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Yulin, Shaanxi

quality are threatening the colony. Climate !--

Chuquisaca Department

ridges lies a stretch of territory containing low altitude flat Chaco topography. 90% of the land in the department of Chuquisaca has an inclination of 70% or more. Ecological


the history of a pastoral people, 1600-1900'', (University of Pennsylvania Press: 1982), p.102. In the early modern period, the Baidoa area was ruled by the Geledi Sultanate. The kingdom was eventually incorporated into Italian Somaliland in 1908, and ended in 1910 with the death of its last Sultan Osman Ahmed.

Commander Islands

to extinction by around 1850. There is no true forest on the Commander Islands. The vegetation is dominated by lichens, mosses and different associations of marshy plants with low grass and dwarf trees. Very tall umbellifers are also common. There are no amphibians or reptiles. History File:Bering

Somali Republic

tribally but in almost every way ... they are Hamitic, have different customs, a different religion (Islam), and they inhabit a desert which contributes little or nothing to the Kenya economy ... nobody can accuse them of trying to make off with the national wealth".

British Hong Kong

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Vernon, British Columbia

. International Year of the Youth (International Youth Year), involving the BCYP, the TUXIS Parliament of Alberta, and the JSA. In turn, the BCYP would send delegates to attend Pacific-Northwest Spring and Fall State. The Southern California state also added the American School in Honduras as a chapter in 2006 and the school's chapter attended the annual Congress convention. There are two active chapters in St. Kitts and St. Thomas, USVI. Puerto Rico has traditionally one or two chapters. All Caribbean chapters attend either the Northeast State or Mid-Atlantic State conventions. After 2008 Georgetown Summer School, it has been strongly rumored that a chapter will be started at the American School in Hong Kong. Born in Vernon, British Columbia, he received a law degree from the University of Victoria in 1994 and was called to the British Columbia bar in 1995. There are two free highway ferries across the Upper Arrow Lake: the Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry between Shelter Bay (Shelter Bay, British Columbia) and Galena Bay (Galena Bay, British Columbia) at the northern end of Upper Arrow Lake; and the Needles Cable Ferry further south, on BC Hwy 6 (British Columbia provincial highway 6) between Nakusp (Nakusp, British Columbia) and Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia). There is also the Arrow Park Ferry, a cable ferry connecting East Arrow Park and West Arrow Park about 28 km south of Nakusp. * Vancouver, British Columbia - CJJR (CJJR-FM), CKPK (CKPK-FM) * Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), British Columbia - CKIZ (CKIZ-FM) * Victoria, British Columbia - CJZN (CJZN-FM), CKKQ (CKKQ-FM) The judicial districts are: Cariboo; Kootenay; Nanaimo; Prince Rupert; Vancouver; Victoria; Westminster; and Yale. The Counties of Vancouver and Westminster are collectively one judicial district under the name of the "Vancouver Westminster Judicial District". British Columbia ''Supreme Court Act''. Within each county, or judicial district, justices are resident in the following locations: Chilliwack (Chilliwack, British Columbia); Cranbrook (Cranbrook, British Columbia); Kamloops; Kelowna; Nanaimo; Nelson (Nelson, British Columbia); New Westminster; Prince George (Prince George, British Columbia); Prince Rupert (Prince Rupert, British Columbia); Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia); and Vancouver. The BCSC also holds sittings in the following court locations for which there is not a resident justice: Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia); Courtenay (Courtenay, British Columbia); Dawson Creek; Duncan (Duncan, British Columbia); Fort Nelson (Fort Nelson, British Columbia); Fort St. John (Fort St. John, British Columbia); Golden (Golden, British Columbia); Penticton; Port Alberni; Powell River (Powell River, British Columbia); Quesnel (Quesnel, British Columbia); Revelstoke (Revelstoke, British Columbia), Rossland (Rossland, British Columbia); Salmon Arm (Salmon Arm, British Columbia); Smithers (Smithers, British Columbia); Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia); Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia); and Williams Lake (Williams Lake, British Columbia). demo-cd demo-csd Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), Armstrong (Armstrong, British Columbia), Coldstream (Coldstream, British Columbia), Salmon Arm, Spallumcheen (Spallumcheen, British Columbia), North Okanagan C (North Okanagan C, British Columbia), North Okanagan F (North Okanagan F, British Columbia), Columbia-Shuswap C (Columbia-Shuswap C, British Columbia), Columbia-Shuswap D (Columbia-Shuswap D, British Columbia), Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks) (Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks), British Columbia), North Okanagan–Shuswap consists of Subdivision C of Columbia-Shuswap Regional District, and the North Okanagan Regional District. This electoral district includes the towns of Salmon Arm, Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), Coldstream (Coldstream, British Columbia), Lumby (Lumby, British Columbia) and Armstrong (Armstrong, British Columbia). A key event in BCYP history was the "Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia) Conference" held in 1985. The BCYP organized and hosted this youth conference to celebrate the United Nations International Year of the Youth (International Youth Year). Members of the TUXIS Parliament of Alberta and the Junior Statesmen of America (Junior State of America) were invited to participate. This conference was a new concept for the BCYP. It provided the BCYP with the experience and inspiration to attempt new projects beyond community service projects and camps. More and larger projects, such as RYPs, were possible. demo-cd Regional District of North Okanagan demo-csd Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), Clearwater (Clearwater, British Columbia), Lumby (Lumby, British Columbia) The '''British Columbia Patriot Party''' is a minor political party in British Columbia, Canada. The party's political goal is to empower citizens to govern themselves by converting the provincial government into a republic with an upper house made up of citizen selected at random and based on merit. The party was formed in 2001 by Andrew Hokhold, a dentist and inventor living in the Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia) Armstrong (Armstrong, British Columbia) area. Hokhold was the party's only candidate in the 2001 election, coming in last place in the Okanagan-Vernon (Vernon-Monashee) riding. Two candidates, Hokhold and White Rock (White Rock, British Columbia) resident Tibor Tusnady, ran in the 2005 election, both coming in last place, in the Shuswap (Shuswap (provincial electoral district)) and Okanagan-Vernon (Vernon-Monashee) riding, respectively. While the party has only nominated three candidates over the course of three elections, it has accumulated assets worth over a million dollars. Political positions The party's goal is to empower citizens to govern themselves. birth_place Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) draft undrafted DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

