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lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Restaurant, sauna, hooka-lounge, disco floor and bowling. Buy Eat * *


rural children, good fast WiFi, quiz nights, Friday nights local bands, Bohemian vibe. * '''Pizzaría Napolitana''', 25 de Mayo #30, Pastas, pizzas and big sandwiches. A lunch menu cost BOB25, -somewhat overpriced, but serves until 5PM. * '''La Taverna''', Acre 835, in the courtyard of the Alliance Francaise. Good French inspired food but using local ingredients and wine. Good continental breakfast at BOB20, but the place was rarely found open in the morning. Set menu for BOB45,- from 12-3PM

and generally not as great as El Germen, but it is a lot cheaper. *


to the central downtown area. By ferry It is very easy to get to Basseterre from Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, which is the sister island of St. Kitts. A number of different ferry boat make the scenic round trip between the two islands several times a day, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons. By bus Local buses all ultimately terminate (and start) in Basseterre and they are a very good, fast, inexpensive way to get around the island. A bus will drop you off


directions near Jacks Tower phone tollfree fax hours price Beer: 6 zł, tatanka 8 zł priceextra content Nice late bar club, no entry charges, free food after 23:00 (weekends), good music and good young crowd. Sleep As the TriCity is in effect conjoined and there are good, fast transit links, you can just as well consider accommodation in Gdynia or Sopot. Budget *


Other destinations * The Hainich Forest - Germany's thirteenth national park with its magnificent tree-top walk * The Thuringian Forest - national park and winter sport centre Understand Talk The most common language in Thuringia is German with its slight regional accent. Get in Get around By Train Public transport is for the most part good, fast and reliable. If you plan to do a day trip the '''"Thüringen-Ticket"''' might just be what you are looking


are good. Fast food — to include burgers, pizza, and fried chicken — is very popular in Malawi. For sit-down meals, ethnic eateries (thanks to a significant ex-pat population) are popular. Do note that, in many restaurants, '''pork''' products are not served to accommodate the Muslim population. Outside the larger cities, however, you might be a little underwhelmed with food options. Along the major roadways, you will find "tuck shops" featuring packaged


; in Mexico, Europe, Australia and other export markets it was sold as the '''Chrysler Neon'''. At the Neon's release, then president of Chrysler Corporation Bob Lutz (Bob Lutz (businessman)) said, "There's an old saying in Detroit: 'Good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.' We refuse to accept that." The Japanese press touted the Neon as the "Japanese car killer", due to a spiralling Yen and the lower production cost of the Neon.

United States

, "There's an old saying in Detroit: 'Good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.' We refuse to accept that." , the Civic EX at

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