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houses consisted of ''halls'' with four columns and benches along the walls. They were the most important part of the houses and served religious purposes. More than a third of the hoses had such ''reception halls''. It is here where the archeologists discovered many exceptional ''mural paintings''. These paintings date from the 5th to the 8th century and are considered the most important works of early medieval art in Central Asia before the arrival of Islam. Most houses had a dark vaulted room

Otumba de Gómez Farías

. While stationed here he wrote a number of important works. Today Today, the municipality of Otumba is in transition towards a more urban area. Crime rates have risen as well as the frustrations of the local populace.

Rey, Iran

, the center of culture, politics and art production shifted from Damascus and Baghdad to Merv, Nishapur, Rayy (Rey, Iran), and Isfahan, all in Iran. Hillenbrand (1999), p.89 * Abu Bakr Zakariya al-Razi (Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi) (ca. 854–925 935) was a Persian born in Rey, Iran. He was a polymath who wrote on a variety of topics, but his most important works were in the field of medicine. He identified smallpox and measles, and recognized

Ávila, Spain

) capitals of the monument. Highlight the tomb of Saint Peter of the Boat and, above all, the Cenotaph of the Holy Brothers Martyrs, the head of the temple, Saint Vincent of Ávila, and her sisters, along with the torture he suffered in the 4th century, Saint Sabina and Saint Cristeta, (Cenotafio de los santos Vicente, Sabina y Cristeta), one of the most important works of Romanesque sculpture in Spain. Convento de San José File:Avila - Convento de San

San Cristóbal de las Casas

covers the history of the city until the 19th century. Of this collection, the two most important pieces are some petals of a pomegranate flower, from a receptacle for the Host in the Cathedral. It is one of most important works Chiapas silver smithing. The rest of the piece has been lost. The other is a part of the original choir seating of the same Cathedral. The Centro Cultural de los Altos has a collection of some of the area’s textiles from each


of the region with rooms dedicated to pre-Hispanic artifacts and colonial art. One noted piece is the painting called “Traslado de las Monjas” which is considered to be the finest work produced in Michoacán during the colonial period. Other important works include the original volume of the Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland, edited in Paris in 1807 and the murals done by Alfredo Zalce, Federico Cantú and Grace Greenwood (Grace Greenwood Ames). There are also interactive exhibits on the origins of the earth and life. The museum also has conference rooms, a library and a reading room. WikiPedia:Morelia Dmoz:Regional North_America Mexico States Michoacan Localities Morelia Commons:Category:Morelia


at an early age where he received his education. He first started working as an interior designer for a firm in London. By 1930, he and the German (Germany) architect Erich Mendelsohn briefly partnered to form their own architectural firm. They created some very important works in the British modernist movement (international style (architecture)), notably the De La Warr Pavilion (The De La Warr Pavilion) and Cohen House (Cohen House, London) and was a member of the MARS Group. *Akhaltsikhe, wikipedia:Grozny


