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coast of County Cork, Ireland (Republic of Ireland). It lies between Clonakilty and Rosscarbery, near Galley Head. According to the 2006 Census, Ardfield had a population of 670. Ardfield is part of the Roman Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) parish of Ardfield Rathbarry. Local amenities include a church, post office and pub. The village is within five minutes drive of several beaches, including Red Strand, Sandscove and Dunnycove. O'Keeffe was born in Ballindangan


, great waterfalls and swimming holes, and some excellent birdlife, including red macaws. Buy The main commercial district in Centro is concentrated around the Praça da República. You'll find many stores selling clothing and shoes, as well as stationery, toiletries, film, batteries, and food. There are 3 great malls: *

Red Deer, Alberta

for students of high school age. Founded in 1909, when the Daughters of Wisdom, a religious order from France, accepted the challenge of the Tinchebray Fathers, also from France, to offer Catholic schooling in Red Deer, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools Red Deer Catholic Regional Division welcomes almost 7,000 students in five Central Alberta communities, including Red Deer. They operate École Secondaire Notre Dame High School, the only Catholic high school in central Alberta, which serves 1,500 students from the City of Red Deer and surrounding communities. Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. 2's school École La Prairie is a French school located near downtown Red Deer that offers pre-kindergarten through grade 9 programs. It offers all courses in French to a population of 119 students . The tornado resulted from a severe thunderstorm that developed Friday evening in the foothills area of Alberta and tracked eastward. The '''Flag of the City of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta)''' was adopted by Red Deer City Council on 6 June 1977. The official dedication ceremony was held on 26 August 1977. Expansion into Western Canada In 1993, A&B Sound moved into the Alberta market, opening locations in Calgary and Edmonton, followed by south Edmonton (1994), a second Calgary location (1995), Lethbridge (1996), and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) and a third Calgary outlet in 1997. Also in 1995, a store was opened in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Expansion continued throughout Western Canada, with new stores in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (1999) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (2000). In 2001, Nick Steiner stepped aside as President, retaining his role as Chairman, and long-time CEO Tim Howley became President and CEO. A number of locations, such as those in Calgary, also included bookstore sections, though by the start of the 2000s decade most of these sections had been removed. Bankruptcy and a new owner In the 1990s and 2000s decade, A&B began to face increasing competition for music, DVD and electronics sales. Vancouver-based Future Shop added music to its product mix, using the same aggressive pricing structure it did with consumer electronics. Besides HMV, other retail giants like Wal-Mart, Virgin Megastore, and Best Buy entered the marketplace as well, the latter having purchased Future Shop in the early 2000s decade. In early 2005, with a debt of C$ (Canadian dollar)57 million, A&B Sound filed for protection under Canadian bankruptcy regulations. A sale to American company Sun Capital Partners Group Inc. was announced, but this sale was not approved by A&B's creditors. Instead, the company was purchased by Canadian computer manufacturer Seanix Technology Inc., based in Richmond and led by Paul Girard. He announced that they planned to close down or relocate some of the branches that were losing money and focus on the BC and Alberta markets. That year and the next, a number of employees were laid off, and several locations were closed, including both the Winnipeg stores in 2005, the Hastings Street store in January 2006, and in August 2006, their Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), and Saskatoon locations. StarPhoenix story on Saskatchewan locations closing, accessed January 15, 2007. Its high-profile Downtown (Downtown Calgary) Calgary store was also closed in February 2005, although that city maintained locations in the northeast and deep south. Meanwhile, new locations were opened in North Vancouver (North Vancouver, British Columbia) and Pitt Meadows, while the Kelowna, south Calgary, and Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia) stores were relocated. In March 2007, the Downtown (Downtown Edmonton) Edmonton location closed, with plans to re-open another Edmonton location in the works. The Burnaby location was also closed around this time. On December 15, 2007 a new location opened in Langford (near Victoria). On January 4, 2008 the Delta store, which had re-located from Surrey, was closed. In early 2008, A&B was planning to open a new store in Chilliwack, located not far from the local Future Shop. In July 2008, all signs for this location were removed, and plans for the Chilliwack location were scrapped. Edward was acclaimed as Mayor of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta. In the 1904 Mayoral race, he held that position for 2 terms until 1906. '''Mountain View County''' is a municipal district (List of municipal districts in Alberta) in Division No. 6 (Division No. 6, Alberta) in the central Alberta, Canada. It is located between the cities of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta) and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) within the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Mountain View County is a member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, and the Municipal Area Partnership (Municipal Area Partnership, Alberta). Its municipal seat is the Town of Didsbury (Didsbury, Alberta).


