Williams Lake, British Columbia

ceremonies such as the Tourism Centre. * The Williams Lake Pipe Band was founded in 2006 and practices at the Royal Canadian Legion in Williams Lake on Tuesdays. * Author Mark Leiren-Young wrote a comic memoir (''Never Shoot a Stampede Queen: A Rookie Reporter in the Cariboo Country'') about his experiences with ''The Williams Lake Tribune'', which won the 2009 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. *Williams Lake is referenced in the Swedish movie ''Skills'' http

(335 km). Mark Leiren-Young's first full-time journalism job was at "The Williams Lake Tribune," a small newspaper in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Twenty years later, he turned these experiences into a comic memoir, Never Shoot A Stampede Queen, which won the 2009 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. http

: www.theglobeandmail.com servlet story RTGAM.20090430.wbkLeacock01 BNStory globebooks home "Mark Leiren-Young wins Leacock Medal for humour" . ''The Globe and Mail'', April 30, 2009. - YWL CYWL Williams Lake Airport Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada - '''Quesnel''' ( ) is a small city that is part of the Cariboo District (Cariboo Regional District, British Columbia) of British Columbia, Canada. Located nearly


Jamie title ''Mummy'' Unearths Horror, Humour work Ottawa Citizen date May 5, 1999 :Production designer Allan Cameron found a dormant volcano near Erfoud where the entire set for Hamunaptra could be constructed. *''Prince of Persia'' (2010) :Mike Newell (Mike Newell (director)) selected Morocco as a shooting location for '' Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film) Prince

Shaki, Azerbaijan

.html publisher 1news.az accessdate 17 July 2011 Culture Shaki has one of the greatest density of cultural resources and monuments that include 2700 years of Azerbaijani history. The city boasts a lot of houses with red roofs. In pop culture, probably the most famous feature of Shakinians are their nice sense of humour and comic tales. Shaki's comic tales hero ''Hacı dayı'' (Uncle Haji) is the subject of nearly all jokes in the area.


archive -- archivedate 2006-09-18 Internationally known as a centre of humour and satire, Gabrovo has two theatres, the Racho Stoyanov Drama Theatre and the puppet theatre, a House of Humour and Satire that serves as a cultural institute, a centre, museum and gallery to popularise comic art. There is also a cinema, Aleko Cinema, and a number of museums and menorial houses both in the town and around it, most notably the Etar Architectural

Marshall, Minnesota

life Zahn was born in Marshall, Minnesota, the son of Betsy, who worked for the YMCA, and James Carl Zahn, a retired Missouri Synod Lutheran pastor. Steve Zahn has a smart funny humour - Artists - Zahn, Steve(2001 02 26) By LIZ BRAUN, CANOE - JAM! Movies


''Chelp and Chunter: a Guide to the Tyke Tongue'', a compilation of words that are used in the Yorkshire dialect as well as examples of Yorkshire humour and illustrations. Many words are pinned down to specific areas of Yorkshire or specific towns or villages; one word, ''lenerky'', that means "soft or floppy", is localised to only Grange Moor, a very small village in Kirklees, West Yorkshire near Wakefield between the towns of Barnsley and Huddersfield. ref>

and the West Yorkshire district of Kirklees. It is just inside the boundary of the Peak District National Park. - 135 Kirklees 1,003 Metropolitan borough West Yorkshire - Yorkshire dialect work In 2007, McMillan published a book named ''Collins Chelp and Chunter: a Guide to the Tyke Tongue''. This was a compilation of words that are used in the Yorkshire dialect as well as a few pieces of Yorkshire humour and illustrations. Many words are pinned down to specific


"Battle p.148" German Order of Battle, Volume 3 By Samuel W. Jr Mitcham, p. 148 Humour Serbian humour is centuries old. The most common type of humour is Black Humour and Serbian jokes are often imitated by other peoples from the Balkans, often with a twist. As with many other peoples, there are popular stereotypes on the local level: in popular jokes and stories, inhabitants of Vojvodina (''Lale'') http: www.suvenirisrbije.com suvenir-Lala-223-1<

work Sremac's period spent in Niš was his most productive period. During that period, he published ''Božićna pečenica'' (1893), ''Ivkova slava'' (1895), ''Vukadin'' (1903), ''Limunacija na selu'' (1896), ''Pop Ćira i pop Spira'' (1898), ''Čiča Jordan'' (1903), and ''Zona Zamfirova'' (1906), all characterized with local colouring, realism, humour, and satire. Because of their high dramatic quality, many of these were later dramatized, with ''Ivkova slava'', being the most successful. Sremac's

Rhine Province

singer-songwriter who achieved his greatest successes in the 1970s. His songs describe the little quirks hidden in everyone's everyday life, mixing laconic humour with linguistic skill. He produced more than 20 LP's (LP (format)) and music CDs since 1970, and some of his songs from this time even made the German TopTen, allowing him to perform at the Berliner Philharmonie. He almost exclusively performed alone. Life File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-14811-0013, Berlin, 3


groundbreaking social ecology research * June Callwood - prominent magazine writer in the 1950s who became an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1986 * Joseph Caron - Former High Commissioner to India and former Canadian Ambassador to China and Japan * Chandra K. Clarke - entrepreneur, published author, and humour columnist. * James Couzens (James J. Couzens) - U.S. Senator, Mayor of Detroit, industrialist, philanthropist, and vice president and general

Northern England

Human League (The Human League), the Gang of Four (Gang of Four (band)) and the Mekons. Fast Product also released the first singles by the Scottish punk bands Scars (Scars (band)) and The Flowers (The Flowers (Scottish band)). The label also released compilations of various new bands called 'ear comics' or ''Earcom''. Many of the label's releases were also produced by Bob Last. Formby endeared himself to his audiences with his cheeky Lancashire humour and folksy Northern England

nmanning118.xml author Nigel Bunyan title Bernard Manning dies aged 76 accessdate 18 June 2007 date 18 June 2007 work The Telegraph (The Daily Telegraph) location London Over the years, Manning began to introduce humour into his compering. This went down well, and Manning slowly moved from being a singer compere to a comedian. After much work in comedy clubs and northern (Northern England) Working Men's Clubs in the 1950s and 1960s

However, Ulliott has indicated that his real preference is for four card Omaha (four card poker). The series reflects more than a little of the Northern (Northern England) humour displayed in ''The Royle Family'' (co-written by Cash). In a similar style to ''The Royle Family'', every scene unfolds within the spatial context of ''The Grapes'' and it is also set in the Greater Manchester area. Two series of the show were produced

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