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and Telecommunication High School ** George Călinescu High School ** Ovidius High School ** Decebal High School (Decebal High School (Constanţa)) ** Traian High School ** Computer Science International High School ** "Nicolae Rotaru" Sports High School ** Orthodox Theological Seminary ** National College of Arts "Queen Marie" * International Schools


and services. Economy of Campinas thumb right Downtown Campinas. (File:CampinasSP.jpg) The Campinas Metropolitan Region is home to many national and international high-tech industries and IT companies, including IBM (International Business Machines), Dell, Motorola, Freescale, Lucent, Nortel, Compaq, Celestica, Samsung, Alcatel, Robert Bosch GmbH

Republika Srpska

2004 after conflicts with the international high representative (High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina). * The European Court of Human Rights agrees, for the first time, to hear cases brought against Russia by Chechen (Chechnya) civilians. (BBC) (ECHR press release) * Authorities in Republika Srpska, the Bosnian Serb division of Bosnia and Herzegovina, admit for the first time the actual scale of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre (Srebrenica massacre), providing a list of over 7,000 Muslim victims. The Bosnian Serb president admitted in June that Serb forces had committed the massacre, but did not give a specific number of victims. (BBC) (Melbourne Herald Sun) (Channel News Asia) * A Boeing 747 cargo plane, en route to Spain, crashes at the end of a runway at Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada. All seven of the crew are confirmed dead in Canada's worst-ever air cargo crash. (CBC) After Bosnian Serbs declared their state (Republika Srpska) in the spring of 1992, some former Yugoslav Air Force Mi-8s continued service in new armed forces. The inventory of the 82nd mixed helicopter squadron of 92nd aviation brigade of Army of Republika Srpska contains 12 Mi-8T helicopters which continued in service until Operation Koridor. During that period, the Republika Srpska Air Force lost 3 Mi-8 helicopters to enemy fire. Three helicopters painted in a blue and white colour scheme flew in the first part of 56th helicopter squadron of Krajina (Republika Srpska Krajina) Milicija, using Udbina military airport in Lika as their main base. The Republika Srpska Air Force continued to operate 9 helicopters, albeit suffering problems with maintenance and spare parts, until it was formally disbanded in 2006. The war in Bosnia brought major ethnic cleansing of non-Serbs from the regions that today make up the Republika Srpska: throughout Bosanska Krajina (notably the significant minority population of Bosniaks and Croats in Banja Luka, slight majority of Bosniaks in Prijedor), Bosnian Posavina (Croats as well as Bosniaks, from Brčko (Brčko (city)), Bosanski Brod, Doboj, Odžak, Derventa), eastern Bosnia (Bosniak majority population of Foča, Zvornik, Višegrad, Srebrenica, Žepa), eastern Herzegovina (Trebinje). During the Bosniak-Croat conflict, Bosniaks were ethnically cleansed by Croats and sometimes vice-versa in areas of Central Bosnia, central and eastern Herzegovina (Mostar and Stolac). The war in Croatia started in 1991, and was caused by the rebellion of Serbian (Serbs) population in Croatia, their wish to secede, hoping to form a Greater Serbia, and along with other Serb-occupied territories in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina unite with Serbia. During the war in Croatia, from 1991 to 1995 around 600,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from southern and eastern parts of country, they were forced out in waves, and the most known event was the operation storm, where 250.000 people fled in the course of 5 days. The Croatian operations Flash (Operation Flash) and Storm (Operation Storm) in 1995 was the instigator to widespread incidents, including rapes and murders of those who had chosen to stay, burning of houses, killing of livestock etc. in the purpose of ethnically cleansing these majority Serb areas, but UN, ICTY and international community didn't show any interest for that issue. Many of Croatias generals are indicted for these atrocities, and had the war time president Franjo Tudjman not died he would also be indicted according to Carla Del Ponte, the chief attorney of the Haag court, Serbia is now home to more than 800.000 refuges from Croatia, Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kosovo, most of them are Serbs, but there are Roma (Romani people) (who are, in most cases, settled in cardbox ghettos around Serbian cities (most famous is Gazela situated under the Gazela bridge in Belgrade downtown)), Gorani (Gorani people), Albanians and Montenegrins as well. * is administered by BIHnet, a subsidiary of BH Telecom. * is administered by SARnet Centar (Academic and Research Center of Republika Srpska) in Banja Luka. This second-level domain can be registered free of charge by anybody within the Republika Srpska entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. '''Čelinac''' (Cyrillic: Челинац) is a town and municipality in north-west Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The municipality lies about * In '''Belgium''', the Flemish Region has an exclave, the municipality of Voeren (Fourons), whereas Wallonia also has an exclave, the municipality of Comines-Warneton (Komen-Waasten). The territory of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is also composed of two parts separated by a part of the French Community (French Community of Belgium). Apart from Baarle-Hertog, there are two municipalities consisting of non-contiguous parts: Ixelles Elsene (Ixelles) in the Brussels Capital Region and Mesen in West-Flanders. * In '''Bosnia and Herzegovina''', Posavina Canton is part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina situated between Republika Srpska and Croatia. In this canton, Orašje is adjacent to Brčko District, which belongs to both entities, but Odžak is a true exclave. * In '''Brazil''': Residents of Gorazde try to maintain life in the town, now sieged by Serb-dominated areas of Republika Srpska. They suffer from destruction of basic infrastructures, shortage of utilities such as electricity, and hunger. Food supplies airlifted by U.S. C-130s flown from Germany help relieve food shortages, but Bosniaks have to risk their lives in the long winter trail to reach the airdropped packages.


