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Tenderloin, San Francisco

damaged that facility, artists founded The Luggage Store at 1007 Market, at the intersection of 6th Street, Market, Taylor and Golden Gate Avenue. In 1989 the Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center (TREC) spun off from St Anthony foundation and operated a cultural center including dance, music, writing quilting, and other arts workshops in the St. Boniface Neighborhood Center. Artists and activists such as Eric Ehn from the Iowa Writing Workshop and Theatre Artaud; Miya Masoaka, a recording

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

a museum showcasing his work. Education Baddeck Academy is a Primary to grade 12 school serving Baddeck and the surrounding communities. It is governed by the Cape Breton – Victoria Regional School Board. The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts is located approximately 20 km outside of Baddeck in St. Anns (St. Anns, Nova Scotia). The college teaches traditional Celtic (Celts) arts including dance, music and Gaelic language (Goidelic languages). Notable residents * Frederick Walker Baldwin - First Canadian to pilot an airplane * Alexander Graham Bell - Famed scientist and inventor * H. Percy Blanchard - Science fiction author and lawyer * Charles James Campbell - Politician * Rachel Davis (Rachel Davis (musician)) - Fiddler * Reverend Simon Gibbons (Simon Gibbons (priest)) - Canada's first Inuit priest * Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor - Editor of ''National Geographic (National Geographic (magazine))'' (Summer resident) Weymouth (Weymouth, Nova Scotia) group7 Lists

Vernon, British Columbia

by the Regional District of the North Okanagan and operated by the Vernon and District Performing Arts Society. The society presents three series of entertainment including dance, theatre and child oriented. The performing arts centre also hosts hundreds of touring musical acts, local talent and community based events on a yearly basis. The city also hosts The Powerhouse Theatrical Society,this award winning Community theatre group has entertained audiences in Vernon and area for over 50 years there season runs from November until May each year. Vernon also boasts one of the most successful film societies in Canada. Films are presented every second Monday at Vernon's Towne Cinema. The Vernon Film Society also produces two film festivals per year. One is a festival dedicated to the presentation of documentary films from around the world. The Second film festiva is also an international film festival dedicated to the presentation of mainstream movies that fall into the "Arts" genre. Vernon's Towne Cinema is the home of The Vernon Film Society and is a classic example of a 1930's Art Deco style theatre. Built in 1929-30, the Towne Cinema began its life as The National Ball Room, presenting live entertainment on stage, hosting banquets and stage plays. It was the main venue in Vernon for entertaining the troops during the Second World War and was heavily involved in selling war bonds and the collection of aluminum from its customers for the war effort. Children could bring an old aluminum pot or pan and receive a ticket for a free movie, the aluminum going towards the construction of war planes and other military materials so necessary for the achievement of victory over the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. The Vernon Community Arts Centre is located in Polson Park near downtown Vernon. This community centre is a studio-based facility and is operated by the Arts Council of the North Okanagan. The VCAC offers year-round programming for youth and adults such as art classes and workshops, an artist in residence program and independent study sessions. Vernon also hosts the Creative Chaos art fair. Many artisans come and sell: jewellery, chocolates and candies, unique clothing, and other household items and or decorations. The fair usually lasts three days and many of the citizens of Vernon partake. One of the main draws of the fair is the food fair. The food fair is held in the ice-less ice rink in the middle of the Rec Centre. A number of vendors are there selling many different cultural foods. The Creative Chaos art fair is a highlight in Vernon. Vernon's downtown core is home to a large public art display in the form of its mural project. This artwork depicts interpretations of period photographs from Vernon's early history. The collection of most of the approximate 26 murals was created under the direction of lead artist Michelle Loughery. The mural project is in a continual state of growth, with new pieces of art being added at regular intervals. One of the most notable murals is a depiction of Sveva Caetani, daughter of Italian noble Leone Caetani. She was an Italian immigrant who survived captivity by her mother to become a famed artist and local art instructor. http: sveva-caetani-fonds;rad''In 1973, she obtained a teaching job at Charles Bloom School in Lumby, where she continued to teach until her retirement in 1984. During her years in Lumby, Sveva began to paint again. Her most important project, a series of 54 paintings which she called Recapitulation, was begun while she was teaching. '' Sports and recreation thumb The Kal Tire Place (Image:Vernon Multiplex.JPG) (formerly the Vernon Multiplex), completed in 2001, is home to the Vernon Vipers Vernon is known for its lakes and beaches in the summer, and skiing and hockey in the winter. It is therefore a year-round tourist destination and weekend get-away for people from Vancouver and Calgary. During the summer Vernon hosts a large SloPitch tournament (Funtastic). The Vernon area is home to several golf courses. birth_place Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) draft undrafted DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH


music has been promoted by organizations like the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)'s Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. This organization specialized in the lhamo, an operatic style, before branching out into other styles, including dance music like toeshey and nangma. Nangma is especially popular in the karaoke bars of the urban center of Tibet, Lhasa. Another form of popular music is the classical gar (gar (music)) style, which is performed at rituals

by organizations like the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)'s Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. This organization specialized in the lhamo, an operatic style, before branching out into other styles, including dance music like toeshey and nangma. Nangma is especially popular in the karaoke bars of the urban center of Tibet, Lhasa. Another form of popular music is the classical gar (gar (music)) style, which is performed at rituals and ceremonies. Lu (music) Lu


contemporary visual arts, a digital studio, participation spaces, digital editing suites, artists studio and the BFI (British Film Institute) Mediatheque. QUAD organises the FORMAT international photography festival, the largest photography festival in the UK, held every two years in Derby. The Robert Ludlam Theatre is a 270 seat venue with a programme of entertainment including dance, drama, art, music, theatre in the round, comedy, films, family


was killed in an accident as he hitched a ride on an ice wagon. Jan remained on the Lower East Side until his 1930 marriage to Alice Kalmanovitz, a childhood friend. He attended De Witt Clinton High School and Columbia University. At his mother's urging he took violin lessons, and gave public performances, including dance band work as Jack "Pinky" Pearl. Sometimes he also sang and it was soon


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with a store called Flavour Hall (now closed) in Toronto, Canada. She is deemed to have made a "significant contribution to the field" "Top 40 Under 40" University of Toronto Magazine, Spring 2004 for her work in integrating art and science. She is pursuing cutting edge art and performances in other media, including dance, music, percussion, and cutting-edge instruments (such as hydraulophone, quintephone, and other). She creates work that explores


Tutankhamun ("King Tut"), which was on display for the first time in 26 years. Students may visit the Carlos Museum for free. Many of the curators teach courses at the University and faculty in other departments, including dance and physics, often use the museum as part of their curriculum


. The number of places returned to 5 for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. *Paris, France – the authorities ban cars from the Georges Pompidou Expressway along Paris’s Right Bank (Rive Droite) into the Paris-Plages (Paris Beach) for one month every summer since 2004 and converts it into a pedestrian refuge replete with a sandy beach, activities including dance lessons, climbing walls, games, and swimming (in floating pools), and amenities like beach chairs, cafes, misting fountains

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