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Tshernobyl (Pripyat) -- Kouvola accessdate 20 October 2013 format work The view of Kouvola in comparison with that of Pripyat, Ukraine and allegedly high crime rate. Kouvola has also assumed the slogan ''Kymijoen kaupunki'' (the town of Kymijoki) previously used by Anjalankoski. International relations

Tenderloin, San Francisco

and promoting "Zine Weekends." Crime The Tenderloin is a high-crime neighborhood, particularly violent street crime such as robbery and aggravated assault. Seven of the top ten violent crime plots (out of 665 in the entire city as measured by the San Francisco Police Department) are adjacent plots in the Tenderloin and Sixth and Market area. The neighborhood was considered to be the origin of a notorious Filipino gang Bahala Na Gang or BNG, a gang imported from the Philippines


caused the collapse of the integrated Soviet economy of which the city was a key part. Most of its industrial plants were shut down and 65% of the city's population became unemployed, with the attendant social problems of high crime and acute poverty that such a situation brings. The population shrank from 160,000 in the mid-1990s to 116,000 in 2002 as residents moved elsewhere in search of work. New York-based artist Greg Lindquist (b. 1979) has documented Rustavi's crumbling concrete

Civic Center, San Francisco

is located near the skid row Tenderloin neighborhood, it has a seedy, run-down, high-crime reputation and appearance with large amounts of homeless encampments, which have prevented it from attracting the large amounts of tourists seen in other areas of the city. Despite repeated redevelopment of Civic Center over the years aimed primarily at discouraging the homeless from camping there, large numbers of homeless continue to camp and loiter in the area. Despite such a reputation, its central location also makes it the center of many of the City's festivals and parades. Many street parades and parties are held in Civic Center Plaza, including San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade (San Francisco Pride), the City's Earth Day celebration (which attracts 15,000+ people), the St. Patrick's Day parade, San Francisco's version of the Love Parade, and the San Francisco LovEvolution (LoveFest) party. Civic Center Station (Civic Center Station (San Francisco)) is a subway (Rapid transit) stop for both BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and the Muni Metro. The F Market historic streetcar line and many Muni (San Francisco Municipal Railway) bus lines run nearby. The Fox Plaza (Fox Plaza (San Francisco)) condominium complex is also located nearby. In December 2010, a set of innovative wind and solar hybrid streetlamps provided by Urban Green Energy were installed Hybrid Street Lamp Hits San Francisco as part of the center's vision for sustainability. Educational institutions Civic Center has three Universities located there; the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, the private The Art Institute of California – San Francisco and The San Francisco Conservatory of Music Selected photos The shortest term was that of Charles Boxton, who served only eight days before resigning from office. Two mayors have died in office: Otis died from illness and Moscone was assassinated. Dianne Feinstein is the only woman, Willie Brown (Willie Brown (politician)) is the only African American and Edwin Lee is the only Asian American to have served as mayor.

Malton, Ontario

'''Toronto Aerodrome''', also known as '''Canadian Air Express Airport''' was an aerodrome located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One of the historical airfields of Canada, operated from 1928 to 1939, it was situated at the current Downsview subway station (Downsview (TTC)) on Dufferin Street and Sheppard Avenue West. Early Airfields Toronto Aerodrome was one of the several small airfields, which were established in the Toronto area during the 1920s and 1930s. This aerodrome served as the principal custom entry point for aircraft (airport of entry) coming to Toronto until 1939, when Malton (Malton, Ontario) airfield, now Toronto Pearson International Airport, became operational. The aerodrome shared the site with the '''Toronto Flying Club''' (located at Dufferin Street and Wilson Avenue). The Toronto Flying Club's site is now the south end of Downsview Airport, TTC Wilson Complex and parts of the residential neighbourhood of Wilson Heights. However he had no good idea how to accomplish this, so he approached Ferranti, who had recently met with the DRB. Instead of the cash-strapped DRB, Belyea offered funding directly from the Navy itself. As Belyea was a lieutenant, he only had authority to approve contracts up to CAN$5,000. As a cunning solution, Belyea put out several contracts under different names all to Ferranti. This solution pleased everyone and the DATAR project was born in 1949, Ferranti setting up a new shop under the direction of Kenyon Taylor in Malton (Malton, Ontario) near the Avro Canada plants. At about this time, the former Victory Aircraft plants in Malton (Malton, Ontario) were being converted into the new A.V. Roe Canada (Avro Canada) plants. In the spring of 1946 the government decided to turn all engine development over to private industry, and sold Turbo Research to Avro. Paul Dillworth remained as chief engineer of the newly christened '''Gas Turbine Division''', which was moved to Avro's plant just outside what is today Toronto Pearson International Airport. 1. Malton, Ontario (Moth) — currently Toronto Pearson International Airport 1. Malton, Ontario (Anson) — currently Toronto Pearson International Airport

Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl

of Mexico. It also has a very high crime rate, in part due to “cholos” or gangs formed since the 1990s based on List of criminal gangs in Los Angeles, California gang models in the United States, especially Los

North Tyneside

election. In Tyneside large council estates include Byker and Walker (Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne) in Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne), Felling (Felling, Tyne and Wear) in Gateshead and Meadow Well in North Tyneside, the site of violent civil disorder during the early 1990s. A large urban regeneration scheme is also being planned for Scotswood in the West End of Newcastle after decades of urban decay and high crime levels. The airport is owned by seven local authorities (51%) and Copenhagen Airport (49%). The seven local authorities are: City of Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne), Durham County Council (County Durham), Gateshead MBC (Gateshead (borough)), North Tyneside MBC (North Tyneside), Northumberland County Council (Northumberland), City of Sunderland and South Tyneside MBC (South Tyneside).. Early life, education and career Higgs was born in Wallsend, North Tyneside, Sample, Ian. "The god of small things", ''The Guardian'', November 17, 2007, weekend section. England. His father worked as a sound engineer for the BBC, and as a result of childhood asthma, together with the family moving around because of his father's job, and later the Second World War, Higgs missed some early schooling and was taught at home. When his father relocated to Bedford, Higgs stayed behind with his mother in Bristol, and was largely raised there. He attended that city's Cotham Grammar School, The Cotham Grammar School building now houses Cotham School, a specialist performing arts school. where he was inspired by the work of one of the school's alumni (Alumnus), Paul Dirac, a founder of the field of quantum mechanics. It is bordered by four other boroughs - Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead to the west, Sunderland (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear) in the south, and North Tyneside to the north. The border county of Northumberland lies further north. The borough was formed on 1 April 1974 by the merger of the County Borough of South Shields along with the municipal borough of Jarrow and the urban districts of Boldon and Hebburn from County Durham. - Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead), South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Sunderland (City of Sunderland) 5 1,089,400 - The '''Tyne and Wear Metro''', also locally known as the ''Metro'', is a light rail system in North East England, serving Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, South Tyneside, North Tyneside and Sunderland (City of Sunderland). It opened in 1980 and in 2007–2008 provided 40 million public journeys on its network of nearly The '''North Tyneside Loop''' refers to the railway lines in North Tyneside from Newcastle upon Tyne via Wallsend, North Shields, Whitley Bay, Backworth, Benton (Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne) and South Gosforth (South Gosforth Metro station) back to Newcastle. North East England County Durham & Darlington, Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead) & South Tyneside, Newcastle (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) & North Tyneside, Northumberland, Sunderland (City of Sunderland), Tees (Cleveland, England) -


and the Lycée Français Théodore Monod (Lycée Français Théodore Monod (Mauritania)).

South Beach

Vice '' helped make the area popular, SoBe was under urban blight, with vacant buildings and a high crime rate. Today, it is considered one of the richest commercial areas on the beach, yet poverty and crime still remain in some places near the area. MSNBC: South Beach: Life imitates art, quite vicely thumb 250px left Art deco hotels in Miami Beach. (Image:mbartdeco.jpg) Colleges and universities

Nuevo Laredo

border cities, Nuevo Laredo has a high crime rate. Most crime in Nuevo Laredo is related to the drug trade across the American-Mexican border. Cope Consulates * Go next

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