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Digby, Nova Scotia

''Princess Helene'' . The town's history is preserved and interpreted by the Admiral Digby Museum, located in a historic home facing the harbour. Tourism Tourism has played an important role in Digby during the 20th century beginning with the establishment of railway and steamship links that opened the town and surrounding communities as an-easy-to-reach destination for larger urban centres in eastern North America. A landmark in this industry was the construction of the Digby Pines Resort on the town's outskirts. Built in 1905 and then purchased in 1917 by the Dominion Atlantic Railway, the resort provided a focal point to the local tourism industry with a large expansion in 1927. The Pines attracted notable visitors including early film stra Theda Bara who spent her honeymoon there in 1921. Lorna Innis, "Hollywood’s link with province long, varied", ''Chronicle Herald'' (Halifax), February 26, 2012 Expanded several times since, it was bought by the Government of Nova Scotia after the Dominion Atlantic sold its hotels. About 20 additional motels, Inns and Bed and Breakfast operations are based in Digby making tourism an important employer. Town of Digby Tourism - Where to Stay The annual Scallop Days Festival, held the first week of August annually, brings the fishing and tourism industries together to showcase the town’s history and heritage to the tourists. The festival offers a variety of themed activities for all ages, including scallop shucking contests, a parade, and an exhibition of local artists. http: Wharf Rat Rally Since 2004, Digby has become the destination of the largest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada, the annual Wharf Rat Rally. It attracts many times the town's population; the town of 2,000 residents grows to 50,000 people, including 25,000 motorcycles. So many that schools and some roads have to close for the day due to crowds and motorcycle traffic. Leanne Delong,"Wharf Rat Rally revving engines for fifth year", ''Digby Courier'' September 4, 2009 The Wharf Rat Rally event is held the weekend of Labour Day in August September each year. Wharf Rat Rally website Fishing Fishing has been an essential economic activity since the town's settlement. Digby's schooner fishery reached its peak in the early 1900s, documented by the famous Canadian historian and photographer Frederick William Wallace. In later years, trawlers, especially those harvesting scallops became the mainstay. A restaurant in Stornoway, Lewis, Scotland, Digby Chick, is named after a fish from Digby. Yarmouth (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia) Trunk 1 joins up with Highway 101 at Deep Brook (Deep Brook, Nova Scotia) to cross the Bear River (Bear River (Nova Scotia)), then splits apart to loop through the village of Smith's Cove (Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia), across from the town of Digby (Digby, Nova Scotia). Trunk 1 joins up at the western end of this loop, with Highway 101 assuming Trunk 1's former alignment along St. Mary's Bay (St. Marys Bay (Nova Scotia)). A new controlled-access segment of Highway 101 is proposed for this area; and it is assumed Trunk 1 will be re-signed along this stretch if completed. "It's very hard for me to do it but I know my colleague, my friend and soldier, is going home to a restful place," Cpl. Victor Thibault, 38, of Digby, Nova Scotia (w:Digby, Nova Scotia) said to the Canadian Press (w:Canadian Press). "He's done what he had to do and I believe that's good... He was a good friend. I will miss him," he said.


are the historic home of the Lucayan Natives (Arawaks), who were wholly enslaved in the 16th century, leaving the islands uninhabited until the 18th century. In the intervening period, the Exumas provided many hideouts and stashes for pirates (piracy). Elizabeth Harbor was a favorite lair of Captain Kidd. Transportation Exuma International Airport serves the city of George Town directly from Nassau (Nassau, Bahamas), Miami, Atlanta and Toronto. Staniel Cay also has a small airstrip. Notable residents Wikipedia:Exuma

Dresden, Ontario

: wp-dyn content article 2010 10 03 AR2010100304022.html?hpid newswell "After buying historic home, Md. officials find it wasn't really Uncle Tom's Cabin" , ''Washington Post'' It is now a part of the National Park Service National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program. Official Montgomery County Parks Josiah Henson site The Uncle

