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Sheikhdom of Kuwait

Poverty has settled in Kuwait more heavily since my last visit five years ago, both by sea, where the pearl trade continues to decline, and by land, where the blockade established by Saudi Arabia now harms the merchants. Some prominent merchant families left Kuwait in the early 1930s due to the prevalence of economic hardship. At the time of the discovery of oil in 1937, most of Kuwait's inhabitants were impoverished. Mubarak the Great Mubarak's seizure


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Mexico City

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continued to grow, and Yamamoto was challenged to explain the bribery allegations before the House of Peers (Japanese House of Peers). thumb 250px Jizō (File:Zojoji 01.jpg) statues at the cemetery San'en-zan WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


of Minato (Minato, Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan. It is the Great Main Temple of the Chinzai sect of the Shingon school. The main image is of Amida (Amitābha) Buddha. The founder of Zōjō-ji was Yūyo Shōsō (酉誉聖聡). Details The first quake struck the Chuetsu area of Niigata Prefecture, Japan with a reading of 7 on the Japanese shindo (Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale) scale at Kawaguchi, Niigata. On the Richter scale (Richter magnitude scale), the moment magnitude (moment magnitude scale) of the earthquake is estimated at 6.8. (For comparison, the Great Hanshin earthquake, which devastated much of Kobe (Kobe, Hyogo), measured 7 on the shindo scale, with a magnitude of 7.2.) The earthquake occurred at a depth of 15.8  km. The JMA gave the coordinates of the earthquake as zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan


for Featured Article status. This article clearly explains Canada's constitutional monarchy: How it started and how it works. Monarchy in Canada is a subject that many people are unfamiliar with. For example, many, if not most, people don't correctly understand the relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom. This article really has the has the potential to be a great main page article. That's all I have to say about that! 25px (Image:Flag of Canada.svg) --Mb1000 (User:Mb1000) 02:39

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