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Sheikhdom of Kuwait

+East+Africa%2C+and+the+Red+Sea+ports.+The+building+of+these+dhows+became+an+important+industry%2C+and+the+waterfront+of+the+town+of+Kuwait+was+.&oq For+centuries+its+native+vessels%2C+designed+for+ocean+travel%2C+carried+the+bulk+of+the+trade+between+India%2C+East+Africa%2C+and+the+Red+Sea+ports.+The+building+of+these+dhows+became+an+important+industry%2C+and+the+waterfront+of+the+town+of+Kuwait+was+.&aqs chrome..69i57.54551j0j4&sourceid chrome&es_sm 93&ie UTF-8#q For+centuries+its+native+vessels%2C+designed+for+ocean+travel%2C+carried+the+bulk+of+the+trade+between+India%2C+East+Africa%2C+and+the+Red+Sea+ports.+The+building+of+these+dhows+became+an+important+industry%2C+and+the+waterfront+of+the+town+of+Kuwait+was+.&tbm bks title Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde, Volume 130 author M. Nijhoff page 111 year 1974 Boats made in Kuwait were capable of sailing up to China. Kuwaiti ship vessels were renowned throughout the Indian Ocean for quality and design. Category:Former British colonies Category:History of Kuwait Category:Kuwait–United Kingdom relations


noir - Merlot - Stanušina Ferro-nickel Another important industry is the manufacture of ferro-nickel, the company “FENI” produces between 12000 to 16000 tons of ferro-nickel (Ferroalloy) annually. In a bid to attract more interest from domestic and foreign investors in 2000 the first Free Economic Zone (FEZ) of the Republic of Macedonia was founded in Kavadarci and this has become known as the “Nickel Valley”. In addition to wine and ferro-nickel (Ferroalloy), Kavadarci is known for its timber and tobacco production. Alliance One Macedonia, one of the largest tobacco processing companies in Macedonia, is in Kavadarci, producing and exporting Macedonian (Republic of Macedonia) Oriental tobacco (Tobacco#Oriental Tobacco) to the United States, Japan, and selected EU (European Union) and Asian countries. Main sights Tikveški Grozdober thumb left A Tikveški Grozdober parade participants (File:Parade participants.jpg) In the first week of September of each year a festival called "Tikveški Grozdober" (Тиквешки гроздобер, lit. ''Tikveš grape picking'') is held for several days marking the beginning of the wine grape harvest in the Tikveš region and commemorating the liberation of Kavadarci. Such is the importance of this fruit, the city flag is composed of six circles in white and red representing the town’s most abundant and important produce. Tikveški Grozdober officially began in 1964. It takes place over several days and is one of the largest cultural manifestations of its kind in the region. The festival includes folk, pop and rock concerts, traditional dancing, seminars, presentations and exhibitions. During this time the city centre houses many temporary restaurants, stalls and shops open to allow visitors to experience the smells and tastes of local delicacies. It culminates in a carnival procession through the main streets of the town. Lake Tikveš thumb right Lake Tikveš near Kavadarci (File:Tikveš lake.jpg) Lake Tikveš ( Commons:Category:Kavadarci


. thumb 1985 SAAB 900CD (File:1985-SAAB900CD-rear.jpg) In 1977 Valmet had created an elongated executive model of the 99 combi-coupé named "'''Finlandia'''". With the introduction of the 900, the concept was transferred onto the new chassis. The "'''Finlandia'''" was 20 cm (7.9 in) longer than standard, by adding 10 cm (3.9 in) to both front and rear doors, but only the rear leg room was larger. The idea

