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parlour. Managed by Dennis Adams, a lovely host and excellent cook. (Crab curry is a must!) Splurge Drink Pachica is a good place with a variety of people to meet and greet. The Bar has a decent amount of stock with good variety, and Saturday is pizza day (some of the best pizza Moz has to offer). You are normally also lucky enough to meet a few people who are happy to share a few travel stories, and a beer. Sleep Many people stay at one of the many resorts located on the beach


simple mains from Tsh 7,500, pizza from Tsh 10,000. content A nice and quiet place to get something to eat and drink. While some question quality of the food, the food is delicious and there’s a good variety. They also have milk shakes and beer. *


6 lat 47.94417 long 21.71078 directions not far from the train station phone hours price content is a medieval times themed restaurant with a good variety of old-style Hungarian food. As a bonus, many foods are served to you on a sword. *


in summer) finding a place to eat can be an issue, as many of them are booked by wedding parties. Drink * Sleep Uglich offers a good variety of places to stay. If you are going to visit the town in a summer weekend, book your accommodation in advance. English-speaking staff

La Ceiba

equipment, bilingual professional guide and gear (rafts, paddles, life jackets and helmets). Participants are invited to a picnic meal at the end of the activity, consisting of some sandwiches, cookies and fruit and soft drink. (504) 9699-9300 Buy Sadly, the majority of items you can buy in La Ceiba come from Guatemala. Still, they're cheap and pretty. The souvenir shop with the largest selection in La Ceiba, including a good variety of local art and artisan work, is the Rain Forest

San Pedro Sula

and Honduran versions. Another great option only found in San Pedro Sula is Power Chicken, the most popular location right in front of the City Mall. Here you can try familiar food with a Honduran twist. Very good and very cheap *'''Don Udos'''. Don Udos is located on Boulevard Morazon a few blocks up from the Circunvalacion. A favorite amongst foreigners it has a good variety of international dishes and a good variety of wine. Meal prices: US$8 to US$15 *'''Arnie's Diner and Grill''', is located on 7


is the Mutare Post Office, which was opened in 1973. Visitors may see the Mayor's Parlour, the reception rooms and the Council Chamber during working hours. The Turner Memorial Library, in the Civic Centre complex, is a subscription lending library with a good variety of fiction and non-fiction. MUTARE MAIN PARK ALOE GARDENS The result of many years of hard work, the Aloe Gardens in Mutare's Main Park are becoming increasingly famous throughout the southern Africa region. The gardens contain

Dire Dawa

. The market near the river has traditional African spices, incense, and fruits such as guava, sour sop and custard apple. Eat *'''Paradiso restaurant''' found on the road to Harar near the edge of town is regarded as the best Italian in town. It is most famous for lasagna and the roasted goat meat with rice. The traditional Ethiopian dishes are also of high quality. *'''Samrat Hotel''' has good variety(including an Indian menu) and good looking food in large quantities. It does not taste very good though. *'''African Village''' has good traditional food. *'''Peacock Hotel''' has some nice ice cream and pool tables. Drink Sleep Budget Basic accommodations are in abundance. Mid-range *'''Ras Hotel''', close to downtown in Dire-Dawa is quite pricey for the offerings. *'''African Village''' is near Tsehay (pronounced say hey) hotel. It offers traditional looking huts and has a communal courtyard for meeting other people. The prices are reasonable and based on the size of the room. Splurge Connect Stay safe Generally safe. However, you need to pay attention to your belongings. Your backpacks, camera and other shiny tourist items can attract pickpockets and con artists. (Recently, due to increasing immigration of Somalians, and a tension that may have created with locals the city is being heavily policed.) Avoid political discussions, especially in regards to Somalia. Cope Go next Commons:Category:Dire Dawa


Rest-house alt url email address Makli lat long directions Inside the Makli necropolis complex near the entrance gate phone tollfree fax checkin checkout price content Recently renovated accommodation run by Sindh's archaeological department. Overall, ideal for a stay overnight, but only available if booked in advance through the Archaeological Department office. Go next * '''Kirthar National Park''' — this large park offers great natural beauty and a good variety of wildlife * '''Mohenjo-daro''' — an ancient city not to be missed by history buffs Wikipedia:Thatta

Puerto Vallarta

directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Cheapest place to buy most groceries. Huge produce dept. Good variety of Mexican & some US products. Good place to buy smokes or liquor before flying home. Can be inconvenient to bring back groceries via local bus. *

of the ocean, and the garden. The garden is the most beautiful of the three, with an artificial creek running through it. The food here is very tasty *

variety of entrées, like the cream-based salmon with caviar and lemon. For appetizers try the top-heavy (con molto tomate) bruschetta or steamed mussels with lemon, parsley, and butter. Most folks choose to sit on the open patio, but La Piazzeta also has an intimate dining room. The personal attention of the owner, Mimmo, guarantees repeat business. It's open 4 to midnight. *

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