Norfolk Island

length is up to 50 cm. The '''Norfolk Kaka''', or '''Norfolk Island Kākā''' (''Nestor productus'') is an extinct species Database entry includes a range map and justification for why this species is endangered.

SpcHTMDetails.asp&sid 1411&m 0 title Norfolk Island Kaka - BirdLife Species Factsheet publisher BirdLife International year 2008 of large parrot, belonging to the parrot superfamily Strigopoidae. The birds were about 38 cm long

Saint Helena

* Aptroot, Andre. ''Lichens of St Helena'', Pisces Publications, Newbury, UK, 2012, ISBN 1-874357-53-7 * Brooke, T. H., ''A History of the Island of St Helena from its Discovery by the Portuguese to the Year 1806'', Printed for Black, Parry and Kingsbury, London, 1808 * Bruce, I. T., ''Thomas Buce: St Helena Postmaster and Stamp Designer'', Thirty years of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Philately, pp 7–10, 2006, ISBN 1-890454-37-0 * Cannan, Edward ''Churches of the South Atlantic Islands 1502–1991'' ISBN 0-904614-48-4 * Chaplin, Arnold, ''A St Helena's Who's Who or a Directory of the Island During the Captivity of Napoleon'', published by the author in 1914. This has recently been republished under the title ''Napoleon’s Captivity on St Helena 1815–1821'', Savannah Paperback Classics, 2002, ISBN 1-902366-12-3 * Clements, B.; "''St Helena:South Atlantic Fortress''"; ''Fort'', (Fortress Study Group), 2007 ('''35'''), pp. 75–90 * Crallan, Hugh, ''Island of St Helena, Listing and Preservation of Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest'', 1974 * Cross, Tony ''St Helena including Ascension Island and Tristan Da Cunha'' ISBN 0-7153-8075-3 * Dampier, William, ''Piracy, Turtles & Flying Foxes'', 2007, Penguin Books, 2007, pp 99–104, ISBN 0-14-102541-7 * Darwin, Charles, ''Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands'', Chapter 4, Smith, Elder & Co., London, 1844. * Denholm, Ken, ''South Atlantic Haven, a Maritime History for the Island of St Helena'', published and printed by the Education Department of the Government of St Helena * Duncan, Francis, ''A Description of the Island Of St Helena Containing Observations on its Singular Structure and Formation and an Account of its Climate, Natural History, and Inhabitants'', London, Printed For R Phillips, 6 Bridge Street, Blackfriars, 1805 * Eriksen, Ronnie, ''St Helena Lifeline'', Mallet & Bell Publications, Norfolk, 1994, ISBN 0-620-15055-6 * Evans, Dorothy, ''Schooling in the South Atlantic Islands 1661–1992'', Anthony Nelson, 1994, ISBN 0-904614-51-4 * George, Barbara B. ''St Helena — the Chinese Connection'' (2002) ISBN

International Year of Sport, and were intended to be a one-off sporting celebration only. Geoffrey Corlett, who became the first Games Director, not only contacted the islands surrounding the United Kingdom, but also encouraged the countries of Iceland and Malta, the territories of Faroe Islands, Greenland, Saint Helena and Channel Islands; and others to participate. Initially, fifteen islands with 600 competitors and officials took part in seven sports, with the total cost

Tristan da Cunha

birds. The seabirds include northern rockhopper penguins, Atlantic yellow-nosed albatrosses, sooty albatrosses, Atlantic petrels, great-winged petrels, soft-plumaged petrels, broad-billed prions, grey petrels, great shearwaters, sooty shearwaters

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