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, San Diego la Meza Tochimiltzingo (San Diego la Meza Tochimiltzingo (municipality)), Puebla and Tochimilco (Tochimilco (municipality)) . The main economic activities for the municipality are agriculture and livestock. The Centro Vacacional Metepec is seven km northwest of the city, in a former textile factory. Today it is one of the state’s most important water parks. Geography and environment File:Atlixco y Popo

Portuguese Malacca

the eastern Custome House Terrace. The center of trade of the city was also located in Tranqueira near the beach on the mouth of the river called the ''Bazaar of the Jaos'' (Jowo Jawa i.e. Javanese). In the present day, this part of the city is called Tengkera. Yler The district of Yler (''Hilir'') roughly covered Buquet China (''Bukit Cina'') and the south-eastern coastal area. The Well of Buquet China was one of the most important water sources for the community. Notable landmarks included the Church of the Madre De Deus and the Convent of the Capuchins of São Francisco. Other notable landmarks included Buquetpiatto (''Bukit Piatu''). The boundaries of this unwalled suburb were said to extend as far as Buquetpipi and Tanjonpacer. Tanjonpacer ( - 100px (File:Flag Portugal (1640).svg) 1511-1641 Flag of Portuguese Malacca, a colony in the Portuguese Empire White rectangle centrally charged with the coat of arms bearing five castles on an ogival or heater-shaped shield and surmounted by an open royal crown. -


important water paths Motala ström and the Göta Canal) where the E4 (European route E4), Sweden's highway backbone, crosses the river Stångån (and Kinda kanal). It is situated on the main southern railway line connecting Stockholm with Malmö and Danish (Denmark) capital Copenhagen. There is also an international airport, Linköping City Airport with daily connections to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Notable residents *Niklas Luoto * Ghost


— not verified The '''Litani River''' ( Wikipedia:Baalbek Commons:Baalbek


WikiPedia:Krasnoyarsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Krasnoyarskiy Kray Krasnoyarsk


-east of Lesosibirsk). Despite the absence of a continuous navigable waterway, the Angara and its tributary the Ilim (Ilim River) were of considerable importance for Russian colonization of Siberia since ca. 1630, when they (and the necessary portages) formed important water routes (Siberian River Routes) connecting the Yenisey with Lake Baikal and the Lena River. The river lost its transportation significance after the construction of an overland route between Krasnoyarsk

Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan

%20Water%20Conservation%20Plan%20(2).pdf.pdf?PHPSESSID 7cbeusfacb34rtcfulb6upf274 publisher Saskatchewan Watershed Authority accessdate November 7, 2013 Underground aquifers are one of the most important water sources in the area, although many are too deep to drill wells into. northwest of Willow Bunch (Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan, Canada. Beaupré was the eldest of 20 children born to Gaspard and Florestine (born Piché) Beaupré in the newly-founded parish of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, Canada, and was the first child to be baptized in the parish. Beaupré did not appear abnormally large at birth, and for the first three years of his life, his growth was relatively normal. However, Edouard's growth rate then increased dramatically, so much so that by age nine he was six feet tall, and by the age of 17 his height was recorded at 7'1". In 1902, Edouard's height was measured at 8 feet 2.5 inches and he weighed over 400 pounds. His death certificate described him as being 8'3" (2.52m) tall and still growing.

Golan Heights

of sedimentary origin. Locally, the limestone is broken by faults (fault (geology)) and solution channels to form a karst-like topography (karst topography) in which springs are common. In addition to its strategic military importance, the Golan Heights is an important water resource, especially at the higher elevations, which are snow-covered in the winter and help sustain baseflow for rivers and springs during the dry season. The heights receive significantly more


Oya in the east and Menik River and its tributaries in the west flow across the park, and provide an important water source in the dry season to wild animals of the park. Normally the streams of the park are dry during the drought season. These rivers and streams exhibit a degree of runoff (Surface runoff) fluctuations between wet and dry seasons. Kumbukkan Oya discharges (Discharge (hydrology)) seven times as much water than in rainy season than in the dry season. A number of lagoons are situated along the coast line of the park. There are several routes to get to Yala from Colombo, while the route via Ratnapura and Tissamaharama is the shortest with Commons:Category:Colombo Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka Western Colombo Wikipedia:Colombo

Staten Island

name "ReferenceA" right 300px thumb Photo of a gauge inspector and the Manville, New Jersey (Image:RaritanRiver1948.PNG) gage house built into the North Main Street CR-533 (County Route 533 (New Jersey)) bridge abutment during the Raritan River flood of December 31, 1948. The river has served an important water transportation route since the days of the Lenape Native Americans (Native Americans in the United States). The name itself comes from an Algonquian

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