(Ecuador) Bolívar Province, Ecuador . * Patricio Pazmiño Freire, current President of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador. Academia, literature and journalism * Ismael Pérez Pazmiño (1876–1944), born in Machala, Ecuador, and founder of El Universo newspaper in Guayaquil. * Juan José Paz y Miño Cevallos (1927–1993), iconic Ecuadorian journalist. * María Eugenia Paz y Miño (1959-), Ecuadorian author and founder of "Tientos de Diferencias". Author of "Golpe a golpe

of 'Pazmino's Cluster', an open cluster in faint and extended nebula SH2-202 on the border of the Camelopardalis-Cassiopeia (Cassiopeia (constellation)) constellations Visual arts * Germania Paz y Miño Salas (1913–2002), iconic Ecuadorian artist, painter and sculptor. Born in Latacunga, Ecuador. * Pasionaria Pazmiño (1942-), painter, and miniature artist. Performing arts * Cristobal Pazmiño Guadalupe (Cristobal Pazmino) (1958-), Ecuadorian guitarist. Born

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

; ''Sports Illustrated,'' April 17, 2000 * Oscar Zeta Acosta, attorney, writer, community activist Yoli Martinez,iconic-hispanic-angelenos-in-history-oscar-zeta-acosta.html "Iconic Hispanic Angelenos in History: Oscar Zeta Acosta", "KCET Departures" Oct 2, 2012 * Lou Adler, record producer, manager David Kamp

Farm Security Administration

captured iconic images of the storms and migrant families, the most famous of which was known as "migrant mother", which depicted a gaunt-looking woman, Florence Owens Thompson, holding her three children. This picture captured the horrors of the dust bowl and caused more people to be aware of the crisis of the country. The work of independent artists, such as folk singer Woody Guthrie and American novelist John Steinbeck (''The Grapes of Wrath''), was also

- and on-duty. Other of Jacobs's images capture the earnestness of young aviation cadets, the humiliation of a Japanese prisoner of war on the deck of an aircraft carrier, and melancholy scenes of Navy pilots on leave with their dates. His photos incorporate wit, keen observation and empathy. His photograph of an African-American woman on a bench grieving Roosevelt's death is iconic. When the war ended, Jacobs and two of his colleagues, Horace Bristol and Victor Jorgensen, still dressed

to compile what has been called "the greatest documentary collection ever been assembled" in 1973. Lee is responsible for some of the iconic images produced by the FSA, including photographic studies of San Augustine, Texas

Sydney Ferries

'' Fantasea 2002 220 20 kn 23.9 m 32 t Parramatta River Charter Vessel - style "background:#E5E5FF" In November 2014, the government announced six new ferries will be ordered with the first to enter service in 2016.iconic-new-modern-ferries-sydney-harbour Six iconic new modern ferries for Sydney Harbour Transport for NSW 28 November 2014


, it was transformed into a major commercial and shopping center and an industrial port. In modern times, the larger port of Dammam has taken over most commercial shipping activities for the Eastern Province, and oil is exported via the dedicated Saudi Aramco port of Ras Tanura. As a result, Khobar has transformed and extended its water front along the Persian Gulf into a scenic Beirut-like corniche with parks, eateries, and family beaches, thus making it one of the most iconic

Gore, New Zealand

to a corresponding decline in the population. Related businesses also closed, including the town’s iconic cereal mill, which had processed oats and other grains since 1877. Since 2000 prosperity has returned as large numbers of farms in the surrounding area were converted to dairy farms to take advantage of high prices for dairy produce. This growth has led to low unemployment in the town. Education in Gore Gore and surrounding districts have various primary, intermediate & high

of modern New Zealand work, including several notable pieces by Ralph Hotere. Gallery webpage at The Flemings "Creamoata Mill" is an iconic local building, with Flemings "Creamoata" brand of porridge once considered the National Breakfast,

North Battleford

: nb.html title Western Development Museum - North Battleford publisher date accessdate 2013-08-13 A prominent feature is the former Saskatchewan Wheat Pool grain elevator No. 889 from Keatley, Saskatchewan. The grain elevator was moved to the museum grounds in 1983.

Mission District, San Francisco

in many Central American banks and companies which would set up branches, offices, and regional headquarters on Mission Street. From the late 1990s through the 2010s, and especially during the dot-com boom, young urban professionals (yuppies), moved into the area, initiating gentrification, raising rent and housing prices,

: local 2011 12 changing-demographics-make-iconic-mission-melting-pot work SF Examiner accessdate 2011-12-19 quote These commingling cultural contrasts are at least part of what makes the Mission one of The City’s most popular and fascinating places. with a number of Latino American middle-class families as well as artists moving to the Outer Mission area, or out of the city entirely to the suburbs of East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) East Bay


attributed to Lula's success in leading ''Os Santasticos'', which drew worldwide acclaim. The iconic team included Gilmar (Gylmar dos Santos Neves), Mauro (Mauro Ramos), Mengálvio Pedro Figueiró Mengálvio


by a Lord who was a vassal of the King of France. #Angoumois (Angoulême) #Bourbonnais (Moulins (Moulins, Allier)) #Marche (County of Marche) (Guéret) Central France includes the regions of Auvergne (Auvergne (province)), Limousin (Limousin (région)), Morvan, Nivernais, Bourbonnais and Berry (Berry (province)). The lands are the home to a significant bagpipe tradition, as well as the iconic hurdy gurdy and the dance bourrée. There are deep

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