Kings County, New Brunswick

'''Kings County''' (2011 population 69,665) is located in southern New Brunswick, Canada. Its historical shire town is Hampton. Both the Saint John (Saint John River (New Brunswick)) and Kennebecasis (Kennebecasis River) rivers pass through the county. Dairy farming is an important industry in the area. On March 18, 2004, at the 48th annual World Cheese and Butter Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, Dairytown Products, a company from Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), won first prize for butter, besting 37 entries from the USA (United States), France, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark and other countries from around the world. Approximately half of the Kings County population lives in suburbs of the nearby city of Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick). Census subdivisions Communities There are seven incorporated municipalities within Kings County (listed by 2011 population): class "wikitable" - ! Official Name ! Designation ! Area km 2 ! Population ! Parish - Quispamsis Town align "right" 57.06 align "right" 17,886 align "center" Rothesay (Rothesay Parish, New Brunswick) - Rothesay (Rothesay, New Brunswick) Town align "right" 34.73 align "right" 11,947 align "center" Rothesay (Rothesay Parish, New Brunswick) - Grand Bay-Westfield (Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick) Town align "right" 59.73 align "right" 5,117 align "center" Westfield (Westfield Parish, New Brunswick) - Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick) Town align "right" 9.03 align "right" 4,312 align "center" Sussex (Sussex Parish, New Brunswick) - Hampton (Hampton, New Brunswick) Town align "right" 21.00 align "right" 4,292 align "center" Hampton (Hampton Parish, New Brunswick) - Sussex Corner (Sussex Corner, New Brunswick) Village align "right" 9.43 align "right" 1,495 align "center" Sussex (Sussex Parish, New Brunswick) - Norton (Norton, New Brunswick) Village align "right" 75.35 align "right" 1,301 align "center" Norton (Norton Parish, New Brunswick) Parishes The county is subdivided into fifteen parishes (listed by 2011 population): class "wikitable" - ! Official Name ! Area km 2 ! Population ! Incorporated municipalities ! Unincorporated communities - Studholm (Studholm Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 449.43 align "right" 3,612 align "center" Berwick (Berwick, New Brunswick) Carsonville (Carsonville, New Brunswick) Centreville (Centreville, New Brunswick) Collina (Collina, New Brunswick) Fox Hill (Fox Hill, New Brunswick) Gibbon (Gibbon, New Brunswick) Gibbon Mountain (Gibbon Mountain, New Brunswick) Head of Millstream (Head of Millstream, New Brunswick) Jordan Mountain (Jordan Mountain, New Brunswick) Kierstead Mountain (Kierstead Mountain, New Brunswick) Kings (Kings, New Brunswick) Lower Millstream (Lower Millstream, New Brunswick) Marrtown (Marrtown, New Brunswick) McGregor Brook (McGregor Brook, New Brunswick) Mount Hebron (Mount Hebron, New Brunswick) Mount Middleton (Mount Middleton, New Brunswick) Mount Pisgah (Mount Pisgah, New Brunswick) Newtown (Newtown, New Brunswick) Parleeville (Parleeville, New Brunswick) Pearsonville (Pearsonville, New Brunswick) Pleasant Ridge (Pleasant Ridge, Kings County, New Brunswick) Plumweseep (Plumweseep, New Brunswick) Prescott Hill (Prescott Hill, New Brunswick) Roachville (Roachville, New Brunswick) Sharps Hill (Sharps Hill, New Brunswick) Smiths Creek (Smiths Creek, New Brunswick) Snider Mountain (Snider Mountain, New Brunswick) Studholm (Studholm, New Brunswick) Summerfield (Summerfield, New Brunswick) Thompson Corner (Thompson Corner, New Brunswick) - Kingston (Kingston Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 200.63 align "right" 2,952 align "center" Bedford (Bedford, New Brunswick) Centreton (Centreton, New Brunswick) Chapel Grove (Chapel Grove, New Brunswick) Clifton Royal (Clifton Royal, New Brunswick) East Riverside-Kinghurst (East Riverside-Kinghurst, New Brunswick) Elmhurst (Elmhurst, New Brunswick) Erbs Cove (Erbs Cove, New Brunswick) Grays Mills (Grays Mills, New Brunswick) Grey Mills (Grey Mills, New Brunswick) Kingston (Kingston, New Brunswick) Kingston Corner (Kingston Corner, New Brunswick) Kingston Creek (Kingston Creek, New Brunswick) Long Reach (Long Reach, New Brunswick) Lower Kingston (Lower Kingston, New Brunswick) Moss Glen (Moss Glen, New Brunswick) Perry Point (Perry Point, New Brunswick) Renforth (Renforth, New Brunswick) Shampers (Shampers, New Brunswick) The Cedars (The Cedars, New Brunswick) Waltons Lake (Waltons Lake, New Brunswick) Whitehead (Whitehead, New Brunswick) Whites Mills (Whites Mills, New Brunswick) - Hampton (Hampton Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 121.39 align "right" 2,734 align "center" Hampton (town) (Hampton, New Brunswick) Bonney Road (Bonney Road, New Brunswick) Damascus (Damascus, New Brunswick) Darlings Island (Darlings Island, New Brunswick) French Village (French Village, New Brunswick) Hampton (Hampton, New Brunswick) Lakeside (Lakeside, New Brunswick) Mount Prospect (Mount Prospect, New Brunswick) Nauwigewauk (Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick) Smithtown (Smithtown, New Brunswick) Titusville (Titusville, New Brunswick) - Sussex (Sussex Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 244.27 align "right" 2,529 align "center" Sussex (town) (Sussex, New Brunswick) Sussex Corner (village) (Sussex Corner, New Brunswick) Apohaqui (Apohaqui, New Brunswick) Campbell Settlement (Campbell Settlement, Kings County) Cassidy Lake (Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick) Drurys Cove (Drurys Cove, New Brunswick) Dutch Valley (Dutch Valley, New Brunswick) Erb Settlement (Erb Settlement, New Brunswick) Hazel Hill (Hazel Hill, New Brunswick) Jeffries Corner (Jeffries Corner, New Brunswick) Lisson Settlement (Lisson Settlement, New Brunswick) Lower Cove (Lower Cove, New Brunswick) Markhamville (Markhamville, New Brunswick) McCain Settlement (McCain Settlement, New Brunswick) Millbrook (Millbrook, New Brunswick) New Line Road (New Line Road, New Brunswick) Ratter Corner (Ratter Corner, New Brunswick) Riverbank (Riverbank, New Brunswick) Rockville (Rockville, New Brunswick) Southfield (Southfield, New Brunswick) Upper Wards Creek (Upper Wards Creek, New Brunswick) Vinegar Hill (Vinegar Hill, New Brunswick) Wards Creek (Wards Creek, New Brunswick) - Westfield (Westfield Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 295.50 align "right" 2,108 align "center" Grand Bay-Westfield (town) (Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick) Bayswater (Bayswater, New Brunswick) Carters Point (Carters Point, New Brunswick) Cheyne Settlement (Cheyne Settlement, New Brunswick) Days Landing (Days Landing, New Brunswick) Hardings Point (Hardings Point, New Brunswick) Keatings Corner (Keatings Corner, New Brunswick) Lands End (Lands End, New Brunswick) Milkish (Milkish, New Brunswick) Morrisdale (Morrisdale, New Brunswick) Public Landing (Public Landing, New Brunswick) Sand Point (Sand Point, New Brunswick) Summerville (Summerville, New Brunswick) Woodmans Point (Woodmans Point, New Brunswick) - Springfield (Springfield Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 248.22 align "right" 1,652 align "center" Belleisle Creek (Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick) Bull Moose Hill (Bull Moose Hill, New Brunswick) East Scotch Settlement (East Scotch Settlement, New Brunswick) Elm Brook (Elm Brook, New Brunswick) Hatfield Point (Hatfield Point, New Brunswick) Irish Settlement (Irish Settlement, New Brunswick) Joliffs Brook (Joliffs Brook, New Brunswick) Keirsteadville (Keirsteadville, New Brunswick) Long Point (Long Point, New Brunswick) Lower Midland (Lower Midland, New Brunswick) Midland (Midland, Queens County, New