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''' is the main beach resort town along the Makarska Riviera in Croatia, south of Split. Behind the city the impressive Biokovo mountain range rises up to 1,700 m (5,575 ft) within a few kilometres from the sea. Understand Makarska is on the picturesque Croatian coast. It is recommended to visit from April until October. For younger people July and August. If you want take a rest with no crowd on the beach then September is a good time. Makarska is a good place to stay rather than visiting on a day trip. Get in By bus * Regular regional bus service connects Makarska to Split, Dubrovnik, and other cities in the broader region. * In the season (June-August) there is a direct night connection to Banja Luka and Gradiska in the north of Bosnia. By ferry * There is a ferry to Sumartin on Brac-island, travelling time is around 30 min. Get around By taxi In Makarska there is no single large taxi company, but many small operators provide a service with one or two cars. The taxi usually comes within 10 to 15 min from the call. See You can take a scenic walk around the peninsula, the marina, and the main square. The peninsula area in particular is scenic, relaxing, and some parts are not too crowded. Be warned that nude sunbathers like to relax on the southern side of the peninsula. Do *'''Parasailing''' *'''Rafting and kayaking'''. About a half-hour drive from Makarska, you can go rafting or kayaking along the Cetina River. The river is generally calm, although there are a few fast places, and one section is particularly dangerous. There is a tour agency that offers guided trips down the river. If you decide to go, look for the cave that was used by Marshal Tito's Partisans to hide from the Nazis during World War II. *'''Trekking'''. The mountains directly behind the city have decent hiking trails. The area is scenic and not too crowded, and you can get a good view of Makarska if you hike high enough. Be sure to stay on the trails and be aware that there is a species of poisonous snake that lives in the area. * WikiPedia:Makarska Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Makarska Commons:Category:Makarska


that Bering could not have had such a round face, as is depicted in most pictures. The analysis showed a man of strong stature and a more angular face. The portrait most frequently attributed to Bering may possibly be the writer '''Vitus Pedersen Bering''', who was Bering's uncle. Both parties used horse-drawn sledges and made good time over the first legs of the journey. On 14 February they were reunited in Vologda, and, now travelling together, headed eastwards across the Ural mountains, arriving in the small city of Tobolsk (one of the main stopping points of the journey) on 16 March. They had already travelled over 1750 miles. At Tobolsk, Bering took on more men to help the party through the more difficult journey ahead. He asked for 24 more from the garrison, before upping the request to 54 after hearing that the ship the party required at Okhotsk (the ''Vostok'') would need significant manpower to repair. In the end, the governor could spare only 39, but it still represented a significant expansion in numbers for the party. Wikipedia:Surgut

Jerome, Arizona

of the Eastern Area Command of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office. On September 16, 2008, Keenan updated the blog, revealing that the first ever Puscifer store would be opening "hopefully" by October 1 in Jerome (Jerome, Arizona), Arizona. Occupying a small space above a tattoo parlor, the store opened on October 3, 2008. Major, Laura (October 3, 2008). "Puscifer store grand opening". ''ReGen magazine''. Retrieved on November 5, 2008. In addition to the merchandise available on the band's online store, Keenan has also made available locally-roasted coffee, art, and an ever-changing list of limited edition collectibles. (October 29, 2008). "Puscifer Opens Store, Visits Others". Retrieved on November 5, 2008.





Ko Tao email address lat long directions on Sairee Beach phone tollfree fax hours price content Ko Tao's first and longest established freediving school. Apnea Total profits from experienced teachers and a private boat for a safe and successful learning experience. *

fax hours price content Specialises in training highly qualified and employable diving professionals, ranging from divemaster to instructor, over 2-7 months. *


Centre offering Spanish language courses to help you appreciate coming to Spain. The centre if accredited by the Cervantes Institute (a major accreditation for Spanish schools). The staff are very friendly and helpful and they know how to have a good time. Buy The maximum you can draw out from all of the town's ATMs on a non-Spanish credit or debit card per calendar week is 500 euros. There are '''markets''' on Sundays (Boot Market, now located near the Almijara 11 area and Flaming Urbanisations) a good distance from the centre of town and Tuesdays at Chaparil. There is a Thursday fleamarket at the Boatyard. As well as a wide assortment of small shops around town selling all sorts of items (do shop around), there are several Chinese bazaars which sell a huge selection of items fairly cheaply. * WikiPedia:Nerja Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous_Communities Andalucia Malaga Nerja Commons:Category:Nerja

San Juan de los Lagos

of the road. This takes place all through the month of January. For that reason January is not a good time to visit. Do Buy *'''Plaster objects''' The town is blessed with hundreds of shops dedicated to plaster, among other materials, saints of all types, sizes and colors. These are bought mainly by priests for their churches, devout Catholics for their homes and small altars in every factory, restaurant, and business in Mexico. Near the Christmas season you may also find literally thousands

Porto Velho

all the way up from Av. Farquar ( parallel to the Beira Rio (river side) and follow the noise a bit to your left. The street gets blocked, there is security, you probably will be checked entering but don't let that set you off. You'll probably have a good time doing what the locals do. For a bit more upscale experience take a taxi and go to a pseudo authentic beer brewery. The hot one in Porto Velho is Public Haus. Sleep Budget There are some cheap hotels just across the street from

New Finland, Saskatchewan

is imminent." The sauna was valued for cleanliness and became a weekly gathering with men bathing together, then women, then children. Cooking and baking was brought, and a generally good time was held by all. Another custom which was adopted in the New Finland district was to establish a "temperance society (temperance movement)" as was popular with many Finnish settlements. With the outlawing of alcohol

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