) and was refused a job by the BBC. Eventually he was invited by a friend to join MI6, which sent him in 1950 to Finland, disguised as an assistant military attaché. Four years later he moved to Paris, where he observed the conspiracy over the Suez operation and the machinations that preceded Charles de Gaulle's return to power. From 1958 to 1960, he worked in the political office of the Middle East forces in Cyprus. As a result of his work countering the KGB, Hastings was one of the few Englishmen of his class and age to enjoy vodka neat, as well as the company of all and sundry. He, like his wife Elizabeth Anne, was utterly unsnobbish.

Northern Mariana Islands

slowdown. Currently, more Korean tourists go to the CNMI than Guam, while more Japanese tourists go to Guam than the CNMI. This change is reflected by a shift in airlines servicing the islands, with Korean Air and Asiana Airlines offering direct service to Saipan from Seoul, South Korea, while JAL and ANA offer direct service from Japan to Guam. Air service is now offered from most major Chinese cities as well (including Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou). The agricultural sector is made up of cattle ranches and small farms producing coconuts, breadfruit, tomatoes, and melons. Garment production used to be the largest industry, but the last garment factory closed in early 2009. The northern islands of the CNMI are mainly populated by Caroline Islanders (a Polynesian group with origins in Kiribati), while the southern islands are populated by Chamorros. In recent years, the CNMI has allowed many migrant workers. Climate Tropical marine; moderated by northeast trade winds, little seasonal temperature variation. Dry season December to June, rainy season July to October. The typhoon, or hurricane, season lasts several months and starts in late August to early September and lasts until January. Terrain Southern islands are limestone with level terraces and fringing coral reefs. Northern islands are volcanic. Get in thumb 290px Unai Dankulo Beach, Tinian (File:Unai Dankulo, Tinian, -2 Jan. 2011 a.jpg) Immigration to the CNMI was transferred to the US federal government in 2009. US citizens can enter with proof of citizenship (passport). Entry to the CNMI is permitted to all foreign nationals allowed into the rest of the US: travelers under the Visa Waiver Program & those with a valid US visa. Additionally, the CNMI (along with Guam) participates in the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program. This program allows visa-free entry up to 45 days for citizens of Brunei, Malaysia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (only on non-stop flights from Taiwan), & Hong Kong provided they have a valid passport, proof of return onward travel, and is only valid to those arriving on commercial, scheduled flights. Citizens of some countries that are eligible for the federal Visa Waiver Program—Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, & the United Kingdom—are also allowed entry under the Guam-CNMI VWP and may enter under either program. Travel to other regions of the US outside CNMI & Guam under the Guam-CNMI V.W.P. is not allowed. Residents of Hong Kong must present a valid HK permanent identity card and are allowed entry with either a Hong Kong S.A.R. passport or British National (Overseas) passport. Residents of Taiwan must present a valid R.O.C. National Identification Card in addition to an R.O.C. passport. Citizens of Russia are eligible for parole (essentially the same as visa-free travel) to enter the Northern Marianas Islands (but not Guam). Because of differences in entry requirements, a full immigration check is done when traveling to from Guam. The CNMI is a separate customs jurisdiction from the rest of the U.S. Travelers (including US citizens coming from a point of origin in the US) pass through CNMI customs on entry. By plane The main international gateway into the Marianas is Saipan. There are frequent flights from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but visitors from the US will have to connect in Guam or transit through the previous countries listed. By boat There are no scheduled ferry services to the islands. Occasionally yachts, cruise ships, or military vessels stop in port for a brief visit. Get around thumb 280px American Memorial Park (File:American Memorial Park2.JPG) By plane Scheduled flights on Cape Air United Express connect Saipan to Guam several times a day and Rota 4 times a week. Freedom Airlines offers twice daily flights to Guam via Rota, in additional to a more frequent Tinian service. Three other islands have airstrips that can serve (expensive) chartered flights. By boat Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino runs a ferry service from Saipan to Tinian and back. See The CNMI has many WWII bunkers, which fall under the National Park Service as "War in the Pacific" parks. There are also memorials on the northern end of Saipan to the Japanese soldiers and civilians who feared capture by U.S. forces and committed suicide by jumping from the cliffs into the ocean. Do The Marianas' top activity among Americans is '''scuba diving''' and '''snorkeling'''. In additional to the coral reefs you might expect, the waters around the islands were the scene of fierce fighting during World War II and there are many ship wrecks and even rusting tanks stuck on the seabed. Many Asian (particularly South Koreans) visitors come to the CNMI for gambling (especially on Tinian), and karaoke hostess bars. Saipan has a thriving (but illegal) prostitution industry, most of the workers being from China or the Philippines. Cockfighting is a weekend activity at the Saipan Cockpit. Betting on the outcome is legal. Talk thumb 200px Katori Shrine on Saipan (File:Saipan Katori Shrine7.JPG) '''English''' is the official language and universally spoken, but 86% of the population speaks a language other than English at home, including the native languages Chamorro (Chamorro phrasebook) and Carolinian (Carolinian phrasebook). Basic Japanese (Japanese phrasebook) is also spoken by many in the tourist industry. Tagalog (Filipino phrasebook), Chinese (Chinese phrasebook) and Korean (Korean phrasebook) are also used widely. Buy The CNMI uses the '''US dollar''' exclusively. The islands are fairly expensive due to their remote location, comparative wealth and the profusion of free-spending Japanese and Korean package tourists, so figure on at least US$100 a day for travel in any comfort (this being also the entry requirement). As in the mainland US, tips of 10-15% are expected. Major credit cards are accepted at most retailers and restaurants. On Saipan, the major banks, and some restaurants and stores all have ATM machines. Bank of Guam has branches on Tinian and Rota, complete with ATMs. Eat While all American and Japanese favorites are readily available, local '''Chamorro''' food (or touristy versions of it) is also offered in speciality restaurants. Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Italian and Mexican dishes are also widely available. Most of the hotels have expensive but good quality restaurants, especially Hyatt Regency in Garapan, Aqua Resort in Tanapag, Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio.But you can also find good quality restaurants not only in hotels, one of this is : "The Coffee Room N-106" in Garapan. McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and Winchell's Donuts are all available. Drink The main beers available in Saipan establishments are Budweiser and Miller products, usually sold in bottles only. However, a few places do serve Fosters or Victoria Bitter on tap, and a few have Miller Lite on tap as well. Other brands widely sold are San Miguel (Philippines), Tsingtao (China), Sapporo (Japan, bottled in Canada), and Corona (Mexico). Plenty of stores on Saipan have low-priced, good quality wine available, and there are plenty of harder drinks as well as mixers available everywhere. Sleep thumb 270px The islands' modest sized legislative building on Capitol Hill, Saipan (File:CNMI Legislature Building.JPG) Saipan's accommodation options are concentrated towards giant package hotels. Rack rates are often ludicrous but heavy discounts are available, especially outside the Japanese holiday seasons. Cheap motels are few, hostels are nonexistent, and camping is not recommended due to security concerns. Options are even more limited on Tinian and Rota. Learn Northern Marianas College is Saipan's community college option, and they have satellite campuses on Tinian and Rota. Public and private schools are also available for children from preschool age to high school. Work U.S. citizens can work freely without needing a permit; however citizens of most other nations need a permit from the Department of Labor. Most businesses prefer to employ Filipinos, and also citizens of Thailand, China, South Korea and Bangladesh. The minimum wage is $5.05 per hour. Stay safe '''Natural hazards''' : active volcanoes on Pagan and Agrihan; typhoons (especially August to November). '''Crime''' : people have reported their cars being broken into in Saipan's tourist areas, and some people have also had their apartments or hotel rooms burgled. Don't leave valuables lying around and use common sense when walking around tourist areas, especially at night. That said, Saipan is safer than a lot of other destinations, with muggings and other violent crimes against tourists being extremely rare. Stay healthy The Commonwealth Health Center is Saipan's overburdened and understaffed public hospital. There are also many excellent but expensive private clinics. The Seventh-Day Adventist clinic is noted for their dental care and vision centre. Health care on the other islands is scarce. Respect thumb 350px The Saipan coast near Forbidden Island (File:Line3762 - Flickr - NOAA Photo Library.jpg) Veneration of the elderly, ancestors, and departed family members is a large part of Chamorro culture. Always give respect to the older people in the room. Cope Countries that maintain a consular presence in the CNMI include Japan and Palau Northern Marianas are part of the North American dialing plan. The country code is '''1''', and the local area code is '''670'''. Mail is handled by the U.S. Postal Service; the state code is '''MP''' and the postal code is '''96950'''. The main post office branch is in Chalan Kanoa, other branches are in Capitol Hill as well as Tinian and Rota. Most hotels can send mail for you. DHL and FedEx also offer courier services. Internet access is widely available. The top level domain for the Northern Marianas is '''.mp'''. Go next All departing travellers must pass through US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints; if you are continuing on to Guam, you need a US Passport, a valid US visa, or to be a citizen of a Visa Waiver Country as the US government controls Guam immigration. Travellers returning to Japan from the Northern Marianas are not allowed to bring any US beef products (including beef jerky) due to current trade restrictions; any such products will be confiscated and destroyed by Japanese customs officials. WikiPedia:Northern Mariana Islands Dmoz:Regional Oceania Northern_Mariana_Islands


