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San Juan, Argentina

Dam (18 km from the city). An integral attraction to the province is its large Triassic period fossil record, believed to be one of the largest in the world. was elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies for Córdoba Province (Córdoba Province (Argentina)) in 1973, and became leader of the UCR caucus until the March 1976 coup. '''Francisco Narciso de Laprida''' (October 28, 1786 in San Juan (San Juan Province, Argentina) – September 22, 1829) http: argentina francisco-narciso-de-laprida was an Argentine (Argentina) lawyer and politician. He was a representative for San Juan (San Juan, Argentina) at the Congress of Tucumán, and its president on July 9, 1816, when the Declaration of Independence of Argentina was declared. http: argentina francisco-narciso-de-laprida Ways to Merlo Merlo is located 751 kilometers from Buenos Aires by the principal highway of the region, National Route 8 (National Route 8 (Argentina)) (Autopista Acceso Norte, Pilar (Pilar, Buenos Aires), Pergamino (Pergamino, Buenos Aires), Venado Tuerto, toward Río Cuarto, and from there by Ruta Provincial 1 to Villa de Merlo Merlo is located 250 km from Córdoba, Argentina Córdoba , 650 km from the city of Rosario; 460 km from the city of Mendoza (Mendoza, Argentina), and comparable distances from San Juan (San Juan, Argentina) and La Rioja (La Rioja, Argentina). *LRA22 Jujuy (San Salvador de Jujuy), Jujuy Province *LRA23 San Juan (San Juan, Argentina), San Juan Province (San Juan Province (Argentina)) *LRA 24 Río Grande (Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego) Tierra del Fuego Province

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

throughout Saskatchewan. Robsart Art Works * T.rex Discovery Centre, a world class facility to house the fossil record of the Eastend (Eastend, Saskatchewan) area started many years before the discovery of "Scotty" the T.Rex in 1994. T.rex Discovery Centre Sports thumb right Shaunavon baseball team in the 1930s (File:Shaunavon baseball.jpg) Shaunavon has many seasonal and year-round venues that help to boost tourism and entertain residents. It also has numerous organizations offering sport, culture, recreational and social opportunities including hockey, soccer, curling, figure skating, karate, fastball and baseball, volleyball, basketball, performing arts, and a variety of dance disciplines. The service groups include: Shaunavon Kinsmen & Kinettes, Shaunavon Legion & Legion Auxiliary, Shaunavon Elks & Royal Purple, Shawnees, Knights of Columbus, Hometown Club, Senior Citizens and a number of church organizations. Recreational facilities include: a bowling alley, walking trails, Recreation Complex, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, swimming pool, regional library, playgrounds, fitness gym, golf club, rinks, movie theatre, ball park, skating and curling. During the summer months, the skating rink serves as a community centre for various events and in the fall and winter is covered with ice again for both skating and curling. In the summer months an outdoor recreation swimming pool is available and a 9-hole golf course is also open. Camping is available at the Shawnee Campground adjacent to Memorial Park in the heart of the town. Shaunavon is home to the Shaunavon Badgers of the Southwest Saskatchewan Hockey League. Shaunavon hosted CBC's Fifth Annual Hockey Day in Canada on February 21, 2004. Infrastructure Transportation Saskatchewan Highways 13 (Saskatchewan Highway 13) and 37 (Saskatchewan Highway 37) connect to Shaunavon. Shaunavon is served by the Shaunavon Airport. Shaunavon's airport has a regulation asphalt, lighted runway, , is located adjacent to Shaunavon (Shaunavon, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan, Canada. - 22 F Hayley Wickenheiser - A R 178 77 08 12 78 Shaunavon, Saskatchewan Calgary Oval X-Treme '''Dollard''' is a small village situated on the historic Red Coat Trail in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is 13 km west of the town of Shaunavon (Shaunavon, Saskatchewan) and 21 km east of the town of Eastend (Eastend, Saskatchewan). It is approximately 100 km from the Montana USA border and 130 km to the Alberta border.


by Jewish refugees from the Babylonian conquest of Judah. The fossil record adds little to the issue. A humerus some 9,000 years old (i.e., after the last ice age) from the Aswan area in Sudan, where ''Falco peregrinus minor'' occurs today, was identified to belong to the Peregrine. Tchernov (1968) The Barbary Falcon is one of the rare cases that may arguably be considered a species under the Biological (Biological species concept), but certainly


of four hyenas killing an adult hippopotamus in Kruger National Park.


