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, to Portuguese (Portuguese people) settlers, Roque returned to his country and started his football career at Amora FC (Amora F.C.), moving at age 17 to S.L. Benfica, and having no impact whatsoever with its first team. DATE OF BIRTH 20 July 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Huambo, Angola DATE OF DEATH '''Vila Robert Williams''' (Robert Williams town, now Caála) was the former name of Caála, Cuando Cubango province


; ref Between 1983 and 1991, he worked at the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 1991, he became a lecturer in International Management. Club career Born in Adapazarı, Sakarya Province, Şükür began his football career with local club Sakaryaspor, making his professional debut shortly after his 17th birthday. His first goal came in a match against Eskişehirspor on 26 February 1989: with the match tied 2–2, he entered the pitch

San Sebastián

that time the sculptor Eduardo Chillida was the team's goalkeeper until injury put a stop to his football career. Key moments from that season came when Real Sociedad beat Real Madrid in April 4–2 at the Anoeta (Estádio Anoeta) in San Sebastián. They kept first place in La Liga until the penultimate game of 38 when they lost 3-2 away to Celta de Vigo, while Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid 4–0. This meant that Real Madrid secured first place two points clear of Real

football career at the local side Antiguoko and befriended fellow midfielder Xabi Alonso as they would play together every weekend. The two would often play along the beaches of San Sebastián and dreamed of playing together at Real Sociedad when they were older. Arteta left for the FC Barcelona B squad at 15 years of age while Alonso signed for Real Sociedad later.

Country , Arteta began his football career at the local side Antiguoko and befriended fellow midfielder Xabi Alonso as they would play together every weekend. The two would often play along the beaches of San Sebastián and dreamed of playing together at Real Sociedad when they were older. Arteta left for the FC Barcelona B squad at 15 years of age while Alonso signed for Real Sociedad later.

Pasco, Washington

name "JBio" The training helped Urlacher gain the speed, stamina, and strength he would need to solidify his football career. * November 13 - The Hagener Straßenbahn-Gesellschaft in Hagen, Germany, opens its first long horse-car line. * November 28 - Northern Pacific Railroad establishes the town of Pasco, Washington, at the junction (junction (rail)) of its lines between Seattle, Tacoma

Normal, Illinois

University Redbirds football (American football) team. History - Illinois State Redbirds Illinois State University Normal (Normal, Illinois) Missouri Valley Conference - Football career Born in Normal, Illinois, Hibbs was the captain (captain (sports)) of USC's first national championship (NCAA Division I-A national football championship) team in 1928. Among his 1926 teammates was Marion Morrison, later known as John Wayne. '''Harold's Chicken Shack''' (also referred to as '''The Fried Chicken King''', '''Harold's Chicken''', or simply '''Harold's''') is a chain of fried chicken restaurants located primarily in Chicago, particularly on its South Side (South side (Chicago)). Harold's has been a Chicago South Side institution for many years and is known for its uniquely prepared chicken. There are dozens of "shacks" on Chicago's South Side, and several on the West Side and a few, more recent, franchises are located on the North Side. Harold's Chicken is also available in the central Illinois town of Normal (Normal, Illinois). Additionally, Harold's has opened franchises in Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas (Las Vegas Valley), Madison, Wisconsin, and the Dallas area. caption location Normal (Normal, Illinois), Illinois lat_degrees 40 The '''Camelback Bridge''' is a restored historic wooden bridge that arches over the Constitution Trail in Normal, Illinois. It is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The bridge's main span is a wooden kingpost pony truss. The bridge features supports that are Phoenix columns, a special type of iron column that was patented by the Phoenix Iron Company in 1862. They are extremely rare to find today. birth_date



