Farm Security Administration

photographers would come to work on this project (listed in order in which they were hired): Arthur Rothestein, Theo Jung, Ben Shahn, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Carl Mydans, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, Jack Delano, John Vachon, and John Collier. These eleven photographers all played a significant role, not only in producing images for this project, but also in molding the resulting images in the final project through conversations held between the group members. Although the New Deal Cabinet

under estimated the photographers ability to produce images that breathed a humanistic social visual catalyst found in novels, theatrical productions and music of the time, these images are now regarded as a “national treasure” in the United States; which is why this project is regarded as a work of art. File:Pabst Blue

Ribbon beer sign in Chicago.jpg thumb Photograph of Chicago's (Chicago, Illinois) rail yards by Jack Delano, ca. 1943 Together with John Steinbeck's ''The Grapes of Wrath'' (not a government project) and documentary prose (for example Walker Evans and James Agee's ''Let Us Now Praise Famous Men''), the FSA photography project is most responsible for creating the image of the Depression in the US. Many of the images appeared in popular magazines. The photographers were

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Gangteng Monastery

, by Guru Rinpoche, who was instrumental in making Bhutan a Buddhist nation. The Guru, during his visits to the country in the 8th and 9th centuries, had hidden many sacred treasures (called ''terma (Terma (religion))'') (images and scriptures), to avoid their desecration or destruction during troubled times, at various places in Bhutan to be retrieved in later years by treasure finders, to propagate the teachings of Buddha. These were retrieved at various periods over time

and in the 15th century Pema Lingpa, born in 1450, considered an incarnation of Guru Rinpoche, prompted by a revelation of 108 treasure coves in his psychic dream revealed by his Guru Rinpoche. He embarked on the treasure hunt in 1476 when he was 25 years of age. He was successful in locating many treasures of images and scriptures related to Buddhism throughout Bhutan, which resulted in establishing many monasteries throughout Bhutan, and Buddhism took firm roots in the country. Consequently, Pema

Monks outside the Gangteng Monastery during consecration in 2008 image2 Garuda Gangte Goemba.jpg width2 150 alt2 caption2 An architectural feature of Garuda in the refurbished Gangteng Monastery image3 Roof Detail Garuda Gangte Goemba.jpg width3 265 alt3 caption3 An architectural feature of the roof of the refurbished Gangteng Monastery The detailed layout and the holy images and frescos contained in the various buildings of the Gangten Gonpa complex

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of Croatia". By saying , while historically accurate, does not generate these links because there are no "Flag Coat of arms of (the) Independent State of Croatia" articles. - colspan 5 style "background-color: orange;" Status

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San Andrés Cholula, Puebla

Virgin Mary images which were used to substitute for pre Hispanic female deities in the cardinal directions from Mexico City. This one was placed in the east, with the Virgin of Guadalupe to the north, the Virgin of Mercy to the south and the "Virgen de la Bala" to the south. Cordero, p 5. The image itself measures 27 centimeters tall, similar to those brought by Hernán Cortés and leading to speculation what it was brought by him

name "donato20" Cordero, p 20. The cupola contains images of the four doctors of the Church: Jeronimo, Gregory, Ambrose and Augustine, as well as images of John Duns Scot, Bonaventure, Bernard of Siena, and Anthony of Padua. There are also allegories representing Justice, Faith and Virtue. The vaults contains images related to the saying of the Rosary. Cordero, p 21. The '''parish of San Andrés''' is what remains


notas 1358-Templo-y-ex-Convento-de-San-Miguel-Arc%E1ngel,-Ixmiquilpan-(Hidalgo) language Spanish accessdate 1 September 2009 However, what makes the church fairly unique are its murals with overt pre-Hispanic themes. Imagery that is repeated here is that of holy war, with Eagle and Jaguar warriors as well as images associated with the sun and moon gods. The Jaguar and Eagle warriors were some of the armies

subjects. Some of these more traditional murals can be seen in the church's sacristy. The significance of the murals have been debated, especially since they are found so prominently in a Christian church of early in the colonial period. Mostly likely these images were at least partially reinterpreted with Christian themes. Many combine indigenous images with themes from the European Renaissance. The father sun figure in Otomí


20061005064316 http: en benin tourisme porto.php Official Benin government website information about Porto-Novo * *images thumbnails.tcl?location_id 3357 Images of the Central Mosque of Porto-Novo * Adjogan *

images?q benin&hl en&lr &c2coff 1&safe off&sa N&tab wi images news), Porto-Novo, Cotonou #Republic of the Congo (see Category (:Category:Republic_of_the_Congo), BBC profile timeline, http

: doc?t africa&c congob HRW , google searchimages?hl en&lr &c2coff 1&tab ni&ie UTF-8&q congo+brazzaville&sa N images news), Brazzaville He is currently director of the African Centre for Advanced Studies in Porto

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is not the original. The original was broken by a child in 1961 when he was trying to climb onto its base. The cross fell onto the child killing him. Along the atrium walls on the inside, there are a number of empty niches that remain, which probably held images related to the Stations of the Cross. Access to the chapels in the corners, called capillas posas, is in the atrium. These chapels’ primary function was the house the Host during processions on Corpus

to the current priest’s quarters. Like other cloisters of this area and time, there are remnants of mural work. Near the large doorway to the church, there is a group of four saints done in black and white, which look upon a scene which has since been lost. There are areas that conserve parts of friezes with images drawn in white over a black background, especially in the upper parts of the walls. Images of saints appear on the spaces between the arches, which are drawn to simulate sculptures

Sidi Barrani

1944 to 1954 and was initially about life on a mythical Royal Air Force (RAF) station. Spike Milligan was, according to his memoirs, posted to Sidi Barrani during the Second World War. References External links * Photograph of twilight Sidi Barrani solar eclipse (Oct. 2005, copyright 2005-2007 Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület):images 2006 03 20060329_egyiptom3.jpg Hungarian-foto Sidi-twilight (540x345, 38 kilobyte KB

). * Photograph of solar eclipse at Sidi Barrani (Oct. 2005, copyright 2005-2007 Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület):images 2006 03 20060329_egyiptom1.jpg Hungarian-foto Sidi-eclipse (9 KB). * Photograph of Sidi Barrani observers (Oct. 2005, copyright 2005-2007 Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület):images 2006 03 20060329_egyiptom2.jpg Hungarian-foto Sidi-people (50 KB). Category:Populated

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