route (which is mostly single-track outside the innermost parts of the city; except the stretch between Breidablikk and Nordre Hoem stations) which runs from the city centre, through the Byåsen district, and up to Lian, in the large recreation area Bymarka. Trondheim boasts the world's only bicycle lift, ''Trampe (Trampe bicycle lift)''. * August 22 – John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, a supporter of Lady Jane Grey, is executed. * August – English (English people) explorer Richard Chancellor enters the White Sea and reaches Arkhangelsk, going on to the court of Ivan IV of Russia, opening up trade between England and Russia. * September – Protestant (Protestantism) bishops in England are arrested and Roman Catholic (Catholic Church) bishops are restored. Siege of Leningrad On 30 August 1941 German forces cut the Leningrad-Moscow railroad and severed other connections to Leningrad. Stalin told his staff at the meeting with military commanders "Leningrad may be lost. Situation is hopelessly bad there." Zhukov was present at the meeting, and was then summoned by Stalin for a private discussion that soon made impact on the course of WWII. Zhukov and Stalin agreed that Leningrad and surrounding territories are crucial for winning the war, thus everything related to defense of Leningrad becomes first priority, including Red Army and Navy operations in Karelia and Northern Russia, partisan guerrilla resistance in Novgorod and Leningrad area, control over the Lake Ladoga and Svir River, defending seaports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk receiving British, Canadian, and American help through Arctic convoys, and most importantly - evacuation of civilians, millions of whom were trapped in the encircled city and suburbs. Carell, Paul (1966), Verbrannte Erde: Schlacht zwischen Wolga und Weichsel (Scorched Earth: The Russian-German War 1943-1944), Verlag Ullstein GmbH, (Schiffer Publishing), Werth, Alexander, Russia at War 1941-1945 (1964) Salisbury, Harrison The 900 Days; the Siege of Leningrad (1969) Zhukov, Georgiy. The Memoirs of Marshal Zhukov. 20 years of victory Jubilee edition, Moscow, 1965. Stalin ordered Zhukov to save Leningrad by any means, because if the city failed, 11% of national economy and invaluable wealth of the Hermitage (Hermitage Museum) museum and palaces of the Russian Tzars would be in the enemy hands, then the German forces united with Finnish forces, could quickly take Northern Russia and attack Moscow


with an amazing half opened architecture which offers an extraordinary view and the best wet t´shirt and bikini contest of Cancún. *


with military commanders "Leningrad may be lost. Situation is hopelessly bad there." Zhukov was present at the meeting, and was then summoned by Stalin for a private discussion that soon made impact on the course of WWII. Zhukov and Stalin agreed that Leningrad and surrounding territories are crucial for winning the war, thus everything related to defense of Leningrad becomes first priority, including Red Army and Navy operations in Karelia and Northern Russia, partisan guerrilla resistance

Columbus, Ohio

and near west of downtown Columbus (Columbus, Ohio). It is an older area with a fair number of established trees for an urban setting. Neil Avenue, a street running north south and eventually crossing through the campus of The Ohio State University, is its main thoroughfare. '''Cooper Stadium''' is a baseball stadium in Columbus, Ohio and was the home of the minor league Columbus Clippers from 1977 to 2008. Cooper Stadium has had several names over the years, including '''Red Bird


; Properties Garnet species are found in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless. The rarest of these is the blue garnet, discovered in the late 1990s in Bekily, Madagascar. It is also found in parts of the United States, Russia and Turkey. It changes color from blue-green in the daylight to purple in incandescent light, as a result of the relatively high amounts of vanadium (about 1 wt.% V 2 O<

Portland, Oregon

on the island, including red-legged frog (Red-legged Frog), bald eagle, peregrine falcon, pileated woodpecker, little willow flycatcher, olive-sided flycatcher, western meadowlark, horned grebe, red-necked grebe, bufflehead, purple martin, and possibly the endangered Columbian white-tailed deer. publisher Oregon Historical Society Press location Portland (Portland, Oregon), Oregon isbn 0-87595-277-1 (trade paperback), ISBN 0


250px Rizal Monument Manila, Philippines *SM Mall of Asia, Pasay Life and career Fowley is the son of the character actor Douglas Fowley and model Timara Pace. Kim Fowley website: Photos - Paintings - Illusions Various locations have been cited as his birthplace, including Red Bank, New Jersey Biographical details at IMDB<

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