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Little Havana

with Little Haiti, occasional fights and gun battles between Cuban and Haitian gangs erupt in areas bordering the two districts. Game location The Shula Bowl was first played at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida on 23 November 2002. The game alternates between Florida Atlantic and FIU's home fields. Until 2010, Florida Atlantic used Pro Player Stadium (later renamed Dolphin Stadium in 2006) as their home field, where FIU has always used FIU Stadium on the FIU campus as its home

field. In 2007, FIU used the Miami Orange Bowl in Little Havana, Miami as its home field, while FIU Stadium was undergoing an expansion. The 2007 game was played in the final months of the Orange Bowl before being demolished for the construction of Marlins Park. http: ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID 11700&ATCLID 1325503 Beginning in 2012, Florida Atlantic will use its newly-built FAU Stadium in Boca Raton as its home field. This will mark the first time the Shula Bowl is played on both rival schools' campuses. ''Blood and Wine'' was shot in Miami, South Florida and the Florida Keys, including some scenes at the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. Most Colombians who arrived after the mid-1960s wanted to stay in the United States temporarily. Therefore, increased the number of Colombian illegal immigrants: This immigrants were of 250,000 to 350,000 people in the mid 1970s. Despite a succession of immigration laws, the Colombian population in the United States continued grow. New York remained the most popular destination. Smaller communities formed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and Washington, D.C. and , in the 1970s, North Side, Chicago. since the 80´s, many Colombians be established in Miami (especially in his suburbs, such as Doral (Doral, Florida), Kendall (Kendall, Florida), and Hialeah (Hialeah, Florida), and the Weston (Weston, Florida) suburb of Fort Lauderdale). Initially they settle in Little Havana, the largest Cuban neighborhood, engaged, many them, in business of trade between Miami and Latin America. The area also attracted to the Colombian wealthy, who settle there to get medical care, send their children to school, and escape from social, economic, and political turmoil in Colombia. Thus, by 1987 Colombian Americans were one of the Hispanic groups that more grew rapidly in Miami. By the early 1990s, many Colombian American left the metropolitan centers for the suburbs, because to crime, and the high cost of urban living. This trend was started by first time probably in the coastal towns of Connecticut and New York. Thus, the Colombians comunities had a great growht in places as Stamford, Connecticut, Bergenline (Bergenline Avenue) and Englewood (Englewood, New Jersey), New Jersey, Jacksonville, Florida (that attracted a growing number of people from Miami), and Skokie, Evanston (Evanston, Illinois), Arlington Heights (Arlington Heights, Illinois) and Park Ridge (Park Ridge, Illinois), Illinois. Despite of this migration to others areas, the more large communities remained in New York City, Miami, and their environs. In 1990 and 1991, 43,891 Colombians were admitted to the United States, more than from any other South American country. Also, they also were for the first more important group of undocumented immigrants of South America. The 1992 and 1997 were years in which the guerrillas in Colombia increased, so nearly 75,000 Colombians immigrated to the United States in this period, many of them staying in California. http: multi Bu-Dr Colombian-Americans.html Countries and Their Cultures. Posted by Pamela Sturner Retrieved in December 04, 2011, to 23:09 pm.

Rauma, Finland

and performing music arts festival Klustermus *Movie festival Blue Sea Film Festival *Blues festival Rauma Blues Sports Rauman Lukko (Lukko) is an ice hockey team that hails from Rauma, playing in SM-liiga. Their home arena is Äijänsuo Arena. Local football (Association football) teams are Pallo-Iirot and FC Rauma. These two teams share the same home field at Äijänsuo sports centre. Sea City Storm

is an American football team playing in the Finnish American Football Association's (American Football Association of Finland) 2nd division. Fera (Fera (pesäpallo)) is a women's Finnish baseball (Pesäpallo) team, whose home field is the Länsi-Suomi Arena at Otanlahti sports centre. Rauma also has an own orienteering club, Rasti-Lukko, two Basketball teams known as Kaaron Roima and Rauma Basket, a rinkball team called UKP and a floorball team named SalBa. Recreation thumb 250px Marina in Rauma, Finland (File:Rauma port.jpg) One popular saying goes that every family in Rauma owns a boat – this is not true, though the city has room for ca. 2,800 Finnish Maritime Administration August 19, 2008 – Boating in Finland and its economic impacts boats at its docks. People can use their own boats or water buses to get to the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse that doubles as a hotel and recreation site. Water buses take people to Reksaari island and former garrison island of Kuuskajaskari. Both islands are in recreational use. Consolidation of municipalities Rauma and the surrounding municipality of Rauman maalaiskunta ("rural municipality of Rauma") were consolidated in 1993, continued in 2007 with the consolidation of municipality of Kodisjoki. The municipality of Lappi (Lappi, Finland) was consolidated to Rauma in 2009. File:KirkkoRauma 2.jpg Church of The Holy Cross File:KirkkoRauma.jpg Tower of the Church of The Holy Cross file:PyhanRistinKirkko RaumaFinland 20051225.jpg Church of The Holy Cross file:Rauma Old Cityhall.JPG The old town hall of Rauma file:rauma_3.jpg Street in city center file:rauma_4.jpg Historic buildings file:rauma_2.jpg Historic buildings International relations - 9. P-Iirot (Pallo-Iirot) Rauma (Rauma, Finland) Pallo-Iirot -

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

, the trees are threatened by felling and disease. Ross, Shan (7 November 2008) "You may not be able to trace your roots back 5,000 years — but yew trees can". Edinburgh. ''The Scotsman''. *Great Fontley Farm, Fareham, UK, ''Butterfly Conservation'' Elm Trials plantation, Home Field A2, J2. *Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK. Acc. nos. 20090116, 20090402. *Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, UK. One specimen in Plant Centre Field

