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was Filipstad in 1611; however, its privilege was revoked in 1694 after a devastating fire. King Charles IX took great personal intererest in expanding mining in the province and the industry developed sigificially during his reign. The most significant coup d'état of modern Swedish history had its beginning in Karlstad. The man behind the uprising was a liberal (Liberalism) nobleman and a prominent man of the opposition, the former officer Georg Adlersparre. He was backed up


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Cartagena, Colombia

was then commissioned as a commodore in the navy of New Granada (Colombia) (United Provinces of New Granada), and at great personal expense, in December 1815 ran the Spanish blockade and evacuated hundreds of people in his vessels from the besieged fortress city of Cartagena de Indias (Cartagena, Colombia) (Colombia) to Haiti. In spite of his success in this dangerous exploit he argued with Simón Bolívar, leader of the Latin American revolutionaries, over payment for his services. 1942-1943 Departing Norfolk (Naval Station Norfolk) on 31 January 1942, in company with align left The Caribbean region coast extends from the Gulf of Urabá to the Gulf of Venezuela with the main port cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia) bordering it. The administration of the region is covered by eight department (Departments of Colombia) governments; Atlántico (Atlántico Department), Bolívar (Bolívar Department), Cesar (Cesar Department), Sucre (Sucre Department), Córdoba (Córdoba Department), Magdalena (Magdalena Department), La Guajira and San Andrés y Providencia (Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina). These 8 departments also cover approximately 182 municipalities (Municipalities of Colombia), 1093 ''corregimientos'' and 493 ''caserios'' according to the 2005 Census by DANE (DANE Colombia). Most of its inhabitants speak a dialect of Caribbean Spanish with variations within its subregions. The most popular and known celebration in the Caribbean region is the Carnival of Barranquilla (Barranquilla's Carnival) celebrated every year in February. The Miss Colombia Pageant (Miss Colombia) in Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia), the Vallenato Legend Festival in Valledupar, Feast of the Sea in Santa Marta and the Corralejas Festivities in Sincelejo. While still in Veracruz, he was informed of the pressing need to reinforce the Armada de Barlovento, which guarded the coast and shipping from corsairs. He immediately took up this project, renovating six warships, ordering the construction of others, and obtaining several more from Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia) and Havana. He ordered the casting of cannons and the production of munitions, gunpowder and rigging. * 1541: Foundation of Antioquía (Colombia). * He took possession of an encomienda in Cartagena of Indies (Cartagena, Colombia), which he granted to Sebastián de Belalcázar. * 1547: Cieza de León participated in missions headed by Pedro de la Gasca in support of the royalist campaign against Gonzalo Pizarro's rebellion. Uribe remains hospitalized in the Naval Hospital of Cartagena (w:Cartagena, Colombia) in Colombia (w:Colombia).


, Katowice, Warsaw * - Cluj-Napoca Jancic became Professor of Piano Studies at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and was one of last staff to continue teaching despite of the war. At great personal risk he continued to give performances during the siege of Sarajevo until he left the city in the spring 1993. "It was experience of a life time to teach and perform in such life threatening conditions," he said


had to withdraw for lack of tuition money. He persisted in reading voraciously, especially works about World War II, and in 1944 joined the Communist Party of China. After 1949 he worked as a reporter and editor for China Youth News and began a long career of writing rooted in an iron devotion to social ideals, an affection for China's ordinary people, and an insistence on honest expression even at the cost of great personal sacrifice. China National Highway 102 is 1297 km

Guatemala City

hi world americas 3788229.stm ''Critics question Reagan legacy'' . BBC News, June 9, 2004 During a meeting with Ríos Montt on December 4, Reagan declared: "President Ríos Montt is a man of great personal integrity and commitment. ... I know he wants to improve the quality of life for all Guatemalans and to promote social justice." 1 (#Notes)


