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Formosa, Goiás

. Soybeans, corn, rice, and beans began to be planted with advanced techniques - mechanization, soil correction, chemical fertilizers, and even pivot irrigation. The local economy, which had been based entirely on cattle raising, went through a transformation which created more jobs and service enterprises. Huge grain storage facilities have appeared on the outskirts of town and there are now dozens of shops specializing in supporting the agricultural economy. Other important agricultural products


Kenya such as Bangal, Garseeni, and Hoolla. * Somali Democratic Alliance of the Gadabursi Dir clan. * Southern Somali National Movement of the mostly Mohamed Xiniftire Dir Clans (Biamal and Gadsan) of Jubba, Gedo, Bardheere, and Shabeellaha Hoose region. * Democratic Liberation Front supported Central Somalia Dir groups. '''Bardera City''' ( Wikipedia:Gedo

Urban water management in Bogotá, Colombia

with zero dissolved oxygen and high levels of '''BOD5''', Total suspended solids (TSS) and fecal coliforms. In the lower basin of the city, more untreated wastewater is flushed into the Bogotá River just a few kilometers upstream of the Tequendama Falls before it is then transferred to the Muña reservoir for hydroelectric generation. Consequently, Tequendama falls rarely has any significant flow. EAAB is financing a project to include the construction of new interceptors on the Salitre and Fucha rivers to transport wastewater to a new WWTP with capacity of 8 m 3 s. thumb Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River (File:Hotel y Salto del Tequendama.JPG) In early 2000, the national government developed two key policy instruments to control wastewater pollution. First, the '''National Plan for Municipal Wastewater Management (PMAR)''', which provides a framework for the rapid evolution of wastewater management programs in the large urban areas. This national plan promotes coordinated wastewater management at the local, regional, and national levels by focusing on institutional strengthening and the application of existing planning tools. Furthermore, it promotes the construction of wastewater treatment systems in municipalities with adequate water and sewerage service and with prioritized high impact watersheds, including Río Bogotá, Río Chicamocha, Río Medellin and Río Cauca. Second, the '''Sanitation and Management of Wastewater Discharge Plan (Plan de Saneamiento y Manejo de Vertimientos, PSMV)''', which mandates that the service providers indicate programs, projects and activities following an implementation schedule and investment plan aimed at reducing pollution loads in receiving waters and improving wastewater collection in municipal sewer systems. PSMV’s action plans are aligned with other planning instruments, for instance water quality objectives defined by the environmental authority, as well as master plans and investment plans set by the municipalities. These two national policies have been instrumental to support the recent increase of wastewater programs

Al Anbar Governorate

degrees Celsius, whilst in the winter average lows reach 9 degrees Celsius. The northwesterly and southwesterly winds are sometimes to a maximum speed of 21 m s. Average rainfall in winter to 115 mm. ''Time'' Magazine (w:Time (magazine)) has reported from Anbar Province (w:Al Anbar Governorate) that the troop surge and Iraqi involvement with the help of local tribes, shieks, and their militias have driven out a large part of Al-Qaeda (w:Al-Qaeda) and foreign insurgents out of the area.

Al-Majdal, Tiberias

PalestineCensus1931.pdf 83 The village economy was based on agriculture, vegetables and grain were the most important agricultural products. In 1944-45, cultivated lands in the village included 24 dunams used for growing citrus and bananas, and 41 dunums devoted to cereals. Another 17 dunams were irrigated or used for orchards. Hadawi, 1970,


