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;Where Maoists Still Matter," ''New York Times,'' 30 October 2005 Prachanda's brother – Dr. Ganga Ram Dahal – graduated from the University of Reading, UK and is currently a Research Scientist at Rights to Resources International based in Bangkok. Ceasefires Several ceasefires have occurred over the course of the Nepalese civil war. Kamala Sarup (ed.), "Maoists declare three-month long

Montgomery, Alabama

. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Jones was the son of Bob Jones, Sr., the university's founder. He served as president from 1947 to 1971 and then as chancellor until his death. '''Winton Malcolm "Red" Blount, Jr.''' (February 1, 1921 – October 24, 2002), was the United States Postmaster General from 1969 to 1972. He founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of the large construction company, Blount International, based in Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery

Birmingham, Alabama

; founder Courtney Shropshire location Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama), Alabama origins '''Civitan International''', based in Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama), Alabama, is an association of community service clubs founded in 1917. The organization aims "to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities."

West Germany

, and Trans World Airlines formed Worldspan, and in 1993, another consortium (including British Airways, KLM, and United Airlines, among others) formed the competing company Galileo International (Galileo CRS) based on Apollo. Numerous smaller companies such as KIU (KIU System (CRS&GDS)) have also formed, aimed at niche markets not catered for by the four largest networks, including the Low Cost Carrier segment, and small and medium size domestic and regional airlines


url http: cs1064 jabowen IPSC articles article0004573.html doi accessdate 2009-08-05 archiveurl http: 5infq6M8l archivedate 2009-08-05 deadurl no Boyle stated his suspicion that the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, based geographically in London, UK (United Kingdom), was also subject to this bias. He attributes the alleged links between Amnesty International and US and UK foreign policy interests to the relatively large financial contribution of Amnesty International USA to AI's international budget, which he estimated at 20%. Boyle also stated that Amnesty international was instrumental in publicizing the "Iraqi soldiers dumping children from incubators in Kuwait (Nurse Nayirah)" hoax. Dennis Bernstein, Interview with Francis Boyle, CovertAction Information Bulletin, 2002 Boyle also claimed that aspects of organisational continuity and survival came ahead of human rights aims in Amnesty International. He stated "Amnesty International is primarily motivated not by human rights but by publicity. Second comes money. Third comes getting more members. Fourth, internal turf battles. And then finally, human rights, genuine human rights concerns." Originally from Lebanon, Husseini moved to Canada at a young age. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from the University of Ottawa in the early 1990s, and became an organizer for the Communist Party in the same period. He was also active in the student, anti-racism, peace and labour movements. Husseini was vice-president and organizer for the Ottawa-Carleton Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 4600 District Council, and coordinated Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)'s annual Walk for Peace, the Environment and Social Justice. After attending high school in Beirut, Lebanon, Bin Ladin studied economics at Göteborg University, Sweden, and business administration at USC (University of Southern California). On February 25, 2005, he was granted permission by the Swiss government to use the name bin Ladin to brand products for his business including a perfume for men and women dubbed "Yeslam," and a second one for women "Passion," and other goods such as handbags, accessories, and watches under the name "Yeslam." Shops opened in Geneva (1), in Jeddah (2), in Riyadh (1), in Mecca, in Damman (1) (Saudi Arabia) and in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). He engaged Creators and chose the creations, but he is not Designer. He has a pilot's license, like his father, and owns a Learjet. It is said that a Badal exists in each continent. Although the majority live in "Al-Sham (Syria),"...some live in Iraq, some in Lebanon, some in Egypt, some in Antioch, some in al-Massisa ((Mopsuestia)), and others live throughout the rest of the world.". Moosa, Matti, ''Extremist Shiites: the ghulat sects'', Syracuse University Press, New York, 1988, p.112 They have divine powers and super-natural abilities. A person does not recognize that he is one of the Abdal until he becomes aware of his status suddenly though a revelation. It is said that a Badal can be identified through, ''inter alia'', his continuous good deeds and forgiving nature. He may be rich or poor, married or bachelor, child or adult. Such concepts are established in the Sunni branch of Islam, and in particular in the latter’s original Sufi schools of spiritual disciplines. Purpose The purpose of the order is to uphold and defend the Christian faith, to assist and help the sick and vulnerable, to promote and uphold the Christian principles of chivalry and to work for Christian unity. The Order of Saint Lazarus is divided into three main obediences (''Malta, Orléans'' and ''Paris'') with own grand masters, and participate in worldwide humanitarian efforts. For example, it has been engaged in a major charitable program to revive Christianity in Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), and the Near East (near east): Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories (Palestine). Millions of dollars worth of food, clothing, medical equipment and supplies have been distributed in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia. Because of this experience, the European Community commissioned the order to transport more than 21.000 tons in food to the hungry in Russia. The order organized food-aid and managed reconstruction-projects after the Tsunami Catastrophe in Indonesia. http: (Paris obedience) http: (Orleans obedience) http: (Malta obedience) Biography Darwish was born in the village of al-Birwa in the Western Galilee. Saudi Gazette 10 August 2008 ''Death defeats Darwish'' He was the second child of Salim and Houreyyah Darwish. His family were landowners. His mother was illiterate, but his grandfather taught him to read. PHRC Saturday June 8, 2002 ''Poet of the Arab world'' by Maya Jaggi, Originally printed in the Guardian After Israeli forces assaulted his village of al-Birwa in June 1948 the family fled to Lebanon first in Jezzin and then in Damour. The village was then razed and destroyed by the Israeli army


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: cgi news release?id 196487 Private Equity International based on capital raised between 2002 and 2007. '''Pullmantur Air''' formerly written as '''Air Pullmantur''' is a charter airline


provided by Private Equity International based on capital raised between 2002 and 2007. The '''19th European Athletics Championships''' were held in Gothenburg, Sweden, between 7 August and 13 August 2006. The competition arena was the Ullevi Stadium (Ullevi) and the official motto "Catch the Spirit". Gothenburg also hosted the 1995 World Championships in Athletics, and Stockholm, Sweden's

Republic of Ireland

) is a type of laser tag that was developed by Geoff Haselhurst and Omnitronics in Perth, Western Australia. The rights were later sold to Leisureplex Ltd, a company based in Ireland which in turn sold them to Q-ZAR International based in Dallas, Texas. It was also popular in the Republic of Ireland, Dublin Bus acquired 648 B7TLs between 2000 and 2007, all with Alexander (Walter Alexander Coachbuilders) TransBus Alexander Dennis (Alexander Dennis) ALX400 bodywork


. By the early 2011, ''Let the Bullets Fly'' has become the highest grossing domestic film in China's history. http: a 20110216 000002.htm The successes of ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' and ''Hero'' increasingly makes it difficult to demarcate what may be called the boundary between "Mainland Chinese" cinema and a more international-based "Chinese-language cinema". ''Crouching Tiger

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