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in Komańcza, September 1939. thumb August von Mackensen (Image:AugustvonMackensen.jpg) At the beginning of World War I Mackensen remained in command of XVII Army Corps as part of the Eighth Army (8th Army (German Empire)) under first General Maximilian von Prittwitz and then General Paul von Hindenburg and saw action in the battles of Gumbinnen and Tannenberg (Battle of Tannenberg (1914)). On 2 November 1914 Mackensen took command of the Ninth Army (9th Army (German Empire)) from General von Hindenburg, who had been named Supreme Commander East (''Oberbefehlshaber Ost''). On 27 November 1914 Mackensen was awarded the ''Pour le Mérite'', Prussia's highest military order, for actions around Łódź and Warsaw. He commanded


, an affection for China's ordinary people, and an insistence on honest expression even at the cost of great personal sacrifice. * China National Highway 101 to Chengde and Shenyang leaves Beijing at Dongzhimen, heading north-east at Sanyuanqiao; * China National Highway 102 to Harbin leaves Beijing at Chaoyangmen, heading east; * China National Highway 103 to Tanggu (Tanggu District) leaves Beijing at Fenzhongsi, heading south-east near the Jingjintang Expressway

Monterey, California

party disbanded at great personal expense to Kelley. Hoping to salvage his expedition, he sailed south to Veracruz, and after many hardships he assembled a party of U.S. citizens in Mexico who had settled in Monterey (Monterey, California). The party crossed Mexico to California, where Kelley, along with Joseph Gale, joined the party trader (fur trade) Ewing Young who was moving into the Oregon Country backed by the missionary (Oregon missionaries) Jason Lee (Jason Lee (missionary)). While in command of the Ok, ‘Joe the painter’… While the Star Beacon article was done quite well as a whole, the wording in this part about ‘the presidency and house painting’ is a bit too abbreviated, and a bit too disjointed. The more accurate version is… I have a degree in journalism from Bowling Green State University (w:Bowling Green State University) and have worked for several intermediate sized newspapers in Ohio. A ways into this, I changed professions and became a licensed chemical dependency counselor who started one of the first outpatient treatment programs in the Midwest for people who were raised in addictive dysfunctional families. (As an aside, during Campaign 2000, I told CBS News (w:CBS News) in Monterey (w:Monterey, California), that: “To heal the country, we have to heal the family.” After working in the chemical dependency field for about eight years, I felt a spiritual prompting – as other people at times feel spiritual promptings to do any number of things – to leave this profession and go out on the road to look for people trying to make a difference when it came to things like healing the family, saving the environment, helping the poor, creating peace felt compelled to gather these stories, using my journalism background, then share them with others – with the hopes of planting “seeds of change.” After a long, considered discernment process, I decided to go on the road and left Cleveland, in 1990. This was the start of an eight-year research period where I logged close to 100,000 miles. What I learned was a lot of tremendously creative, common sense solutions to practically all the issues of our day. Armed with this, I started to running for president in 1999, and have been doing it ever since (four successive election cycles). In each newspaper interview, each radio show, each speech... I share parts of what I researched with the hopes people will try some of it in their own town, and who knows how far out it will ripple from there. (I found that running for president is a great way to get a message out. And yes, I am indeed trying to win as well. Then I could get the information out a lot quicker, and further.) Now as far as the house painting, because I'm on the road some six to eight months a year campaigning, it's logistically quite hard to hold down a counseling or journalism job. So, instead, I do some part-time house painting to make ends meet. And thus, “Joe the painter.” Note: As an example, in the heart of w:Buffalo, New York Buffalo , I interviewed Dr. Myron Glick who felt his own 'spiritual prompting' to move his family to inner city Buffalo and start the Jericho Road Health Clinic. He uses a minimal sliding fee scale and has seen people from at least 50 different countries (Buffalo is a port city). Why? Because he's Christian (w:Christianity), he told me, and it is Jesus Christ (w:Jesus)' edict that we help the poor. I have shared Dr. Glick's story all over the country, with the hopes of inspiring other doctors to consider doing some version of the same. And each time that happens, I get a component of our healthcare bill passed – and another little kid living below the poverty line gets the medical help they might have otherwise not gotten. For more on our healthcare position paper, see or, listen to my “ w:Fireside chats Fireside Podcast ” on healthcare, and podcasts on other pressing issues of the day, at

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