assembly Vigo, Spain Cairo, Egypt Porto Real, Brazil Wuhan, China related Citroën Xsara Metro and buses The airport is served by Line E of the Porto Metro, linking it to downtown Porto, pendolino trains and Estádio do Dragão, and by transfer to other urban centres of Greater Porto: in ''Verdes'' station to Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim (using line B), ''Fonte do Cuco'' station to Maia (Maia (city)) (line C), and ''Senhora da Hora'' station to Matosinhos (line A). Taxis and STCP (Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto) buses also link the airport and the city. There is also a bus service to from Vigo (Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) Spain) twice a day on weekdays, and once a day during the weekend. * '''LEVT''' (VIT) – Vitoria Airport – Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava * '''LEVX''' (VGO) – Vigo-Peinador Airport – Vigo, Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) * '''LEXJ''' (SDR) – Santander Airport – Santander (Santander, Spain) Cantabria '''RMS''' '''''St Helena''''' is a combiliner (carrying cargo and passengers) that serves the British overseas territory of Saint Helena. She sails between Cape Town and Saint Helena with regular shuttles continuing to Ascension Island. Some voyages also serve Walvis Bay on route to from, or occasionally instead of, Cape Town. She visited Portland, Dorset twice a year with normal calls in the Spanish ports of Vigo (Northbound) and Tenerife (Southbound) until 14 October 2011, when she set sail on her final voyage from the English port She is one of the last remaining ocean-going ships to carry the designation Royal Mail Ship . '''Iván Ferreiro''' is a Spanish (Spain) singer-songwriter born in Vigo, Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) in 1970. He was the voice, leader and composer of the popular pop-rock band Los Piratas. **Frenchman (France) '''Julien Absalon''', two weeks thither the winner at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Rotorua, New Zealand, of his third consecutive (winning streak) world cross-country title, having captured the Madrid, Spa-Francorchamps (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps), and Fort William (Fort William, Scotland) events, overcomes, by 125 points in the Cup's season-long format (World Cup#Season-long format), Swiss (Switzerland) '''Christoph Sauser'''—the champion of the Mont Sainte-Anne (Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec) and Schladming contests; for the second consecutive season, the runner-up to Absalon in the world championships; and the 2005 Cup (Mountain Bike World Cup 2005) winner—to garner the Cup title; Spaniard (Spain) '''José Antonio Hermida Ramos''', the 2005 silver medallist, outpoints Belgian (Belgium) '''Bart Brentjens''', the victor of the Curaçao tour stop, 960-800, to earn the bronze medal. Canadian (Canada) '''Marie-Hélène Prémont''', the silver medalist behind Norwegian (Norway) '''Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå''' in the cross-country cycling (Cycling at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Cross Country Women ) discipline at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad and two weeks thither the world championships bronze medalist behind Dahle Flesjå and Russian '''Irina Kalentieva''', wins the fifth and sixth Cup events (Mountain Bike World Cup 2006#Cross-country) but is unable to surpass Dahle Flesjå, who completes the first, second, and third events in first place and finishes the final two events adrift only of Prémont and ultimately, as in 2005, earns the Cup title, this over Prémont and 2005 silver medallist German (Germany) '''Sabine Spitz'''; Kalentieva finally finishes four points behind Spitz and German '''Nina Gõhl''', the winner of the Fort William event. **After a season in which only one rider is a multiple event-winner (Mountain Bike World Cup 2006#Downhill), seven bikers finish within 300 points of first place and Englishman (England) '''Steve Peat''', the 2002 (2002 in sports) and 2004 (2004 in sports) Cup champion and thrice a world championship (Mountain Bike World Championships#Men 2) silver medallist, claims the Cup title in view of his winning the Willingen event and tallying top-three finishes at those of Vigo and Balneario Camboriu, finishing 38 points ahead of Australian '''Samuel Hill''', the winner of the Fort William and the season-ending Schladming events, and, after having garnered the bronze medal at the 2004 (2004 in sports) world championships and the silver medal at the event's 2005 iteration, two weeks thither the world championships gold medallist; South African '''Greg Minnaar''', a winner of three 2005 events (Mountain Bike World Cup 2005#Downhill) and twice a 2006 runner-up, secures the bronze medal with a third-place finish at Schladming, outpointing by 91 Australian '''Nathan Rennie'''—the world championships bronze medallist—by 132 Briton (Great Britain) '''Gee Atherton''', and by 195 Finn (Finland) '''Matti Lehikoinen''', the Balneario winner. On the women's tour, Briton '''Tracy Moseley''' and Frenchwoman '''Sabrina Jonnier''', each a 2005 multiple winner (Mountain Bike World Cup 2005#Downhill) and ultimately the silver and gold medallists thereof respectively, claim five of the six events contested as each secures a podium finish (podium) at every tour stop, and Jonnier, twice a world championship runner-up and two weeks thither the winner

French colonial empire

Further unique points included her Cafe Terrasse (:File:The Terrace Café of the SS France (1912).jpg) and the Salon Mauresque, the latter a reference to the French colonial empire in Africa. The ship also had a gymnasium, an elevator as well as a hair salon, all great novelties at the time. Style Louis seize (Louis XVI) (Louis XVI) was also used within the private apartments of the grand luxe suites onboard. According to a 1912 booklet publicising the liner, her second class accommodation was credited as "match ing the richness and comfort of first class on the old liners." Passengers in this class could also utilise a hair dressing salon. Third and steerage classes were also praised as being well-appointed. Recreation The game of ''El Koura'' is a traditional game that was played in Miliana, Laghouat and other places prior to French colonization (French colonial empire). Similar to association football, Sato, Daisuke. "Sport and Identity in Tunisia." International Journal of Sport and Health Science Vol 3 (2005): 27-34. Retrieved October 3, 2010. the game was played during the spring and times of extreme drought because it was believed to bring rain. Hartland, E. Sidney. "Games." Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Part 11. Whitefish, Montana: Kessinger, 2003. 167-71. After French colonization, European sports, especially association football, became more popular.


for the Host in the Cathedral. It is one of most important works Chiapas silver smithing. The rest of the piece has been lost. The other is a part of the original choir seating of the same Cathedral. The Centro Cultural de los Altos has a collection of some of the area’s textiles from each ethnicity and exhibits on how they are made. It has a store associated with it called the Sna-Jolobil, which means house of weaving

travelled to Naples where he met the artist Pablo Moron, who became his long standing assistant. Perez's most important works can be found in Rome. They include the fresco ''The Dispute over the Body of Moses'' (circa 1574) in the Sistine Chapel; frescoes in the Villa d'Este in Tivoli (Tivoli, Italy) and the Villa Mondragone in Frascati. He also worked in Malta (from 1576), Seville (in the 1580s) and Lima (from 1589), where he died. The first direct demonstration of Earth's sphericity came in the form of the first circumnavigation in history, an expedition captained by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Nowell, Charles E. ed. (1962). Magellan's Voyage around the World: Three Contemporary Accounts. Evanston: NU Press. The expedition was financed by the Spanish Crown. On August 10, 1519, the five ships under Magellan's command departed from Seville. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean, passed through the Strait of Magellan, crossed the Pacific, and arrived in Cebu, where Magellan was killed by Philippine natives in a battle. His second in command, the Spaniard Juan Sebastián Elcano, continued the expedition and, on September 6, 1522, arrived at Seville, completing the circumnavigation. Charles I of Spain, in recognition of his feat, gave Elcano a coat of arms with the motto ''Primus circumdedisti me'' (in Latin, "You went around me first"). Joseph Jacobs(2006), "The story of geographical discovery" p.90 founded WikiPedia:Seville commons:Sevilla

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