Brunswick) Northrups Corner (Northrups Corner, New Brunswick) Pascobac (Pascobac, New Brunswick) Searsville (Searsville, New Brunswick) Springfield (Springfield, Kings County, New Brunswick) Stewarton (Stewarton, New Brunswick) The Grant (The Grant, New Brunswick) Upper Belleisle (Upper Belleisle, New Brunswick) Upper Midland (Upper Midland, New Brunswick) West Scotch Settlement (West Scotch Settlement, New Brunswick) - Cardwell (Cardwell Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 311.72 align "right" 1,414 align "center" Anagance (Anagance, New Brunswick) Buckley Settlement (Buckley Settlement, New Brunswick) Cardwell (Cardwell, New Brunswick) Crockets Corner (Crockets Corner, New Brunswick) Dunsinane (Dunsinane, New Brunswick) Five Points (Five Points, Kings County) Harper Settlement (Harper Settlement, New Brunswick) Lindys (Lindys, New Brunswick) McCully (McCully, New Brunswick) Mechanic Settlement (Mechanic Settlement, New Brunswick) Penobsquis (Penobsquis, New Brunswick) Picadilly (Picadilly, Kings County) Portage Vale (Portage Vale, New Brunswick) South Branch (South Branch, New Brunswick) Springdale (Springdale, New Brunswick) Upper Goshen (Upper Goshen, New Brunswick) - Upham (Upham Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 188.55 align "right" 1,306 align "center" Barnesville (Barnesville, New Brunswick) Bloomfield Ridge (Bloomfield Ridge, Kings County, New Brunswick) Clover Hill (Clover Hill, New Brunswick) Hanford Brook (Hanford Brook, New Brunswick) Salina (Salina, New Brunswick) Salt Springs (Salt Springs, New Brunswick) Upham (Upham, New Brunswick) Upper Salt Springs (Upper Salt Springs, New Brunswick) Upperton (Upperton, New Brunswick) - Norton (Norton Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 144.62 align "right" 1,296 align "center" Norton (village) (Norton, New Brunswick) Bloomfield (Bloomfield, Kings County, New Brunswick) Central Norton (Central Norton, New Brunswick) Guthrie Road (Guthrie Road, New Brunswick) Ketchum Road (Ketchum Road, New Brunswick) Passekeag (Passekeag, New Brunswick) Woodpecker Hall (Woodpecker Hall, New Brunswick) - Havelock (Havelock Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 349.34 align "right" 1,158 align "center" Anagance Ridge (Anagance Ridge, New Brunswick) Canaan Road (Canaan Road, New Brunswick) Cornhill (Cornhill, New Brunswick) Cornhill East (Cornhill East, New Brunswick) Cosman Settlement (Cosman Settlement, New Brunswick) Creek Road (Creek Road, New Brunswick) Dubee Settlement (Dubee Settlement, New Brunswick) Havelock (Havelock, New Brunswick) Knightville (Knightville, New Brunswick) Lower Ridge (Lower Ridge, New Brunswick) Mannhurst (Mannhurst, New Brunswick) Perry Settlement (Perry Settlement, New Brunswick) Salem (Salem, Kings County) Samp Hill (Samp Hill, New Brunswick) Springhill (Springhill, New Brunswick) Whites Mountain (Whites Mountain, New Brunswick) - Greenwich (Greenwich Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 114.38 align "right" 1,047 align "center" Browns Corner (Browns Corner, New Brunswick) Browns Flat (Browns Flat, New Brunswick) Central Greenwich (Central Greenwich, New Brunswick) Cochrane Corner (Cochrane Corner, New Brunswick) Days Corner (Days Corner, New Brunswick) Evandale (Evandale, New Brunswick) Glenwood (Glenwood, Kings County) Greenwich Hill (Greenwich Hill, New Brunswick) Johnson Croft (Johnson Croft, New Brunswick) Lynch Corner (Lynch Corner, New Brunswick) Oak Point (Oak Point, New Brunswick) Upper Greenwich (Upper Greenwich, New Brunswick) Victoria Beach (Victoria Beach, New Brunswick) - Waterford (Waterford Parish, New Brunswick) align "right" 221.12 align "right" 458 align "center" Cedar Camp (Cedar Camp, New Brunswick) Chambers Settlement (Chambers Settlement, New Brunswick) Donegal (Donegal, New Brunswick) Parlee Brook (Parlee Brook, New Brunswick) Urney (Urney, New Brunswick) Walker Settlement, New Brunswick Walker Settlement

