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Georgetown, Ontario

-to-a-minor-league-contract title Marlins sign Shawn Hill to minor league Contract publisher (HardBall Talk) date January 29, 2011 * Mike Holmes, star of the home renovation show ''Holmes on Homes'' * Melanie Jans, 4-time Canadian Squash Champion and Pan American Games Gold Medalist * Bryan Lewis, former NHL Director of Officiating * John Malinosky

Squaw Valley, Placer County, California

accessdate September 7, 2014 Many members of the US Ski Team began skiing as a part of Squaw Valley's Mighty Mites racing team for five-to-ten year olds. Notable winter athletes from Olympic Valley include: *Ralph Backstrom - Snowboarder *Shannon Bahrke - Olympic skier *Wendy Fisher - Olympic skier *Travis Ganong - Olympic skier *Jimmie Heuga - Olympic Bronze medal winning skier *Nate Holland - X Games Gold medal winning snowboarder

Ancaster, Ontario

Games Gold Medalist * Michelle Dubé, CTV Toronto news personality * Stephen Elop – Executive VP of Microsoft's Devices & Services business unit. Former CEO of Finnish (Finland) mobile phone company Nokia *Ameer Idreis – author of The Ewald Series * Jane Johnston

Wausau, Wisconsin

player http: players L LiteGr20.htm *Paul A. Luedtke, Wisconsin State Assemblyman *Barbara K. MacDonald, musician, half of the duo Timbuk 3 *Sue R. Magnuson, Wisconsin State Assemblywoman *Mike Manley (Mike Manley (athlete)), Olympic athlete, Pan American Games gold medalist *Nicole Manske, host of ''NASCAR Now'' and ''The Speed Report'' *Herbert H. Manson, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin


, nuclear scientist *Mohammad Ranjbar, former Iran national football team player and headcoach *Mohammad Hassan Mohebbi, light heavyweight freestyle wrestler & Iran's national team coach *Kourosh Bagheri, world weightlifting champion *Ali Mazaheri, 2006 Asian Games gold medalist, Asian champion & Olympic boxer *Homa Hosseini, rower *Ali Akbar Moradi, Musician and Tanbour Player *Guity Novin, painter & graphic designer * Sohrab Pournazeri


-Cypriot former NFL placekicker, played as a member of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, to date the only team in NFL history to finish with a perfect record * Chrystalleni Trikomiti, Commonwealth Games gold-medalist rhythmic gymnast Gallery File:Fishing port (psarolimano).JPG Fishing port "Psarolimano" File:Hala sultan tekke.JPG Hala Sultan Tekke File:Larnaca fort.JPG Castle exterior File:Castle square wharf.JPG Castle square pier File:Kimon statue.JPG Kimon


ever recorded: *Jari Tervo, author * Harri Olli, ski jumper (Ski jumping) * writer Timo K. Mukka died in Rovaniemi in 1974. * Snowboarder and 2005 Winter X Games gold medalist Antti Autti is a Rovaniemi native, and in April 2005 he received his own piece of land in the city for being named

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

was a five-time X-Games gold medalist for snowcross - style "vertical-align:top; background:#ffffec;" Mrazek, Jerome (Jerome Mrazek) Hockey player Mrazek is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who played in one NHL game (List of players who played only one game in the NHL) for the Philadelphia Flyers. The '''Prince Albert Volunteers''' or '''Prince Albert Rifles''' were a historical body of militia organized in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, which served as Canadian government militia during the North-West Rebellion. '''Pronto Airways LP''' is an airline formed in 2006 and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It operates cargo, scheduled and charter passenger services in Saskatchewan. Its main bases are Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. Pronto is part of the West Wind Aviation group. Pronto Airway's fleet mainly consists of several Beechcraft 1900Ds. **Points North (Points North Landing Airport) (Points North Landing Airport) **Prince Albert (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) (Prince Albert (Glass Field) Airport) **Saskatoon (Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport)


(sport) rower who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics and in the 1936 Summer Olympics, died in Crawley. * Simon Calder, a journalist for The Independent, was born in the town. * Matt Charman, playwright, was born in Crawley. Matt Charman * Rebecca Cooke, freestyle swimmer and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, was born in Crawley. commons:Crawley