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a significant factor of the local economy. The close proximity of the ski field (Ski resort)s and other attractions of the Southern Alps, and hotels, a casino, and an airport that meet international standards make Christchurch a stopover destination for many tourists. The city is popular with Japanese tourists, The Sister City link with Christchurch (from, a Christchurch City Council website) ref>


by the PRC; see political status of Taiwan. align "right" 36,188 Guam is a popular destination for Japanese tourists. Its tourist hub, Tumon, features over 20 large hotels, a Duty Free Shoppers Galleria, Pleasure Island district, indoor aquarium, Sandcastle Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada)–styled shows and other shopping and entertainment venues. It is a relatively short flight from Asia or Australia compared to Hawaii, with hotels and seven public golf

birds stay, visiting birds originating mainly in the United States and Europe. thumb right Universal Studios Japan (Image:USJ 5years.JPG) , located in Osaka, is one of four Universal Studios theme parks (Universal Studios Theme Parks), owned and operated by '''USJ Co., Ltd.''' The park is similar to Universal Orlando Resort, since it contains many of the same rides. Most visitors are Japanese tourists


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States west coast of North America, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, and Vancouver, as well as in Europe and Australia, are affected during these seasons by huge numbers of Japanese tourists. The '''Nisqually earthquake''' was an intraslab (Intraplate earthquake) earthquake, occurring at 10:54 am PST (Pacific Time Zone) (18:54 UTC). on February 28, 2001, and was one of the largest


and Australia, are affected during these seasons by huge numbers of Japanese tourists. The city of Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), of the United States has used "The Emerald City" as its official nickname since the 1980s, because of how green it is in that region of the world, although that was previously in use by Eugene, Oregon. Regions GSA conducts its business activities through 11 offices (known as GSA Regions

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