. Acc. no. 2004.0440. *Great Fontley Farm, Fareham, UK, ''Butterfly Conservation'' Elm Trials plantation, Home Field B1, J2, J6, (planted 2004). *Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK. Acc. no. 20042083 *Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, UK. Acc. no. 2004.0936 Science Festival partners include the Medical Research Council (Medical Research Council (UK)), SCI-FUN (Sci-Fun), the University of Edinburgh, Our Dynamic Earth, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Bang


" It is the home field of the Vaqueros Laguna baseball team. Since it was originally constructed as a multi sport stadium and featured a running track the Estadio de la Revolución features the largest foul territory of any ball park within the Mexican League (Mexican League (baseball)), the area of the former running track. The stadium is named to commemorate the Mexican Revolution of 1910–1920, a political change that was still recent at the time of the venue's opening on 15 September 1932. The stadium was renovated in the fall of 2002 to provide a refurbished appearance for the baseball team's reorganization, renaming, and new season starting in 2003. birth_date Wikipedia:Torreón Dmoz:Regional North_America Mexico States Coahuila Localities Torreon

Oneonta, New York

'''WONY''' is a campus radio station based out of Oneonta, New York, USA (United States), on the campus of the State University of New York at Oneonta. '''Jason Raize''' (July 20, 1975, Oneonta, New York – February 3, 2004, Yass, New South Wales, Australia) was an American actor, singer and former Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. United Nations, "Press Conference by UN Environment Programme," October 26, 1999, http: News briefings docs 1999 19991026.unepbrf.doc.html, accessed September 8, 2011. He was best known for his roles as the adult Simba in the Broadway (Broadway theatre) stage musical (musical theater) version of ''The Lion King (The Lion King (musical))'' The Broadway League, ''The Lion King'', Internet Broadway Database, http: production.php?id 4761, accessed September 8, 2011. and Denahi in the animated Disney film ''Brother Bear''. ''Brother Bear'' DVD site, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, http: BrotherBear, accessed September 17, 2011. Early life Born as '''Jason Rothenberg''', Kenneth Jones, "Jason Raize, Broadway's Original Simba in The Lion King, Dead at 28,", February 9, 2004, http: news article 84301-Jason-Raize-Broadways-Original-Simba-in-The-Lion-King-Dead-at-28, accessed September 8, 2011. Jason grew up in the Catskills in upstate New York, and started acting as a teenager when his mother enrolled him in a summer Shakespeare workshop. Patrick Pacheco, "Raize of Light," ''InTheater'', January 23, 1998, 16-19. In high school, after moving with his father to Oneonta, New York, Jason performed in high school plays and with Oneonta’s Orpheus Theatre. He moved to New York City after high school where he briefly attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Córdoba, Veracruz

city of Córdoba, Veracruz. It is primarily used for baseball and is the home field of the Cordoba Coffee Growers who play in the Veracruz Winter League. It holds 12,000 people and was built in 1972.

Spokane Valley, Washington

in Spokane Valley, Washington, United States. It is primarily used for baseball, and is the home field of the Spokane Indians minor league baseball team, a Class A short-season affiliate of the Texas Rangers (Texas Rangers (baseball)). History at, URL accessed October 18, 2009. Archived 10 18 09 The stadium opened in 1958 and holds 7,162 people; Avista Stadium at, URL accessed October 18, 2009. Archived 10 18 09 this is a large capacity in comparison to other Single A ballclubs because the facility was built to house a AAA ballclub (which it did until the end of the 1982 PCL season). History ''The Spokesman-Review'' was formed from the merger of the ''Spokane Falls Review'' (1883–1894) and the ''Spokesman'' (1890–1893) in 1893 and was first published under the present name on June 29, 1894. up, Latah (Latah, Washington) is the next town that the highway passes through. The next towns, Fairfield (Fairfield, Washington) and Rockford (Rockford, Washington) are passed. The last town, Spokane Valley (Spokane Valley, Washington), is passed. There, the highway is intersected with State Route 290 (Washington State Route 290), or Spokane's (Spokane, Washington) Trent Avenue.


Carolina Rincón Navojoa, Sonora Student



Washington metropolitan area

Category:Regions of Virginia Category:Regions of West Virginia Chantilly is part of the Washington metropolitan area and is approximately 24 miles (39&nbsp;km) from Washington, D.C. The team's home field is the 45,596-seat Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, owned by the District of Columbia and located on the Anacostia River. The team has proposed building a new 24,000-seat soccer-specific stadium (D.C. United Stadium) at multiple possible sites in the Washington metropolitan area. '''WKYS''', the ''"Station for Interactive Hip Hop and R&B"'', is an American radio station broadcasting an Urban Contemporary radio format, that serves the greater Washington metropolitan area. Its transmitter is located on the same tower as WRC-TV. The station broadcasts from a class B (list of broadcast station classes) signal with an effective radiated power of 24,500 watts (24.5 kilowatts(kW) (kilowatt) on 93.9 MHz frequency. WKYS has a city of license of Washington, D.C., and is owned by Radio One (Radio One (Company)). Eventually the station was renamed '''WJFK'''. WJFK AM was originally simulcast with WJFK-FM, a talk radio station that serves the Washington metropolitan area. This change was precipitated by WJFK-FM's addition of Howard Stern, which was also on Infinity's stations in New York and Philadelphia. This simulcast brought Stern to the Baltimore market.

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