planted. The most important agricultural products are wheat, maize, cotton, sesame, vegetables, fruit, tobacco, and livestock. In 2002, it produced about 4.5 million tons of crops, 200 thousand tons of cotton, 1.1 million tons of fruits, and 550 thousand tons of livestock. Shanqiu daily Overview of Shangqiu. Industry Compared with the agriculture, the industry of Shangqiu is relatively less developed. However, since the 1990s, it has experienced rapid growth. The food producing and packing company, Kedi group, has already been the number one exporter of frozen vegetables in the country. The large reserves of coal in Shangqiu (the Yongcheng-Xiayi coal mine is estimated to have a total reserves of 10 billion tons) also boosts up the energy industry, such as electricity generation and aluminium electrolysis. Transportation Since the completion of east-west running Longhai railway in 1916, Shangqiu has been a local transportation center. This standing is greatly enhanced following the construction of the Beijing-Kowloon (Hong Kong) railway in 1996, which crosses with Longhai railway at Shangqiu. Nowadays, Longhai railway has become the Chinese segment of the larger "European-Asia continental landbridge," which runs from the sea port city Lianyungang to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Shangqiu thus obtains the name of the city of the "golden cross." On the other hand, the road transport is also convenient and getting even better. The east-west direction Lianyungang-Khorghas (Xinjiang) national route 310 and north-south Beijing-Zhuhai national routh 105 also cross at Shangqiu. Highway traffic is fast-developing too. The Shangqiu-Kaifeng segment of the Lianyungang-Khorghas highway is already in use. Future planning for highway construction is also underway. Education The education sector of Shangqiu is mainly professional training oriented, with an increasing number of such colleges coming into sight ever since the 1990s. Colleges and universities *Shangqiu Normal University (商丘师范学院) *Shangqiu Professional Training College (商丘职业技术学院) *Shangqiu Medical College (商丘医学高等专科学校) *Shangqiu Institute of Technology (商丘工学院) *Shangqiu University (商丘学院) Society and culture Lying in the heart of the North China Plain, Shangqiu benefits from a deep cultural tradition. The first star observatory in China, Ebo Tai, was established in Shangqiu. Yingtian Shuyuan, one of the largest four official education agencies in north Song Dynasty, is located in the Suiyang district of Shangqiu. The Suiyang traditional city, which was built in 1511 during the Ming Dynasty, is one of the best protected traditional cities in China, and was enlisted as one of the famous historical cities in China by the central government in 1986. The rich culture also raised many famous cultural figures. Cangjie (Cāng Jíe 仓颉), the legendary inventor of Chinese characters, was living in Shangqiu in the far-ancient periods. Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou) (Zhuāng Zǐ 庄子), the great ancient philosopher of China, was born here around the 4th century BC. Another great philosopher, Mozi (Mò Zǐ 墨子), living in the same period as Zhuangzi, was also a Shangqiu native. The famous woman warrior, Hua Mulan (Huā Mùlán 花木兰), was also among the great figures of Shangqiu. Tourist attractions * The ancient city of Suiyang (睢阳古城) * Temple of Hua Mulan (木兰祠) * Former residence of Zhuangzi (庄周故里) * Ebo Tai, the first star observatory of China (阏伯台) * Mangdang mountain tourism site (芒砀山文物旅游区) Famous people of Shangqiu * Cangjie (仓颉) * Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou) (庄子) * Mozi (墨子) * Hua Mulan (花木兰) * Jiang Yan (江淹) * Hou Fangyu (侯方域) * Xiaolan Huangpu * Xu Zhiyong (许志永) Miscellaneous *Shangqiu is also a Roman Catholic diocese. *Dazhouzhuang village, the hometown of the heroine Hua Mulan, lies about ; born March 7, 1967, in Zhecheng (Zhecheng County), Shangqiu, Henan) is a Chinese retired professional women's basketball player for the China women's national basketball team and the Women's National Basketball Association.


in 1668 by viceroy Pedro Antonio Fernández de Castro as capital of the province of Paucarcolla with the name San Juan Bautista de Puno. The name was later changed to San Carlos de Puno, in honor of king Charles II of Spain. Puno has several churches dating back from the colonial period; they were built to service the Spanish population and evangelize the natives. Puno is an important agricultural

