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One of the must sees of Annaba is the Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo, or "Lela Bouna" as it is sometimes referred to in Arabic. It is on a hill not too far outside downtown, and it's a dominating sight. Taxis run regularly to and from the church. The Church itself is a marvel, with stunning architecture and ancient Roman ruins right behind it. Saint Augustine's hand is kept inside the church. Downtown Annaba is a great place to take a stroll. Visit "Le Cours"

. Enjoying a coffee and croissant at a cafe with the locals is always a good thing. Drink Sleep Go next There are a number of places to visit that are around or close to Annaba. '''Seraidi''': Seraidi is a small village up high in the mountains that surround Annaba. It's about 13 km from downtown. It's a great place to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and escape enjoying the tranquility and clean, crisp air. There is a famous hotel there known to the locals

as "Hotel Al-Hawa", literally "hotel of the wind". It is called that because it's so high up that it breaks the clouds and offers a great place to stay and has amazing views. On a clear day one can see the amazing views of the coastline and natural beaches below. On a cloudy day there is noting but clouds. It's a great place to see the sunrise or sunset. '''El Caala''': El Caala is a small town about an hour and a half drive east of Annaba. It's on the road to Tuinisia so

Riverview, New Brunswick

town in Albert County (Albert County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. Riverview is located on the south side of the Petitcodiac River, across from the larger cities of Moncton (pop. 69,074) and Dieppe (Dieppe, New Brunswick) (pop. 23,310). Riverview has an area of . Riverview's slogan is "A Great Place To Grow". With a population of 19,128, Riverview is the fifth largest municipality


you to hook up mp3 devices with speakers. They also staged impromptu Egyptian drumming sessions at night with their friends. A great place to stay if you want to relax and not people watch, but if you're there for the tourist social scene, then perhaps other places would be better. *

and are kept super-clean with hot water supplied by solar-power. The large and shady restaurant area is a great place to hang out and serves up an extensive menu of local and international dishes with lots of fresh seafood options and nearly all of the ingredients sourced locally. There is excellent snorkelling (equipment provided) just off the beach and a whole host of activities (diving and desert-trips etc) can be arranged onsite. A wonderful option for those who want a peaceful and relaxing beach


Caribbean Sea off the northern coast of Honduras. It's a very popular destination for budget travelers to get their PADI certifications (or do fun dives) and party. It's a great place to dive but there's essentially no other reason to go there. Get in Getting to Útila is a relatively simple process from many gateway cities. Direct flights to both San Pedro Sula and Roatan are now available from Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Toronto. From either Roatan or San Pedro Sula a simple

, the cheapest grocery stores were Mermaids and Tiende del Pueblo. Eat The island has a wide variety of fruit, seafood meals, pasta, vegetarian and breakfast fitting for a king with fresh and full-bodied coffee. Many establishments offer a discount for larger groups, so be sure to round up a posse at your hostel before you go out to eat. *Check the '''Bundu Cafe''' daily for their specials which are always changing and never disappoint. Also a great place to enjoy a margarita


place to discover, as it has a low crime rate and is very laid back and relaxing. Buy Things to buy in Belmopan include Belizean groceries and gifts from the gift shops. Angelus Press is a great place to shop for gifts where you can buy flags, maps, books, and Belizean trinkets. Every Tuesday and Friday there is a market held in the center of the city. Many locals set up booths selling inexpensive clothes, DVDs, trinkets, food, and produce. Many Belizians from surrounding towns

there. *'''Caracol''' Biggest ruin in Belize, yet mostly unexcavated, so you really feel like you are in a national park on a ruin. Ca'ana, place of the sky, is one of the biggest and most massive temples in the Mayan world. Definitely a must-see ruin, and it comes with stops at Rio On Pools and Rio Frio Cave too. *'''Xunantunich''' (Maya Ruins) * The Artbox, an art gallery which is great for tourists. Do Belmopan is a good place to walk around the neighborhoods and market plazas. It is a great


is covered in graffiti from Local youth. * '''Neema Crafts Centre''' is a great place to visit with cafe with great cake and fresh ground coffee, a tour of the workshops is great to see all the different crafts being made, especially paper from elephant dung! * '''Isimila Stone Age Site'''. About 15 kilometers from town towards Mafinga, easily accessible by daladala or taxi. This is one of the most interesting stone age sites in East Africa and is well worth a visit. At Kalenga, you can go

in their restaurant which is fast and it is a great place to sit and relax with your laptop. The only problem is they only have 10 computers at the moment but are hooking another up for use as a skype computer in a private booth, but if you have to wait, the chocolate cake and coffee is great! Another well known internet place is IringaNet,it is at the top end of town. It will cost you 1,000 per hour, though you can bulk buy and get a small discount. Another option is to take your own wireless

Caye Caulker

friends. Great place to relax on a hammock or swing with a cocktail. From the top deck you can see the whole island, eerily peaceful at night. *

on stilts have a porch and hammock. A 175 ft dock with palapa and hammocks, safe swimming area. * *


, located five kilometers ( ) up to the canyon of Cetina River, is an excursion picnic place famous for bread baked under an iron lid (''peka'') and for fresh trout that can be caught from the river. The Cetina River is a great place for those who like active holidays (white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking). Recreational activities, in Omiš, also include: free climbing, cycling, tennis, football (soccer), basketball, 9-pin bowling, bocce


'' from the otogar will take you there for 3 TL. Buy *


not raining: nice tables set outside and separated by neat little hedges. Great place to watch sport events on a telly. Drink Sleep Budget * *

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