School of Tangier * École Adrien Berchet * Colegio Ramón y Cajal (Spanish primary school) * English College of Tangier * Tangier Anglo Moroccan School International high schools * The American School of Tangier * Lycée Regnault de Tanger (French high school) * Instituto Severo Ochoa (Spanish high school) * English College of Tangier * Mohammed Fatih Turkish School of Tangier * Tangier Anglo Moroccan School In popular culture WikiPedia:Tangier Commons:Category:Tangier Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Localities Tanger


of the ''Bundesländer'' series (German Bundesländer commemorative coin) style "width:20%;" 30 million coins is a municipality in the district of Heilbronn (Heilbronn (district)), Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is best known for its winegrowing and its yearly international high jump meeting (the Internationales Hochsprung-Meeting Eberstadt). thumb right Alpirsbach Abbey (Image:Alpirsbach Kloster.jpg) '''Alpirsbach Abbey

Addis Ababa

(either Ethernet or WiFi), which are reasonably fast and often free for hotel guests. A general problem with the Internet in Ethiopia is the unstable international high-speed connection. If it is not working, even broadband cafes only deliver dial-up speeds and less. The local definition of highspeed broadband is 128kbits. Another general problem is the shortage of electricity, forcing daytime blackouts of whole areas 1–2 days a week, so it is good to plan ahead where you are going for internet


. Truly one of a kind. Everyone knows this hotel in Kathmandu which has now also a swimming pool and the renowned restaurant "Krishnarpan" which serves elaborate multi course Nepali dinner (only on reservation). Hotel and restaurant are popular with international high society and diplomats. * WikiPedia:Kathmandu Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Kathmandu Commons:Category:Kathmandu


, Haifa Matam '' (short for ''Merkaz Ta'asiyot Mada'' - Scientific Industries Center), the largest and oldest business park in Israel, is at the southern entrance to the city, hosting manufacturing and R&D (research and development) facilities for a large number of Israeli and international hi-tech (High tech) companies, such as Intel (Intel Corporation), IBM (IBM R&D Labs in Israel), Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Yahoo!, Elbit, CSR (CSR plc), Philips


in 2004. Beautiful People 2006: Hye-rim Park – PAPERMAG As one of the few Asian models on the international high fashion scene, Park's debut in Fall 2005 was strong – Vogue magazine named her one of the top 10 models. Vogue, http: fashionshows collections F2005RTW editor 040405 According to Xinhua News, Park's rise on the fashion scene – along

, expert on international political economy, appointed Arts & Sciences dean date 2008-04-24 work A&S Online accessdate 2008-04-24 Professor Woo was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, and attended an international high school in Tokyo, Japan. She came to the United States in 1976, and graduated magna cum laude from Bowdoin College, majoring in English literature and history (1980). She has received an M.A. in international affairs (1982), and Latin American studies (1984), and a Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University (1988). Her dissertation was awarded the university's highest distinction. She is married to Korean historian Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago and is the sister-in-law of South Korean ambassador to the United Kingdom, Yoon-Je Cho. World Junior Championships (1992 World Junior Championships in Athletics) Seoul, South Korea bgcolor "silver" 2nd On 20 May 1995 the Family Court of Seoul referred to the Constitutional Court the case brought forth by eight couples who asked the court to evaluate the constitutionality of Article 809. They argued that the code violated the "right to the pursuit of happiness" and the "right to family life" guaranteed by articles 10 and 36, respectively, in the "Chapter 2. Right and Duties of Citizens" of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. Since 1949 After the founding of the People's Republic of China, many Chinese of Korean descent joined the People's Volunteer Army on the side of North Korea during the Korean War. Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul

The Bronx

United States law enforcement officials announced the arrest Thursday of four men in connection with a plot to blow up two synagogues in The Bronx (w:The Bronx), a borough of New York City (New York, New York), and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base (w:Stewart Air National Guard Base). thumb left Satellite photo of Stewart Air National Guard Base (File:Stewartafb-ny-20apr1994.jpg)

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