Regional Municipality of Niagara

comprising twelve municipalities of Southern Ontario, Canada. The region occupies most of the Niagara Peninsula. Its eastern boundary is the Niagara River, which is also the border with the United States. It is bounded on the north by Lake Ontario and on the south by Lake Erie. Unique natural landscapes make the Niagara Region an important centre for agriculture and tourism in Canada. The most important agricultural enterprise in Niagara is viticulture, or winemaking. The Niagara Wine Route (Wine Route of Ontario), which connects visitors to dozens of wineries, is a growing tourism draw while the internationally renowned Niagara Falls is one of Canada's major tourist attractions. Along with Shaw Festival, held annually in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the Welland Canal, the Regional Municipality of Niagara receives up to 12 million visitors each year. Subdivisions '''Cities''' *Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario) *Port Colborne *St. Catharines *Thorold *Welland '''Towns''' *Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario) *Grimsby (Grimsby, Ontario) *Lincoln (Lincoln, Ontario) *Niagara-on-the-Lake *Pelham (Pelham, Ontario) '''Townships''' *Wainfleet (Wainfleet, Ontario) *West Lincoln (West Lincoln, Ontario) Demographics The '''Niagara Regional Police Service''' (NRPS) provides policing services for the Regional Municipality of Niagara in the Canadian (Canada) province of Ontario. Officers of Niagara Parks Police are designated Special Constables who have been conferred the full powers of a police officers and; like all police officers in the Province of Ontario, receive their Basic Constable Training at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario. The service is primarily responsible for approximately 16.19 square kilometers of property owned and operated under the Niagara Parks Commission; however, the Niagara Regional Police maintain jurisdictional authority over all areas of the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara), including the Niagara Parks. The appointment authority for the Niagara Parks Police is given by the Niagara Regional Police Services Board and by the Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections of Ontario (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Ontario)), and must be renewed every 5 years. '''CHTZ-FM''' is a radio station in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The station airs at 97.7MHz FM (FM radio), and broadcasts an active rock format with the brand name '''HTZ (Hits) FM'''. It is one of the most powerful rock radio stations in southern Ontario, as it can be heard not only in the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara), but also in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), the portion of the Greater Toronto Area that includes Burlington (Burlington, Ontario), Oakville (Oakville, Ontario) and Mississauga, and in Buffalo, New York. '''CHKX-FM''' is a Canadian (Canada) radio station, broadcasting at 94.7 FM (FM radio) from Hamilton, Ontario and licensed (city of license) to "Hamilton Burlington (Burlington, Ontario)." The station airs a country music format branded as '''KX 94.7'''. The station cannot be reliably heard in most of the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) due to the presence of adjacent-channel interference from WNED-FM, a classical music station in Buffalo, New York, USA. The '''Donut Diner''' was a Canadian coffee (coffee (drink)) and doughnut franchise (Restaurant chain) with many locations and kiosks in and around the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) and greater Golden Horseshoe areas of Ontario. It was renowned for its old fashioned style of baked goods, its 1950s-era decor, and unique local flavour. History Highway 8 is one of the oldest provincial highways in Ontario, having first been established in 1918. Up until the early 1970s, the highway was much longer than its current length, extending from Goderich (Goderich, Ontario) through Kitchener-Waterloo (Regional Municipality of Waterloo), Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), and Hamilton to Niagara Falls. However, in 1970, the Government of Ontario decided that the stretch of Highway 8 between Winona (Winona, Ontario) (just east of Hamilton) and Niagara Falls was no longer of major transportation significance, since by this time most traffic used the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), just to the north, to go between the two locales. Accordingly, the province downloaded this section of the highway to the newly-formed Regional Municipality of Niagara, which designated the road as Regional Road 81 (Niagara Regional Road 81). In 1998, the provincial government of Mike Harris carried another downloading of the highway to municipal authorities; this time the section between the town of Peters Corners (Peters Corners, Ontario) (near Dundas (Dundas, Ontario)) and Winona was transferred to the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. Ontario Highway 8 History - The King's Highways of Ontario Nevertheless, Toronto has an extensive bicycle culture, and most areas of the city are reasonably bicycle-friendly. The municipal government encourages bicycle use through its Toronto Bike Plan. Some TTC buses have bicycle racks attached to their fronts, and all will be equipped by 2012. Bicycles are allowed on the subway outside of the morning and evening rush hours. Since the late 2000s, the Toronto-Niagara Bike Train Initiative (Toronto-Niagara Bike Train) has helped connect Toronto cyclists with Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) bike trails via Via Rail. The '''Niagara Health System '''(NHS) is Ontario's largest multi-site hospital amalgamation, comprising the following seven sites serving 434,000 residents across the 12 municipalities making up the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Canada. '''Michigan Beach''' is a beach and small community on the south shore of Lake Ontario in St. Catharines, Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario, Canada and is part of the Golden Horseshoe region. It is located between Port Dalhousie (Port Dalhousie, Ontario) and Port Weller (Port Weller, Ontario). Named for the ''Michiganers'', a group of seasonal workers from the State of Michigan who travelled to Port Dalhousie to work on the Welland Canal during the summer months, the area served as their seasonal community. Today, Michigan Beach is home to the St. Catharines Marina, the Michigan Beach Pier and Lighthouse, and a number of upscale condominiums.




, pears, apples, capulins and other fruit. The municipality is the major producer of walnuts in Mexico. Livestock raised here includes pigs, cattle, sheep and domestic fowl. One important agricultural activity there is the production and conservation of traditional varieties of corn. Like other communities in the area, there are three main varieties of corn planted where as well as a number of minor varieties. These are planted mostly as a trial or because of their special characteristics, not to compete with the three main varieties. In local markets, these farmers are able to sell these local varieties as well as exchange seed to maintain genetic variety. wikipedia:Amecameca commons:Amecameca

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