Infantry Division and returned to its home in Germany. *At least 16 people are killed and 40 injured by two female suicide bombers (suicide bombing) in an attack at ''Krylya'', a popular music festival, at the Tushino airfield near Moscow. The Russian authorities blame an on-going terrorism campaign by Chechen (Chechnya) rebels; the Chechen government denies any connection to the attacks.hi world europe 3047386.stm * 2003 invasion of Iraq 2003 occupation

. response to 500,000-strong protests earlier in the week, Tung Chee-hwa , Chief Executive of Hong Kong, announces that controversial provisions that are alleged capable of limiting civil liberties in Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23 (Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23) will be rewritten.hi asia-pacific 3046894.stm The roughly triangular area's corners are usually said to lie near

seats.hi asia-pacific 3648568.stm (BBC) * At least 110 Iraqis are killed in a day of widespread violence, as the U.S. (United States of America) engages in new offensives to retake insurgent (Iraqi resistance)-held areas before the January elections. An al-Arabiya journalist is killed during a live broadcast when attack helicopters fire at a crowd gathered around a burning Bradley (M2 Bradley) vehicle in Baghdad. Helicopters and tanks fire


Ellis Trophy over a seven week period, starts after a spectacular opening ceremony at the Telstra Stadium, Sydney, Australia, with Australia defeating Argentina 24–8 in the opening match.hi rugby_union rugby_world_cup 3176038.stm * Mass media: Rush Limbaugh's drug addiction revealed by housekeeper. Newsweek reports Limbaugh's exposure as a pain-pill addict began when Wilma Cline (who had worked at Limbaugh from 1997 to July 2001) showed up

Gaza and Egypt in the town of Rafah. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans crossed the border into Egypt seeking food and supplies. Due to the crisis, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ordered his troops to allow the Palestinians in but to verify that they did not bring weapons back across the border. Egypt

publisher Defense Update The modifications were made following a failed rescue attempt in which Palestinian (Palestinian people) gunmen killed two soldiers who were providing aid for a Palestinian woman in Rafah. Since M113 armored personnel carrier M-113

Wikipedia:Teahouse/Questions/Archive 1

need to seek other Journals of similar reliability and reputation. Libraries in those countries should still be able to help you locate such sources. -- Jayron (User:Jayron32)''''' 32 (User talk:Jayron32)''''' 14:46, 1 March 2012 (UTC) Locating places in Wikipedia map. Hi All; I have been editing few places within Bhutan lately; how ever i didn't know how to located

"green" My Talk 04:11, 1 March 2012 (UTC) ::::Hi! Sorry, but just one more suggestion. If you would like to add a map to an article of an organisation, you can do this using location map (:Template:location map). For example, in the case of the National Institute of Traditional Medicine (Bhutan), you could add to your article: :::::

newspaper with which I am familiar and is not available digitally (so cannot create online link). Newspaper Name - "Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News" Date - 15 February 1921 Page - 6 Cloptonson (User:Cloptonson) (talk (User talk:Cloptonson)) 21:40, 28 February 2012 (UTC) :Hi! The easiest method is to use the "Cite" option in the edit window. When you edit a page, in the bar at the top of the edit box (where it has "B", "I" and various other options

Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles

accessdate September 15, 2007 ;''Hi-Fi Signage, Street Medallions (Banners) and Crosswalks'' In 2007, CALTRANS and the neighborhood council installed Historic Filipinotwn signage along the US 101 Freeway directing traffic to the area with the Alvarado and Glendale Blvd. exits. The crosswalks in Filipinotown have been decorated with traditional Filipino basket-weaving patterns designed by Edwin Frederizo who also designed Hi-Fi's street banners.

in Hi-Fi url http: lacityorgcd13.blogspot.com 2005 11 crosswalks-in-hi-fi-pt-ii.html publisher lacityorgcd13 accessdate November 1, 2005 According to the artist, "My design for the permanent art display conveys a message of peace, unity, and harmony amongst the community of Historic Filipinotown. The uniqueness of having Filipino American residents and businesses embedded within a variety of cultures allows for a very rich and conceptual visual art display. The Filipino American

Scottish Arts Council

language publisher BBC date 2006-07-22 url http: news.bbc.co.uk 1 hi scotland 5206408.stm accessdate 2006-09-02 while high-profile constituency work has included the August 2006 case of an 86-year old widow who was threatened with court by Glasgow Housing Association.