from the fossil record only to reappear much later. Since 1938, ''Latimeria chalumnae'' have been found in the Comoros, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, and in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Geographical distribution The current coelacanth range remains primarily around the eastern African coast, although the ''Latimeria menadoensis'' was discovered off the coast of Indonesia. Coelacanths have been found in the waters of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, and Indonesia. Most ''Latimeria chalumnae'' specimens that have been caught have been captured around the islands of Grande Comore and Anjouan in the Comoros Archipelago, Indian Ocean. Though there have been cases of ''L. chalumnae'' being caught elsewhere, amino acid sequencing has shown there is no big difference between these exceptions and the ones found around Comore and Anjouan. Even though these few may be considered strays, there have been several reports of coelacanths being caught off of the coast of Madagascar. This leads scientists to believe that the endemic range of ''Latimeria chalumnae'' coelacanths stretches down the eastern coast of Africa from the Comoros Islands, past the western coast of Madagascar, to the South African coastline. The geographical range of the Indonesia coelacanth, ''Latimeria menadoensis'', is believed to be off the coast of Manado Tua Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia in the Celebes Sea. The key components that keep coelacanths in these areas are food and temperature restrictions. Fricke, H., and R. Plante. "Habitat Requirements of the Living Coelacanth Latimeria Chalumnae at Grande Comore, Indian Ocean." ''Naturwissenschaften'' 75 (1988): 149–51. Print. ** Japan, considered a hybrid of Chinese civilization and older Altaic patterns. * The Muslim world of the Greater Middle East (excluding Armenia, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Israel, Malta and South Sudan), northern West Africa, Albania, Bangladesh, Brunei, Comoros, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Maldives. * The civilization of Sub-Saharan Africa located in Southern Africa, Middle Africa (excluding Chad), East Africa (excluding Ethiopia, Comoros, Kenya, Mauritius, and Tanzania), Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Considered as a possible 8th civilization by Huntington. Economic achievements initiated by the League amongst member states have been less impressive than those achieved by smaller Arab organisations such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Among them is the Arab Gas Pipeline, that will transport Egyptian and Iraqi gas to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. Significant difference in wealth and economic conditions exist between the rich oil states of the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Algeria, and poor countries like the Comoros, Mauritania, and Djibouti. The Arab League agreed to support the Sudanese region of Darfur with US$500 million. In January 1866, Livingstone returned to Africa, this time to Zanzibar, from where he set out to seek the source of the Nile. Richard Francis Burton, John Hanning Speke and Samuel Baker had (although there was still serious debate on the matter) identified either Lake Albert (Lake Albert (Africa)) or Lake Victoria as the source (which was partially correct, as the Nile "bubbles from the ground high in the mountains of Burundi halfway between Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria" 'Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone' (2003), Martin Dugard ). Livingstone believed the source was further south and assembled a team of freed slaves, Comoros Islanders, twelve Sepoys and two servants, Chuma and Susi, from his previous expedition to find it. Besides the former colonial languages of English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, the following languages are official at the national level in Africa: *Arabic (Arabic language) in Algeria, Comoros, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, CIA – The World Factbook. Morocco, Somalia, According to article 7 of ''The Transitional Federal Charter of the Somali Republic'': “The official languages of the Somali Republic shall be Somali (Maay and Maxaatiri) and Arabic. The second languages of the Transitional Federal Government shall be English and Italian.” Sudan, and Tunisia *Berber (Berber languages) in Morocco and Algeria *Angoche Sultanate, on the Mozambiquan (Mozambique) coast (also several neighbouring sheikdoms) *various Sultans on the Comoros; however on the Comoros, the normally used styles were alternative native titles, including Mfalme, Phany or ''Jambé'' and the 'hegemonic' title Sultani tibe *the Maore (or Mawuti) sultanate on Mayotte (separated from the Comoros) The 14 countries making their Olympic debut were: Azerbaijan, Burundi, Cape Verde, Comoros, Dominica, Guinea-Bissau, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), Nauru, Palestine, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. *''Africa'': :Algeria; Chad (1960–1972); Comoros; Djibouti; Guinea (1959–1967); Libya; Mali (1960–1973); Morocco (1994–2000); Mauritania Qatar, Mauritania cut Israel ties Al Jazeera English. Date: Friday, January 16, 2009 (2000–2009); Niger (1960–1973, 1996–2002); Somalia; Sudan; and Tunisia (1996–2000), all of whom have a Muslim majority. :''(Algeria,'' Israel signs condolence book to Algeria bombing victims despite no diplomatic relations - AP Worldstream ''Libya,'' Libya Complains of Israeli High Sea 'Piracy' to UN Council ''Somalia'' Commons:Category:Comoros WikiPedia:Comoros Dmoz:Regional Africa Comoros


techniques, helps to compensate for an often incomplete and fragmentary fossil record. - Coton de Tulear Madagascar Group 01 Section 01 #283 FSS FSS Toy Toy Companion Dog 100px (File:Coton de Tular 1.jpg) - A distinct Creole culture called the Ilois, which means "Islanders" in French Creole (French-based creole languages), evolved from these workers. The Ilois, now called Chagos Islanders or Chagossians since the late 1990s, were descended primarily from

September 2010: The discovery of a species still living, when they were believed to have gone extinct 65 million years previously, makes the coelacanth the best-known example of a Lazarus taxon, a species that seems to have disappeared from the fossil record only to reappear much later. Since 1938, ''Latimeria chalumnae'' have been found in the Comoros, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, and in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa

;Schram" Schram ''et al.'', 2000 (#Schram2000) In 2010, however, the discovery of ''Aciculopoda'' from Famennian–stage rocks in Oklahoma extended the group's fossil record back to . Feldmann & Schweitzer, 2010 (#FeldmannSchweitzer2010) The best known fossil prawns are from the Jurassic Solnhofen limestones from Germany. Distribution The genus


It is not known exactly where or when paper making began in Mesoamerica. Some researchers put the date between 500 and 1000CE while other place it earlier to at least 300 CE. ref name "lopez0207"


extinction event , there is only little fossil record of insects including beetles from the Lower Triassic. However, there are a few exceptions, like in Eastern Europe: at the Babiy Kamen site in the Kuznetsk Basin numerous beetle fossils were

in the Gobi Desert of southern Mongolia. This geologic formation has never been dated radiometrically (radiometric dating), but the fauna present in the fossil record indicate it was probably deposited during the early Maastrichtian stage, at the end of the Late Cretaceous Commons:Category:Mongolia WikiPedia:Mongolia Dmoz:Regional Asia Mongolia

Republic of the Congo


Commons:Category:Kazakhstan WikiPedia:Kazakhstan Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan

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