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, the rebel troops refused a military base in Bangui and in June a new revolt broke out. In view of frequent political unrest the city was named in 1996 as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. WikiPedia:Bangui Commons:Category:Bangui

Portuguese Guinea

economy, a post-war slump and frequent political crisis created a deep recession. By the time of the 1926 military uprising (28 May 1926 coup d'état) in Portugal, most of Guinea was occupied, administered and taxed, but its revenue was insufficient to pay for its administration, much less to expand it. W G Clarence-Smith, (1975). ''The Third Portuguese Empire'', pp 114-7 When the Estado Novo (Estado Novo (Portugal)) imposed police on the Bissagos Islands in 1935-36


Ala-Too Square alt url email address lat 42.8753 long 74.6036 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content The main city square is a vast expanse of concrete that ceased to be called Lenin square in 1991, and is the site of frequent political demonstrations and regular festivals. A statue of Lenin was the focal point until 2003, before he was banished to a much less conspicuous location behind the museum and replaced by a statue of Erkidik (freedom). At night many vendors set up photograph and karaoke booths, and there's a synchronised sound and light show in time with the fountains, however travellers should avoid visiting the square after dark. There is also a military monument with an hourly changing of guards. * WikiPedia:Bishkek Commons:Category:Bishkek

Ming dynasty

(1572 82) built up an effective network of alliances with senior officials. However, there was no one after him skilled enough to maintain the stability of these alliances; Hucker (1958), 31. officials soon banded together in opposing political factions. Over time Wanli grew tired of court affairs and frequent political quarreling amongst his ministers, preferring to stay behind the walls of the Forbidden City and out of his officials


History, Congregation Beth Shalom website . Listfield led protests by the congregation against the posthumous induction into the Alabama Military Hall of Honor of prominent United States Navy officer, frequent political candidate, and outspoken antisemite John G. Crommelin. Listfield moved to Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Congregation in August, 2006. Clergy, Tree of Life Congregation website (#refTreeOfLife). birth_date Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh


2010 From the 16th century onwards, civil strife and frequent political infighting engulfed much of Vietnam. First, the Chinese-supported Mạc dynasty challenged the Lê dynasty's power. After the Mạc dynasty was defeated, the Lê dynasty was nominally reinstalled, but actual power was divided between the northern Trịnh lords and the southern Nguyễn lords, who engaged in a civil war (Trịnh–Nguyễn War) for more than four decades before a truce was called in the 1670s

Washington, D.C.

passed to his nephew, Captain John Kean, a National Guard calvalryman and president of the National State Bank, the Elizabethtown Water Company, and the Elizabethtown Consolidated Gas Company. Captain John Kean was the son of Katharine Winthrop Kean and United States Senator Hamilton Fish Kean whose library was housed at Kean Hall, a building constructed for that specific purpose in 1912. A frequent political meeting place in the first years of its life, Kean Hall now houses the undergraduate

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