medal, making Freeman the first ever Aboriginal (Australian Aborigines) Commonwealth Games gold medallist, as well as one of the youngest, at 16 years old. She moved to Melbourne in 1990s after the Auckland Commonwealth Games. Shortly after moving to Melbourne, Bideau her manager introduced Freeman to athletics coach, Peter Fortune who would become Freeman's coach for the rest of her career. She was then selected to represent Australia at the 1990 World Junior Championships in Athletics in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There, she reached the semi-finals of the 100 m and placed fifth in the final of the 400 m. Freeman competed in her second World Junior Championships (1992 World Junior Championships in Athletics) in Seoul, South Korea. She competed only in the 200 m, winning the silver medal behind China's Hu Ling. Also in 1992, she travelled to her first Olympic Games (1992 Summer Olympics), reaching the second round of her new speciality event; the 400 metres. At the 1993 World Championships in Athletics, Freeman competed in the 200 m, reaching the semi-finals. World Junior Championships Plovdiv, Bulgaria align "center" 5th World Junior Championships Plovdiv, Bulgaria align "center" 5th The revolution of Plovdiv (18 September 1885), which brought about the union of Eastern Rumelia with Bulgaria, took place with Alexander's consent, and he at once assumed the government of the province. In the year which followed, the prince gave evidence of considerable military and diplomatic ability. He rallied the Bulgarian army, now deprived of its Russian officers, to resist the Serbian invasion, and after a victory at Slivnitza (19 November), which Alexander had little to do with, having arrived in Slivnitsa after the battle (incidentally initiated by a volunteer of the rank of private) was already over, excerpts from ''A History of Volunteers in the Serbo-Bulgarian War'' by colonel Yordan Benedikov *'''Cultural tourism''' ** Veliko Tarnovo, Nessebar, Sozopol, Plovdiv, Bansko, Ethnographic museum Etara (Etara), Koprivshtitsa *'''City tourism''' ** Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Rousse, Vratsa, Pleven, Vidin, Lovech John then launched a punitive raid against the Serbs, many of whom were rounded up and transported to Nicomedia in Asia Minor to serve as military colonists. This was done partly to cow the Serbs into submission (Serbia was, at least nominally, a Byzantine protectorate), and partly to strengthen the Byzantine frontier in the east against the Turks. However, John's marriage to the Hungarian princess Piroska (Piroska of Hungary) involved him in the dynastic struggles of the Kingdom of Hungary. Giving asylum to a blinded claimant to the Hungarian throne (called Álmos), John aroused the suspicion of the Hungarians, and was faced with an invasion in 1128. The Hungarians attacked Belgrade, Braničevo (Braničevo (town)), Nish, Sofia, and penetrated south as far as the outskirts of Philippopolis (Plovdiv). J. Norwich, ''Byzantium: The Decline and Fall'', 71 After a challenging campaign lasting two years, the emperor managed to defeat the Hungarians and their Serbian allies at the fortress of Haram which is located in Nova Palanka (Bačka Palanka), and peace was restored. A. Urbansky, ''Byzantium and the Danube Frontier'', 46 Relations with Bulgaria After the expiration of the 20-year peace treaty (Treaty of 815) between the Empire and Bulgaria in 836, Theophilos ravaged the Bulgarian frontier. The Bulgarians retaliated, and under the leadership of Isbul they reached Adrianople. At this time, if not earlier, the Bulgarians annexed Philippopolis (Plovdiv) and its environs. ''Khan (Khan (title))'' Malamir died in 836. The Ottomans (Ottoman Empire), who had been allied with the Kantakouzenoi, continued to press John. Suleyman Paşa (Suleyman Pasha (son of Orhan)), the son of the Ottoman sultan, led their forces in Europe and was able to take Adrianople and Philippopolis (Plovdiv) and exact tribute from the emperor. John V appealed to the West for help, proposing to end the schism (East-West Schism) between the Byzantine (Eastern Orthodoxy) and Latin (Roman Catholicism) churches by submitting the patriarchate (Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople) to the supremacy of Rome (pope). At Milan on March 1, 293, Constantius was formally appointed as Maximian’s Caesar. Birley, pg. 382 He adopted the names Flavius Valerius Southern, pg. 147 and was given command of Gaul, Britannia (Roman Britain) and possibly Hispania. Diocletian, the eastern Augustus, in order to keep the balance of power in the imperium Southern, pg. 145 elevated Galerius as his Caesar, possibly on May 21, 293 at Philippopolis (Plovdiv). Constantius was the more senior of the two Caesars, and on official documents he always took precedence, being mentioned before Galerius. Southern, pg. 147 Constantius’ capital was to be located at Augusta Treverorum. A conflict between the Byzantines and Bulgarians started in 855–856. The Empire wanted to regain its control over some areas of Thrace, including Philippopolis (Plovdiv) and the ports around the Gulf of Burgas on the Black Sea. The Byzantine forces, led by the emperor and the caesar Bardas, were successful in the conflict and reconquered a number of cities, Philippopolis, Develtus, Anchialus and Mesembria being among them, and the region of Zagora (Zagore) was recovered. Gjuzelev, p. 130 Bulgarian historical review, v.33:no.1-4, p.9. At the time of this campaign the Bulgarians were distracted by a war with the Franks under Louis the German and the Croatians. The barbarian incursions into the Empire were becoming more and more daring and frequent whereas the Empire was facing a serious economic crisis in Decius' time. During his brief reign, Decius engaged in important operations against the Goths, who crossed the Danube to raid districts of Moesia and Thrace. This is the first considerable occasion the Goths — who would later come to play such an important role — appear in the historical record. The Goths under King Cniva were surprised by the emperor while besieging Nicopolis (Nikopol, Bulgaria) on the Danube; the Goths fled through the difficult terrain of the Balkans, but then doubled back and surprised the Romans near Beroë (modern Stara Zagora), sacking their camp and dispersing the Roman troops. It was the first time a Roman emperor fled in the face of Barbarians. The Goths then moved to attack ''Philippopolis'' (Battle of Philippopolis (250)) (modern Plovdiv), which fell into their hands. The governor of Thrace, Titus Julius Priscus, declared himself Emperor under Gothic protection in opposition to Decius but Priscus's challenge was rendered moot when he was killed soon afterwards. Scarre 1995, p.169 thumb upright Burgas as seen from space (Image:Burgas-from-Space.jpg) '''Burgas''' ( WikiPedia:Plovdiv Dmoz:Regional Europe Bulgaria Localities Plovdiv Commons:Category:Plovdiv

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