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East Timor

of the East Timorese to world attention. In 1999 Wenner returned to East Timor and his reports from there. under the name of Max Stahl. won the 2000 Rory Peck Award for hard news war journalism. issuing_authority_website footnotes 1 East Timor now uses U.S. dollar (United States dollar) notes. '''East Timor centavo coins''' were introduced in East Timor in 2003 for use alongside United States Dollar banknotes and coins, which had been

Salt Lake City

3 was beginning to heat up and longtime Salt Lake City activist Michael Aaron felt it was important to give the gay and lesbian community of Utah up-to-date news and commentary. Its focus on hard news and professional editorial content was intended to distinguish it from an existing gay and lesbian tabloid in the Salt Lake City market: The Pillar primarily featured publicity pieces, press releases and columns by amateur writers and local community leaders. Unified Medal


advanced in a well-organised operation against a huge crowd of East Timorese engaged in peaceful protest. It was Wenner's footage that brought the plight of the East Timorese to world attention. In 1999 Wenner returned to East Timor and his reports from there. under the name of Max Stahl. won the 2000 Rory Peck Award for hard news war journalism. ; Fourth voyage (31 October 1934 – 3 May 1935) : Helsinki, Finland - Cartagena (Cartagena, Spain), Spain - Piraios, Greece - Saloniki

White House

from 1977 to 1981, and House of Representatives (United States House of Representatives) correspondent from 1981 to 1987. Gibson was a correspondent and fill in anchor for ''World News Tonight with Peter Jennings'' and substitute anchor the on late-night hard and soft (Infotainment#Hard news, soft news and infotainment) news program ''Nightline (Nightline (US news program))'' and ''World News This Morning''. File:Charles Gibson


essays and short on hard news". Organizations in Montreal and San Francisco have responded to these criticisms by offering workshops in writing and journalism for homeless contributors. Papers such as ''StreetWise'' have in the past been criticized as "grim" and for having vendors that are too loud and intrusive. Some newspapers sell well but may not be widely read


: '''Tempo Media''' maintains an online presence in English, even publishing its own English weekly magazine, but it is mostly filled with hard news. State-owned TV station, TVRI, has its own English news service at 18.00 WIB (6PM West Indonesian time) daily. Indonesia's pioneer news channel, MetroTV, also has an English news program at 01.00 WIB (1 AM West Indonesian Time) Tuesdays through Saturdays. Berita Satu World is an English news channel that can be watched in selected cable

Washington, D.C.

publisher url http: main.cfm?p 100&Article_ID 6560 accessdate 2007-02-21

stations and other locations throughout the Washington metropolitan area. It is owned and printed by The Washington Post Company, but few of the hard news stories are written by ''Washington Post (The Washington Post)'' staff. Many stories and pictures come from the Associated Press, the Christian Science Monitor, Getty Images and other wire sources. The features and entertainment part of the paper uses a number of reporters and boasts its own Web site, "Express Night Out". The newspaper is financed solely by advertising. ''Express'' debuted August 5, 2003. Swartwout was an active participant in Burr's venture in the West and in the conspiracy trial (Burr conspiracy) that resulted from it. In October 1806 he met with Gen. James Wilkinson at the Sabine front, where he delivered the cipher correspondence which was later altered by Wilkinson and presented as evidence in the conspiracy trial. After Wilkinson took command of New Orleans in November, Swartwout was one of four Burr allies he arrested for misprision of treason and sent to Washington, D.C. for trial. In February, after a hearing, Swartwout and the others were released. He then continued to Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) to attend Burr's trial, where he was a key witness in the indictment hearing. While in Richmond, Swartwout challenged Wilkinson to a duel, but the challenge was declined. Isenberg, Nancy (Nancy Isenberg). ''Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr'' (2007) After receiving his B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in 1926, he began his reporting career at The Des Moines Register in Des Moines, Iowa. After a year at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1928, he returned to Des Moines as City Editor and then to Washington, D.C., in 1933 to set up the Washington bureau of the Register, at that time owned by the Cowles family, who owned newspapers in the midwest and published the now-defunct Look magazine (Look (American magazine)). He became chief of the Washington bureau for all Cowles publications in 1950, and occupied that post until his retirement in 1970. Wilson was elected President of the National Press Club (National Press Club (USA)) for the year 1940. He was also very active in the Gridiron Club. In order to transmit intelligence information that had been gathered back to United States for further processing and analysis, these ships had a special system named Technical Research Ship Special Communications, or TRSSCOM (pronounced tress-com).

United States

talk (Talk show) television program, the hard-news daytime programming of the Fox News Channel. In addition, it also referred to the short headline segments of nearly every hour daily. "'''Fingertips'''" is a 1963 number one hit single recorded live by "Little" Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder) for Motown's Tamla label. Wonder's first hit single, "Fingertips" was the first live, non-studio recording to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100

into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and later into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1996. The Wisconsin Journalist Stamberg urges hard news after 9 11 Retrieved on June 28, 2007 The scientific innovative nature of John Joyce's LO-NO x technologies are confirmed by full patent protection in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy and France

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