Sussex, New Brunswick

of New Brunswick in Fredericton (Fredericton, New Brunswick). After he obtained a law degree, he moved to Chatham, New Brunswick, and began the practice of law. He became famous and something of a folk hero, particularly among Acadians, as the defence lawyer in the high-profile murder case of famous New Brunswick boxing champion, Yvon Durelle, in what was a widely publicized case. Dairy farming is an important industry in the area. On March 18, 2004, at the 48th annual World Cheese and Butter Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, Dairytown Products, a company from Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), won first prize for butter, besting 37 entries from the USA (United States), France, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark and other countries from around the world. * Shediac (Shediac, New Brunswick) - ''L'Étoile Shediac'' * Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick) -''Kings County Record'' * Woodstock (Woodstock, New Brunswick) - ''The Bugle-Observer (Bugle-Observer)'' Over the summer, a number of major economic projects were announced by Graham including a $1.7 billion potash mine near Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick) '''Michael Bryant Eagles''' (born March 7, 1963 in Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), New Brunswick) is a former professional ice hockey forward (Forward (ice hockey)) who played sixteen seasons in the National Hockey League. DATE OF BIRTH March 7, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), NB (New Brunswick), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

Glace Bay

Colliery No. 26 was closed by the Cape Breton Development Corporation. Many residents of Glace Bay started to work at the two other coal mines in the area: Prince Colliery in Point Aconi (Point Aconi, Nova Scotia) and Phalen Colliery and Lingan Colliery in Lingan (Lingan, Nova Scotia). However, coal mining continued its decline with Lingan closing in the mid-1990s, followed by Phalen in 1999, and Prince in 2001. Fishing was also an important industry throughout the 20th century. However

Huehuetenango Department

and livestock production, run by Spaniards (Spanish people). In modern times agriculture is the most important industry, although mining continues on a small scale and handicraft production also contributes to the local economy. Rouanet et al 1992, p.8. Maize is cultivated across the whole department, without being limited by local climatic differences. The primary highland crops are wheat, potatoes, barley, alfalfa and Common

Taiping, Perak

in Malaysia) had been established. Although Taiping's economy declined with the dwindling tin deposits, the metal still remains an important industry in the area as do rubber and rice. Geography and climate thumb Aerial view of Taiping City (File:Taiping 2.jpg) Taiping is situated on a plain to the west of the Bintang Mountains. Penang lies to the north-west and Ipoh to the south-east. Climate , 1821 – 13 December 1901) (Researched by his great grandson, Jeffery Seow) was the founder and administrator of modern Taiping (Taiping, Perak). Melaka: the transformation of a Malay capital, c. 1400-1980, Volume 2 written by Kernial Singh Sandhu, Paul Wheatley, Abdul Aziz bin Mat Ton, published by Oxford University Press, 1983, P 327, ISBN 0195804929, ISBN 9780195804928 Who's who in Malaysia & Singapore By John Victor Morais Published by Who's Who Publications, 1978; p. 26 Southeast Asian Urbanism: The Meaning and Power of Social Space by Evers, Hans-Dieter Evers, Rüdiger Korff page 49 Founder of Taiping, Compiled by NSTP Research & Information Services, Sunday Mail (The Malay Mail), June 27, 2004 Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens, Volume 75; Volume 77 by Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens, 1979, pf 477, Item notes: v. 75; v. 77 - 1979 Appointed "Captain China" by the British in 1877, The Chinese in Penang - A Pictorial History (Binglang Yu Hua ren shi tu lu), Tan, Kim-Hong, ISBN 978-983-42834-7-6 he was a millionaire philanthropist and known as an innovator in the mining of tin. He was involved in many other industries including farming, pawnbroking and logging. 66 Usahawan Malaysia by Mohamad Ashadi bin Mohd Zaini, Page 162 Pioneer businessman in Malaysian Business, Oct 16, 2003 by Clarence Y K Ngui He was respected by both Chinese and European communities in the early colonial settlement. The Chinese in Southeast Asia and beyond: socioeconomic and political dimensions By Qinghuang Yan, Published by World Scientific, 2008, ISBN 981-279-047-0, ISBN 978-981-279-047-7, 457 pages, Page 393 His survival in the chaotic era owes much to his standing as leader of the Hai San (Hai San Secret Society), a Chinese secret society (Hui (secret society)) in British Malaya during the time of the Larut Wars (1862–73). The Journals of J. W. W. Birch, First British Resident to Perak, 1874-1875 By James Wheeler Woodford Birch pg 63; A Gallery of Chinese Kapitans by CS Wong a position he is said to have held till early 1884 C. A. Schultz S.C.A. Perak and Acting Protector of