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, a part of the international campaign led by British intellectual Betrand Russell to oppose western involvement in the Korean War. His hopes for Cuba still largely centred around Eduardo Chibás and his left wing Partido Ortodoxo; however Chibás had made a mistake when he accused Education Minister Aureliano Sánchez of purchasing a Guatamalan ranch with misappropriated funds, but was unable to substantiate his allegations. The government used this as an opportunity to go on the offensive against Chibás, accusing him of being a liar and a troublemaker. In 1951, while running for president again, Chibás shot himself in the stomach during a radio broadcast in an attempt to issue a "last wake-up call" to the Cuban people. Castro was present and accompanied him to the hospital where he died of his injuries. Von Tunzelmann 2011 (#Von11). p. 44. Castro and Ramonet 2009 (#Cas09). pp. 85–87. Coltman 2003 (#Col03). pp. 46, 53–55. Bourne 1986 (#Bou86). pp. 58–59. The traditional sugar industry, upon which the island's economy has been based for three centuries, is centred elsewhere on the island and controls some three-fourths of the export economy. But light manufacturing facilities, meat-packing plants, and chemical and pharmaceutical operations are concentrated in Havana. Other food-processing industries are also important, along with shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, production of alcoholic beverages (particularly rum), textiles, and tobacco products, particularly the world-famous Habanos cigars.


the armed conflicts in the Balkans. She has supported and overseen the ICMP's groundbreaking forensic DNA (DNA profiling) identification and families community reconciliation programs, and advocated with the leaders of BiH to finalize the establishment of The Missing Persons Institute, critical to resolution of the tragedy of tens of thousands of missing and murdered in the 1990s Balkans conflicts. She has assumed an advocacy role in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and has


officer testified that 168 protesters were killed, but that figure remains unconfirmed as most material about Jeltoksan is in Moscow, locked in CPSU and KGB archives. As an MEP, he led an international campaign to raise awareness and secure aid for the victims of radiation in the Semipalatinsk region of Kazakhstan, where the Soviet Union government (USSR) tested 607 nuclear devices (nuclear weapons) from 1949 to 1990, leaving an appalling legacy of pollution, deprivation


police stopped an attempt by monks to peacefully mark the honor to the Dalai Lama last week by sealing off the monastery . Tibetan sources report a buildup of armed police in the city, checkpoints on roads out of Lhasa (w:Lhasa), and an order to Lhasa citizens not to carry out any religious or celebratory activities," said the International Campaign for Tibet (w:International Campaign for Tibet) in a report. In the Tibetan capital of Lhasa (w:Lhasa), China Chinese

Golan Heights

Landmine monitor report , International Campaign to Ban Landmines, pg. 696. ISBN 1-56432-287-4. Israeli annexation and civil rule thumb Golan Heights Wind Farm on Mount Bnei Rasan (File:PikiWiki Israel 264 tahanat haruah תחנות הרוח.JPG) The Golan Heights was under Israeli military administration from 1967 to 1981. In 1981, Israel passed the Golan Heights Law, which applied Israeli "laws, jurisdiction and administration"

Eugene, Oregon

in a free musician's wanted ad. date February 29, 2008 url http: csp cms sites 70844&sid 4&fid 1 after what ''The Independent'' described as an "international campaign for a more appropriate sentence for a crime in which no one was hurt." The Battle of Bear Creek: New Threat in Americas Backyard, ''The Independent'', March 5th 2008. In 2000 he set fire to three SUVs at Romania Chevrolet dealership in Eugene, Oregon as a protest against excessive consumption and global warming.


Kazakhstan intends to advance nuclear disarmament issues within UN Security Council: Kazakhstan FM – News Feed – Kazakhstan news today . 17 February 2014. The ATOM Project (est. August 2012) is an international campaign by the Nazarbayev Center of Kazakhstan. The primary goal of the campaign is to build international support for the abolishment of nuclear testing. ATOM stands for "Abolish Testing. Our Mission." The goal is to achieve the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty through online petitions and other methods. Commons:Category:Kazakhstan WikiPedia:Kazakhstan Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan


;refinternational-campaign-fatal-transactions 1133 International Campaign Fatal Transactions started together with other European NGO (Non-governmental organization)s the campaign '''Fatal Transactions''' http: on the financing of African conflicts through diamonds. *the Kasai River in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo *the Kangsabati River Kasai River


" . The Haram ash-Sharif and the Western Wall The Supreme Muslim Council and its head al-Husseini, who regarded himself as guardian of one of the three holy sites (Holiest sites in Islam) of Islam, launched an international campaign in Muslim countries to gather funds to restore and improve the Noble Sanctuary (''Haram ash-Sharif'') or Temple Mount, and particularly its mosques, Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock

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