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University City, Philadelphia

Philadelphia and University City. * University City Historical District - history of the area now known as West Philadelphia * ''Philadelphia Weekly'' Article Recounting University City's Recent History, Including Changes in the Penn Community Relationship(PW - Sept. 2006)

Texcoco, State of Mexico

is Texcoco de Mora, in honor of Dr. José María Luis Mora. However, both are commonly called Texcoco. The name has been spelled a number of other ways over the city’s history including Tetzcuco, Tezcoco and Tezcuco. The name is derived from Nahuatl and most likely means “among the jarilla (Larrea) which grow in crags”. However, there are a number of glyph representations for the place that have appeared the Codex Azcatitlán, the Codex Cruz, the Mapa Quinatzin Quinantzin Map


. It is bordered to the North and West by Lake Victoria, to the South by the Ilemela District and to the East by the Magu District. Several things have been named ''Butiama'' because of its significance to Tanzanian history, including the ferry that operates between Mwanza and Ukerewe. Overview The film opens with a Soviet made Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane landing on Mwanza airfield in Tanzania, near Lake Victoria. The plane came from


Army (People's Republic of China) 1st Group Army of the People's Liberation Army, one of the three group armies that comprise the Nanjing Military Region responsible for the defense of China's eastern coast and the recovery of Taiwan. Tourism The Lotus Garden (pinyin "Lianhua Zhuang") is a small garden located near the city center of Huzhou. It was built in 1924 and features local history, including a Tea House, and ancient stones transferred

Ancaster, Ontario

). Other recreational centres include: * Morgan Firestone Arena * Ancaster Rotary Centre * Ancaster Tennis Club * Ancaster Lions outdoor pool * Ancaster Little League Ball Park * Ancaster Aquatic Centre Nature The Hamilton Conservation Authority (sometimes in conjunction with the City of Hamilton) operates several sites in Ancaster. Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum showcases local history (including the area's participation in the Underground Railway), fine arts, gardens and walking

Confederate Ireland

is known to exist for the Kingdom of Ireland. Numerous unofficial flags were used throughout its history, including: 1. ''Azure, a harp Or, stringed Argent'', based on the coat of arms (Coat of arms of Ireland) adopted in 1541 and much later to become the presidential standard (President of Ireland); 2. ''Vert, a harp Or, stringed Argent'', the Leinster flag, used from the mid-17th century; and 3. ''Argent a saltire Gules'', Saint Patrick's Flag, W. G. Perrin and Herbert S

Brunswick, Maine

on the British political philosopher Michael Oakeshott. Life A native of Brunswick (Brunswick, Maine), Maine, and member of one of New England's oldest families (Boston Brahmin#Coffin), Robert P. T. Coffin graduated from Bowdoin in 1915, and went on to earn graduate degrees from Princeton University (1916) and Oxford University (1920), where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He is best known as the author of more than three dozen works of literature, poetry and history, including


José María Morelos y Pavón''' (José María Morelos y Pavón House Museum) contains a collection of items from the colonial and early independence periods of Mexico’s history, including articles that belonged to Morelos himself. Morelos bought the house in 1802, but did not live there much, especially in the years just before and during the Mexican War of Independence because of his involvement with the movement. In 1933, the house was declared a national monument and in 1939 became the property of INAH to be converted into this museum. Later, the building underwent another round of restoration work and was re-inaugurated in 1991. The lower level is mostly dedicated to Morelos with the rooms on the upper level dedicated to the war in general. The museum is also the archive of the Bishopric of Michoacán and contains documents from the 16th to the 20th century. thumb left Morelos' birthplace (File:Morelia casa natal de Morelos.JPG) The '''Casa Natal de Morelos''' (Morelos’ Birthplace) is the house where José María Morelos y Pavón was born in 1765. The building is a large mansion with a Neoclassic facade and a Baroque interior. In 1888, the original building was destroyed to build a farmhouse. This is the building that has been restored and turned into a museum in 1964, for the coming bicentennial of Morelos’ birth. The museum contains documents and belongings of Morelos including ones he signed, money he had coined, paintings and a large library. The '''Museo de la Máscara''' (Mask Museum) presents two different mask collections, totaling more than 165 examples from cultures in twenty Mexican states. It is located in the Casa de Artesanias de Morelia (Handcraft House of Morelia). The '''Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce''' (Alfredo Zalce Museum of Contemporary Art) mostly contains works done by Alfredo Zalce and Efraín Vargas, both renowned Michoacán painters. It also holds temporary exhibits by Mexican and international artists. In this city was born actress Raquel Morell. Festivals The '''Festival Internacional de Música de Morelia''' is an annual event that was begun in 1988 by Bernal Jiménez, who had the dream of making Morelia the “Salzburg of America.” The festival consists of more than forty concerts with over 500 artists participating. It has become the largest music festival in Morelia, with private and government sponsors, esp. CONACULTA. WikiPedia:Morelia Dmoz:Regional North_America Mexico States Michoacan Localities Morelia Commons:Category:Morelia

Carson City, Nevada

move into town. Brodesky, Josh. "Toros could return in new incarnation" ''The Arizona Daily Star''. 11 November 2007. 26 December 2007. The Silver Sox franchise was sold by the league to Tucson Baseball LLC, but the team's history (including Reno's 2006 GBL Championship) did not go with them. There were original reports of their "relocating" to Carson City, Nevada, but the team instead moved to Tucson.<

Cornwall, Ontario

for the NHL franchise the Quebec Nordiques Colorado Avalanche. The Cornwall Colts are the current Junior A team playing in the Central Canada Hockey League. Cornwall has hosted several major sporting events in its history, including the Ontario Winter Games and Special Olympics. In 2008, Cornwall hosted the Royal Bank Cup, the National Championship for Junior A hockey teams. The Cornwall Colts finished third in the series winning 2 of 5 games. The Cornwall Colts will host

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