-02 url http: www.eveningtimes.co.uk hi news 5056641.html accessdate 2006-09-02 right thumb Pipers at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient (File:Anoriant3.jpg). alt Group of young men and women, wearing white shirts (some with black waistcoats) and black trousers, marching in a parade, in the sunshine. Each is playing a bagpipe. The bag is a claret colour. The entire picture is full of people. Those not taking part

in Scotland. Also that year he won a prestigious BBC 'Heart of Jazz' Award. Awards and honours The ''Harry Potter'' series have been the recipients of a host of awards since the initial publication of ''Philosopher's Stone'' including four Whitaker Platinum Book Awards (all of which were awarded in 2001),

Khan Yunis

selected for the first round with voter turnout being around 80%. Anderson, John. Hamas Dominates Local Vote in Gaza Washington Post. 2005-01-29. 2007 saw violent clashes (2007 Battle of Gaza) between the two parties that left over 100 dead, ultimately resulting in Hamas taking over the city.hi middle_east 6748621.stm How Hamas took over the Gaza Strip '' BBC News

200 Palestinians lost their homes or shelters.hi world middle_east 3689104.stm (BBC) * Conflict in Iraq (Iraqi resistance): * Brazil successfully launches its first rocket, a VSB-30, or Brazilian Exploration Vehicle, into space from the Alcântara (Alcântara Launch Center) rocket launch site, after its first attempt a year earlier failed (Brazilian rocket explosion) and left 21 people, including key technicians, dead. http

: news.bbc.co.uk 2 hi americas 3948531.stm (BBC) * Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: In Khan Yunis, located in the Gaza Strip, two Palestinian (Palestinian people) militants are killed and a third wounded by a missile fired from an Israel Defence Force drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). (Reuters) December 10, 2004 *Israeli troops kill Rania Siam, an 8-year-old Palestinian


;br hi africa 4135797.stm Crowds cheer Senegal peace deal, BBC, 30 December 2004. PKFHSPKFHS hi africa 1743090.stm Casamance rebels attack town, BBC, 4 January 2002. Transport and economy Ziguinchor remains economically dependent on its role as a cargo port, transport hub and ferry terminal. The "Nationale 4" highway crosses the Casamance River just east of the city, linking the region with Bignona about 25

 km to the north, and (via The Gambia), the rest of Senegal. The MV Joola, which sank in 2002, was sailing from Ziguinchor to Dakar. The loss of the ferry, (not replaced till 2005), cut the main link between Casamance and the rest of the country.hi africa 2286486.stm Eyewitness: Senegal weeps for ferry loss, BBC, 28 September 2002.hi africa 4431820.stm Senegal restores vital ferry link, BBC, 12

presidential bid.hi africa 6379847.stm Mame Less Camara, Senegal's presidential contenders, BBC News, 22 February 2007. In 2001's legislative elections, a big push by President Abdoulaye Wade's ruling PDS party, spearheading the ''Sopi'' coalition (joined in 2008 by And-Jëf Pads), was led by Ziguinchor politician Abdoulaye Baldé (Abdoulaye Baldé (politician)), a former General Secretary to the President. In the 2001 elections


: news.bbc.co.uk 1 hi world asia-pacific 1295881.stm BBC * 35px link European route E006 (File:Tabliczka E006.svg) – Ayni (Ayni, Tajikistan) – Kokand * 35px link European route E007 (File:Tabliczka E007.svg) – Tashkent – Kokand – Andijan – Osh – Irkeshtam * 35px link European route E008 (File:Tabliczka E008.svg) – Dushanbe - Kulob - Kalaikhumb - Khorugh – Murghab (Murghab, Tajikistan) - Kulma - border of China (see Pamir

for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the United States government, and Human Rights Watch criticized the sentence. On May 8, she confessed in court and she was given a suspended sentencehi asia-pacific 6636409.stm BBC and released. Freedom House - 1483 Birth of Babur in Andijan, Fergana Valley in Central Asia

kyrgyzstan-050512.html (CBC) ** Violence breaks out in Andijan and in the capital Tashkent. There are reports of firefights in the streets and snipers firing into the crowd. A political rally in Andijan demands the resignation of the government, which claims that the situation is under control.hi asia-pacific 4542783.stm (BBC) (Interfax)

Tal Afar

, Camille and Hussein Hassan, and injuring their five children sitting in the back seat. Racan, 11, was seriously wounded in the abdomen. He lost the use of his legs and was treated later in Boston. Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros, who was on the scene, took graphic pictures of the shooting and aftermath. Hondros won several awards for the still photos.

In pictures: Shooting in Tal Afar url http: news.bbc.co.uk 1 shared spl hi picture_gallery 05 middle_east_shooting_in_tal_afar html 3.stm accessdate January 6, 2010 journal BBC News <

and injuring about 70., Death toll rises to 25 from Iraqi market bombing (AP via Google) hi middle_east 7550402.stm Car bomb kills 21 in Iraq market (BBC) On August 29, 2008 policemen killed a would-be suicide bomber who tried to enter a mosque.

Islamic Courts Union

in Southern Somalia; it was also reported that the Eritrean government had sent "advisers" and "engineers and mine-laying experts." After many denials from the Eritrean government, Islamic Courts Union leader Aweys

been captured in Somalia and transferred to the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay.

; ref On 6 June 2006, the ICU further claimed it was in control of all the lands up to inland from Mogadishu. The warlords were reported to have either been captured or to have fled the city, abandoning most of their weapons, with the majority fleeing to Jowhar, which was taken by the ICU militia on 14 June.hi africa 5078534.stm Somali Islamists capture key town, ''BBC News'', 13 June 2006. This brought

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