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Smolensk Oblast

had served as the regimental commander of the 142nd, 143rd, and 144th rifle regiments, where he showed great skill in organizing and training his troops. In 1928, he graduated from the ''Vystrel'' regimental commander's course. Vasilevsky, p. 61. During these years, Vasilevsky established friendships with higher commanders and Party members, including Kliment Voroshilov, Vasilevsky, p. 59


from cobalt, porcelain items with a copper-red underglaze are the most difficult to successfully craft. During production, these items require great skill and attention or will turn gray during the process of firing. While the birthplace of ceramics with copper red underglaze is widely disputed, these items originated during 12th century in Korea and became increasingly popular during the second half of the Joseon period. Some experts have pointed to the kilns of Bunwon-ri in Gwangju


with diluted hydrofluoric acid prior to application of the gold. The process demands great skill and is used for the decoration only of ware of the highest class. *''Bright Gold'' – consists of a solution of gold sulphoresinate together with other metal resonates and a flux. The name derives from the appearance of the decoration immediately after removal from the kiln as it requires no burnishing Other usages The English city of Stoke-on-Trent is widely known as '''The Potteries''' because of the large number of pottery factories or, colloquially, '''Pot Banks'''. It was one of the first industrial cities of the modern era where, as early as 1785, two hundred pottery manufacturers employed 20,000 workers. Patterns of Labour - Work and Social Change in the Pottery Industry. Richard Whipp. Routlidge 1990 For the same reason, the largest football club in the city (Stoke City Football Club) is known as '''The Potters'''. by morgan Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent


when his battalion was forced to lie out in the open under heavy shell and machine-gun fire, and brought back many wounded. In subsequent operations he rallied his men and led the final assault with great skill in spite of heavy fire at close range and uncut wire. He bayonetted 15 of the enemy and with a Lewis gun section covered the reorganization and consolidation most effectively although isolated and under fire from snipers and guns. As a result of these victories, British Empire forces

Kingdom of Gwynedd

this, and punishes his nephews by transforming them into a series of paired animals using his great skill in magic. For a year Gilfaethwy becomes a hind deer (deer) and Gwydion a stag; they mate and produce an offspring which is delivered to Math. Next Math makes Gilfaethwy a boar and Gwydion a sow; when they return a year later with a son he makes them wolves (Gray Wolf). After the third year he relieves them of their punishment and makes them human again. Birth Gilfaethwy, nephew

Vatican City

Revolution (although an earlier version of the guillotine, the Halifax Gibbet, was used in Halifax (Halifax, West Yorkshire), England, from 1286 until the 17th century, and a version called the "Maiden (Maiden (beheading))" was used in Edinburgh during the 16th-18th centuries). The aim was to create a painless and quick form of execution that did not require great skill to carry out. The executioner, after chopping off the head, would hold it up to the crowd. There is some

, but the interior is a noble example of a somewhat dull style. Great skill was shown in successfully building this large church, partly on the solid ground of the bank and partly on the shifting sand of the river bed. Antonio also built the Cappella Paolina and other parts of the Vatican (Vatican City), together with additions to the walls and forts of the Leonine City. His most ornate work is the lower part of the cortile of the Farnese Palace, afterwards completed by Michelangelo


by his deputy Dongfang Bubai and imprisoned there. Ren Woxing breaks out of captivity by using Linghu Chong to replace himself, and in return he lets Linghu learn his "Star Sucking Great Skill" and thereafter rescues Linghu from the dungeon. Ren Woxing offers his daughter's hand in marriage to Linghu Chong and tries to persuade Linghu to join his cult but the latter declines. Linghu later helps Ren Woxing defeat Dongfang Bubai and regain control of his cult. '''Yang Hui''' ( WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou


him the confidence of Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I of France), who appointed him to command the special body of gendarmes charged with the duty of guarding the First Consul. In the discovery of the various ramifications of the Georges Cadoudal-Pichegru conspiracy Savary showed great skill and activity. He proceeded to the cliff of Biville in Normandy, where the plotters were in the habit of landing, and sought, by imitating the signals of the royalist plotters, to tempt the comte


Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية


of the orientalist, J. L. Burckhardt (Johann Ludwig Burckhardt), he was sent by Henry Salt (Henry Salt (Egyptologist)), the British consul to Egypt, to the Ramesseum at Thebes (Thebes (Egypt)), from where he removed with great skill the colossal bust of Ramesses II, commonly called "the Young Memnon". Shipped by Belzoni to England, this piece is still on prominent display at the British Museum. This weighed over 7 tons. It took him 17 days and 130 men to tow it to the river. He

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