Chinese, Singapore in his memo of 16 July 1884 C.S.O. Perak 6795 84 on The Powell Report notes that Chung Keng Quee informed him that he had resigned his membership in the Hai San in the beginning of the year although in all probability he continued to remain a leading member. W.A. Pickering's response of 13th August 1884 to C.A. Schultz memo of 16th July shows that Pickering was aware that the secret societies and indeed their headmen were still very much at large. The old fort at Teluk Batu was built by him to safeguard the mine that he opened there. Malaysia in history, Volumes 3-5 By Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia (Malaysian Historical Society), 1956 He was a member of the Commission for the Pacification of Larut and sat as one of six members of the Advisory Perak State Council appointed by the British. Papers on Malayan History - Page 100, by Kenneth Gordon Tregonning - 1962, Published 1962, Journal of Southeast Asian History Three days afterwards, Chung, Keng Quee was appointed a member of Commission for the Pacification of Larut also comprising Captain S. Dunlop (Samuel Dunlop), John Frederick Adolphus McNair, Frank Swettenham, W. A. Pickering (William A. Pickering) and Chin Seng Yam, whose terms of reference, among others, was to arrange for an amicable settlement relating to the Larut tin mines. The Commissioners after due investigation and deliberation decided to hand the mines in Klian Pauh (Taiping (Taiping, Perak)) over to the Hai Sans (Hai San Secret Society) and the mines in Klian Bharu (Kamunting) to the Ghee Hins. Sir Frank Swettenham's Malayan Journals, 1874-1876 A Short History of Malaya by Gerald Percy Dartford, Malaya, 1958 Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya: A Survey of the Triad Society from 1800 to 1900 By Leon Comber Published by Published for the Association for Asian Studies by J.J. Augustin, 1959 The Journal of Asian Studies By Far Eastern Association (U.S.), Association for Asian Studies, JSTOR (Organization) Published by Association for Asian Studies, 1967; Item notes: v.26 no.1-4 1966-1967 The Journals of J. W. W. Birch, First British Resident to Perak, 1874-1875 By James Wheeler Woodford Birch, Peter Laurie Burns with contributions from Peter Laurie Burns Published by Oxford University Press, 1976 pp. 11, 63, 64 The Golden Chersonese And The Way Thither (1883) by Isabella L. Bird Bishop (1831-1904) New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1883. Perak and the Malays by John Frederick Adolphus McNair, 1878, reprinted 1973 Triad Societies: Western Accounts of the History, Sociology and Linguistics of Chinese Secret Societies By Kingsley Bolton, Gustaaf Schlegel, Herbert Allen Giles, Christopher Hutton, J. S. M. Ward, Mervyn Llewelyn Wynne, W. P. Morgan, William Stanton, W. G. Stirling Contributor Kingsley Bolton, Chris Hutton Published by Taylor & Francis, 2000; ISBN 0-415-24397-1, ISBN 978-0-415-24397-1 The Kwantung hui-kuan (Chinese clan association#Guangdong clan associations) (Cantonese Association) along Temple Street in Taiping (Taiping, Perak) was founded in 1887 by Chung, Keng Quee and others as an association of people from Kuangtung (Guangdong) province in South China (Northern and southern China). The first telegraph line The first telegraph line connecting from the British Resident at Perak house in Kuala Kangsar to the house of Deputy British Resident in Perak at Taiping (Taiping, Perak) by the Department of Posts and Telegraph in 1874. This telegraph line measured 42.5 km and travelled across forest at Bukit Berapit, it signalled the beginning of the era of telecommunications in Malaysia. However, during Japanese occupations, the telegraph lines were nearly broken down by the Japanese army.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

) HMS ''Rose'' in 1970. Gilkerson, William, "Replicas: History of a Phenomenon", ''Wooden Boat'', No. 172 May June 2003, p.67-68. Economy Tourism is Lunenburg's most important industry and many thousands visit the town each year. A number of restaurants, inns, hotels and shops exist to service the tourist trade. The Canadian Encyclopedia Numerous


Dutch Batavia, ''sawah'' (wet rice cultivation) began to be adopted in the northern lowlands of West Java. Regencies such as Indramayu, Cirebon, Subang, Karawang and Bekasi are now well known as key rice producing areas. The mountainous region of West Java supplies vegetables, flower and many horticultural produce to Jakarta and Bandung. Animal farms in West Java produce dairy products and meats. Endowed with natural beauty and rich culture, tourism is also an important

industry in West Java. The Puncak area and Bandung have long been known as popular weekend destinations for Jakartans. Today Bandung has developed into a chic and fashionable shopping destination, popular not only among local Indonesian especially Jakartans, but also a popular shopping destination for neighboring Malaysian and Singaporeans. The ancient coastal city of Cirebon is also popular as cultural tourism destination since the city has several Kraton (Indonesia) kratons

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