Superior, Wisconsin

face against two heels. His song signaled his entrance, with the audience singing "Honky Tonk Man" when signaled, as well as after he won the match when his song again sounded. New York Giants football career He then traveled to the New York Giants' training camp (Training camp (National Football League)) in Superior, Wisconsin. As one of the 30 players who made the Giants' roster, he wore No. 29. He had signed on as a free agent and received a $100 monthly salary. He made the team as a rookie end (End (American football)) and played in nine games. She was laid down on 6 May 1943 as ''Bridgeport'' (Maritime Commission hull 1465), and originally classified as '''PG-166''' on 6 May 1943 at the Globe Shipbuilding Company in Superior, Wisconsin. She was launched on 21 August 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Thomas F. Rogers; acquired by the Navy on 31 May 1944; renamed ''Abilene'' and assigned hull number '''PF-58''' on 28 June 1944; and commissioned (ship commissioning) on 28 October 1944 with Lieutenant Commander Chester I. Steel in command. High school Nevers attended Superior Central High School (Superior, Wisconsin) and Santa Rosa High School (Santa Rosa High School (Santa Rosa, California)) (Santa Rosa, California), where he excelled in football (American football). In 1920, as a senior, he led the team to the NCS Championships. In 1925, the American football field at Santa Rosa High School (Santa Rosa High School (Santa Rosa, California)) was renamed Nevers Field in his honor. '''U.S. Route 53''' is a north–south U.S. highway (United States Numbered Highways) that runs for 403 miles (649 km) from La Crosse, Wisconsin to northern Minnesota. It is the primary north–south route in northwestern Wisconsin, serving as a vital link between I-94 (Interstate 94 in Wisconsin) at Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the city of Duluth, Minnesota. The entire route from Eau Claire to the city limits of Superior, Wisconsin is a four lane divided highway (dual carriageway). The highway's northern terminus is at the Fort Frances-International Falls Bridge (Fort Frances-International Falls International Bridge) in International Falls, Minnesota, at the U.S. (United States)-Canadian (Canada) border. Its southern terminus is in La Crosse, Wisconsin, at U.S. Highway 14 (U.S. Route 14 in Wisconsin). Wisconsin U.S. Highway 53 begins at its southern terminus with a junction (Junction (traffic)) at U.S. 14 (U.S. Route 14 in Wisconsin), U.S. 61 (U.S. Route 61), and Wisconsin Highway 16 in downtown La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin). From there, U.S. 53 crosses Interstate 90 (Interstate 90 in Wisconsin) and becomes a freeway bypass of Onalaska (Onalaska, Wisconsin) and Holmen (Holmen, Wisconsin) before proceeding north to Eau Claire as a two-lane roadway. The interchange with Interstate 94 (Interstate 94 in Wisconsin) at Eau Claire begins a freeway expressway (Limited-access road) stretch for U.S. 53 north to the city limits of Superior (Superior, Wisconsin). The recently built (circa 2006) freeway in Eau Claire, bypasses most of the city, alleviating congestion on the original route (signed now as both "Business U.S. 53" and ''Hastings Way''.) Business U.S. 53 ''Hastings Way'' is a mix of grade-separated interchanges and at-grade intersections, and is routed through Eau Claire, passing within about from Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) to Clyman Junction (Clyman Junction, Wisconsin); operated by Fond du Lac County (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin) and Dodge County (Dodge County, Wisconsin) (website) - 27 Superior (Superior, Wisconsin) 27,244 27,368 City (Political_subdivisions_of_Wisconsin#City) Douglas (Douglas County, Wisconsin) - Minnesota Point is approximately 7 miles in length, and when included with adjacent Wisconsin Point, which extends 3 miles out from the city of Superior (Superior, Wisconsin), Wisconsin, is reported to be the largest freshwater sand spit in the world at a total of 10 miles. thumb right The cathedral in 2010 (File:ChristTheKingCathedral.JPG) The '''Cathedral of Christ the King''' is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Superior in Superior, Wisconsin. It was named in honor of Christ the King. The building is located at 1111 Belknap Street in Superior.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

a struggle. He was buried (burial) in the Mount Olivet Cemetery (Mount Olivet Cemetery (Baltimore)) in Baltimore, near the graves of Bishops Francis Asbury, Enoch George and John Emory. In spite of being drafted by the Redskins, Starke's pro football career had a rough start. Two weeks into Redskins training camp in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Starke was cut by the Redskins and went to Kansas City, Missouri to try out for the Kansas City Chiefs. After spending the remainder of the training camp with the Chiefs and being told he would make the squad, Starke was the last player cut by head coach Hank Stram just before the season began. In July 1972, Starke journeyed to Thousand Oaks, California to try out for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys trained in the hills 40 miles north of Los Angeles to escape the heat of suburban Dallas, Texas. After six weeks of training camp with the Cowboys, Starke was cut but he was asked by the Redskins to return and try again. - There he attended the school at Milton, and later the Lewisburg Academies. For his higher education, the future Congressman graduated from the College of New Jersey (Princeton University) in 1839. James Kelly then studied law in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at the Dickinson School of Law and was admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania in 1842.


railway_station St Pancras International , Gatwick Airport and Brighton. The Fancott Arms hosts the ridable miniature railway (Fancott Miniature Railway) at (Fancott). birth_date Wikipedia:Luton Commons:Category:Luton


900 Park Road South, Oshawa, Ontario 1986 Oshawa Truck Assembly 1918 (Oshawa Assembly Plant #2) Moved to the South end from uptown 1965 1100 Park Road South, Oshawa, Ontario 1918 1965 Football career Talbot played high school football at Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School in Oshawa.

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