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Spanish National Research Council

: the legacy of "Sheikh" Hippocrates publisher Kegan Paul International location London year 1990 pages isbn 0-7103-0203-7 oclc doi accessdate Spanish indigenous medicine was influenced by the Arabs from 711 to 1492.

Kenzō Tange

of California Press location London, United Kingdom isbn 0-520-21495-1 * *

Yaroslavl Oblast

: servlet story RTGAM.20051018.wyakov1018 BNStory International location Toronto work The Globe and Mail as he is considered to be the intellectual force behind Mikhail Gorbachev's reform program of glasnost and perestroika. DATE OF BIRTH 2 December 1923 PLACE OF BIRTH Yaroslavl Oblast, Russian SFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic), Soviet Union DATE OF DEATH 18 October 2005 Biography Petrov


Balkan Gagauz Turkish . The 6th National Conference of the Peasants' Christian Democratic Party of Moldova took place on May 28, 2005. The conference decided to change the name

History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi

by the amputation of limbs, and fornication and adultery by flogging.


International location Dallas year 2006 accessdate 2011-01-18 '''''Dr. T & the Women''''' is a 2000 American romantic comedy film

Southern Bodish language , is spoken by about 300 people in the village of Dhur in Bumthang Valley. The language is a remnant of pastoral yakherd communities.



, the Italians resisted until 19 December, when ARMIR headquarters finally ordered the battered divisions to partially withdraw The Soviets never got close to Rostov because of the fierce

Fayetteville, Arkansas

, An Illustrated History, 1868–2000 format Hardback book edition First year 2008 publisher Phoenix International location Fayetteville, AR isbn 978-0-9768007-7-4 page 85 Confederate troops besieged Union soldiers in Fayetteville (Action at Fayetteville) on April 18, 1863 at the present-day intersection of College Avenue (U.S. Route 71B (U.S. Route 71B (Northwest Arkansas))) and Dickson Street, and at their headquarters. Union soldiers

Reading, Pennsylvania

, 2011 newspaper The Register-Guard location Eugene, Oregon date January 2, 1943 author Associated Press page 1 The Reading Eagle date January 1, 1943 author United Press International location Reading

Panama City

Linares and Carolina Martinelli Linares. DATE OF BIRTH 1952-03-11 PLACE OF BIRTH Panama City, Panama DATE OF DEATH colours Blue, red, white headquarters Azteca Building, Mexico Avenue, Panama City, Panama international Socialist International Location The Kuna live in three politically autonomous ''comarcas'' or reservations in Panama, and in a few small villages in Colombia. There are also

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