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Straits Settlements

. 155) (UK), also known as the Charter Act 1813. . Section 377 became

Councillor of the settlement where the court was to be held, and another judge called the Recorder (Recorder (judge)). . The Third Charter of Justice

Kevin Y ew L ee Tan title Essays in Singapore Legal History location Singapore publisher Marshall Cavendish Academic (Marshall Cavendish) for the Singapore Academy of Law year 2005 pages 93–137 at 98, 102–104 id ISBN 978-981-210-389-5 (hbk.), ISBN 978-981-210-349-9 (pbk.) thumb left Sir Peter Benson Maxwell (1817–1893) was Recorder (judge) Recorder (File:PeterBensonMaxwell.jpg) of Penang 1856–1866, Recorder of Singapore and Malacca 1866–1867, and finally

University Park, Pennsylvania

Richard G. authorlink Richard G. Hewlett last2 Anderson first2 Oscar E. title The New World, 1939–1946 location University Park, Pennsylvania publisher Pennsylvania State University Press year 1962 isbn 0-520-07186-7 oclc 637004643 ref harv * - ThSA


-Chepreganov-Institute-of-National-History-Skopje-2008 accessdate 26 December 2011 year 2008 publisher Institute of National History location Skopje isbn 9989-159-24-6 oclc 276645834 doi doi_inactivedate bibcode id page 133 quote At the same time or nearly in 1467 the citizens from Skopje, ...were expa-triated to the Albanian city of Konjuh (Elbasan), which was constructedas a fortress to help the fighting against Skender-Bey. ... these Christians from Skopje as Elbasan’s

Thule Air Base

Mountains (research sites), and a research rocket firing site. It also was essential in the construction and resupply of High Arctic weather stations, including CFS Alert and Station Nord (Nord, Greenland). History Location and original population In 1818, Sir John Ross (John Ross (Arctic explorer))’s expedition made first contact with nomadic Polar Eskimos in the area. James Saunders's expedition aboard ''North Star'' was marooned in North Star Bay 1849–50 and named

Caye Caulker

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to the East Indies. * May 15 – In Russia, Tsarevich Dimitri, son of the Ivan the Terrible, is found dead in mysterious circumstances, at the palace in Uglich. The official explanation is that he has cut his own throat during


influence in the Daugava basin, where c. 1307 Polatsk, a major trade post, was annexed by Lithuania. Due to close contacts with Riga Vytenis invited Franciscan

League of Lezhë

Veljanovski, Todor Chepreganov editor Todor Chepreganov title History of the Macedonian People url http: doc 66035878 History-of-The-Macedonian-People-ed-Todor-Chepreganov-Institute-of-National-History-Skopje-2008 accessdate 26. December 2011 year 2008 month publisher Institute of National History location Skopje language isbn 9989159246 oclc 276645834 doi doi_inactivedate bibcode id page 133 pages nopp at chapter chapterurl quote deportation


populations to the safer, heavily forested regions of the north. Like many other parts of Eurasia, these territories were overrun by the Mongols (Mongol invasion of Rus).

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