Midwest City, Oklahoma

. ft. historic home, preserved as it was originally designed and built when Atkinson anticipated running for governor, is available for free tours by appointment. To serve the community and help financially support the historic property, the house conference room as well as the 1951 pony barn are available for rental for many kinds of events: family reunions, church socials, birthday parties, anniversaries, and business meetings (sorry no weddings). Atkinson Heritage Center Education Schools in Midwest City are part of the Mid-Del School District and include Midwest City High School, Carl Albert High School, Jarman Middle School, Monroney Middle School, Carl Albert Middle School and numerous elementary schools. The district also includes a post-secondary school, the Mid-Del Technology Center. Rose State College, a two-year community college, is also located in the city. The school district was initially housed in prefabricated hutments and began with a high school and two grade schools that were precursors to the Sooner and Soldier Creek elementary schools. 1992 "Reconnaissance Level Survey of the Original Mile" at Oklahoma Historical Society (accessed May 10, 2010). Points of interest * Tinker Air Force Base Notable people *Royce D. Applegate, actor on such TV programs as seaQuest DSV Biography of Royce D. Applegate, Internet Movie Database. (accessed August 1, 2013) *Ryan Budde, MLB pitcher Ryan Budde Stats, Baseball Almanac. (accessed August 1, 2013) *Mike Gundy, head coach for Oklahoma State Cowboys football team Mike Gundy - OSU Biography, (Oklahoma State University). (accessed August 1, 2013) *Cale Gundy, assistant coach for the successful University of Oklahoma Sooners and noted brother of Mike Gundy. *A.J. Hinch, scout for the San Diego Padres A.J. Hinch Stats, Baseball Almanac. (accessed August 1, 2013) *Matt Kemp, centerfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers DATE OF BIRTH December 25, 1939 PLACE OF BIRTH Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA DATE OF DEATH January 1, 2003 Career Lindvall was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma to Randall Lindvall, a pharmacist, and Laura Rasdall, a medical technologist and massage therapist (massage). She was raised in Lee's Summit, Missouri and attended Lee's Summit High School. She grew 3 inches from the ages of 13 to 14, and her friends suggested that she try modeling, although it was her sister, Michelle, who wanted to be a model. While doing a local Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) fashion show, at age 14, a talent scout spotted her and she signed with IMG (IMG (business)). Notable absences The 1985 Barrie Tornado (The "Barrie" Tornado Outbreak of 1985) that struck (1985 United States-Canadian tornado outbreak) Barrie, Ontario would be listed here, had it struck today. It is not listed, however, since the town's population was under 50,000 at the time (May 31, 1985). The tornado that hit Grand Valley, Ontario is not listed for similar reasons. Similarly, the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak that spawned the deadly F5 tornado which struck Moore (Moore, Oklahoma), Midwest City (Midwest City, Oklahoma), and Oklahoma City is not listed, since those cities had under 50,000 in population as well, and did not reach the downtown core of Oklahoma City. But today, Moore and Midwest City have well over 50,000 people. nationality American (United States) high_school Carl Albert (Midwest City (Midwest City, Oklahoma), Oklahoma) college Oklahoma (Oklahoma Sooners men's basketball) (1989–1994) Principal cities in the district include Midwest City (Midwest City, Oklahoma), Norman (Norman, Oklahoma), Moore (Moore, Oklahoma), Ada (Ada, Oklahoma), Duncan (Duncan, Oklahoma), Lawton Ft. Sill (Lawton, Oklahoma), and Ardmore (Ardmore, Oklahoma).

Oneonta, New York

* Willard V. Huntington: ''Oneonta Memories and Sundry Personal Recollections of the Author'', Bancroft, 1891 * Articles by Oneonta City Historian


including Wu Ding, under whom the dynasty reached the zenith of its power, until it was wiped out along with the dynasty that was founded by King Wu (King Wu of Zhou) of the Zhou (Zhou Dynasty) in 1046 BC. Anyang's Tangyin County was the seat of Yue Village, birthplace of the famous Song Dynasty general, Yue Fei. This was also the historic home of Zhou Tong (Zhou Tong (archer)), Yue's military arts tutor (though fictional sources place him in Shaanxi). Yuan and Ming

Sackville, New Brunswick

thumb Historic home of Christopher Boultenhouse is maintained as the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre to commemorate the region's shipbuilders (File:BoultenhouseHouse.jpg) By the 1830s tanneries, leather goods factories, carriage factories and blacksmith shops were active around Morice Mill Pond (renamed recently to Silver Lake) a few kilometres north of the current town centre. The centre of activity started to shift to the present downtown area when in 1836 William Crane (politician) William

Parkersburg, West Virginia

below the mouth of the Little Kanawha River, is located near Parkersburg (Parkersburg, West Virginia) in Wood County (Wood County, West Virginia), West Virginia, USA. '''Travelers Rest''', also known as '''Old Stone House''', is a historic home located near Burlington (Burlington, West Virginia), Mineral County, West Virginia. It was built as a stagecoach stop to service the Northwestern Turnpike. It serviced the corridor between Winchester, Virginia Winchester


roads in the community, such as The West Mall, The East Mall and Burnhamthorpe Road, contain a mix of rental and condominium high-rise apartments and townhouses. There are two shopping malls in the neighbourhood, Cloverdale Mall and Honeydale Mall, as well as community retail areas along Bloor Street West and Dundas Street West. thumb A plaque erected by the province of Ontario calls attention to the Inn. (Image:Montogomery's Inn plaque.jpg) '''Montgomery's Inn''' is a historic home

Albany, Oregon

to buy a historic home in the nation by This Old House online. In June 2009, he was named as the athletic director of Corban University, a small private college in Salem. Early life Chamberlain was born near Natchez, Mississippi, he attended private and public schools in Natchez, was clerk in a general merchandise store there from 1870 to 1872. He graduated from the academic and law departments of Washington and Lee University in 1876, where he was a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. In December 1876 he moved to Oregon, where he found a teaching position near Albany (Albany, Oregon). In 1877 he was admitted to the bar, and from 1878 to 1879, he was clerk (county clerk) of Linn County (Linn County, Oregon). In 1878 he served in the Linn County Rifles, a volunteer militia formed to combat hostile Indians in eastern Oregon http: gechamb.htm (probably the Bannock War.) - Albany (Albany, Oregon) Linn (Linn County, Oregon), Benton (Benton County, Oregon) - Early life and career Saxton was born in Albany, Oregon in 1954. He graduated from Albany High School (West Albany High School) in 1972, earned a bachelors degree from Willamette University in 1976, Ron Saxton. ''The Oregonian'', October 15, 2006. Page A10 and a juris doctor at from University of Virginia School of Law in 1979.

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