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and Vepar. Buy Eat Zenica has nice restaurants serving Bosnian food, fast food, and there are bakeries in the old town Čaršija. Drink Sleep There are several hotels of different kind. The Dubrovnik hotel (http: ), in the city center "Metallurg" has brand new rooms, with corresponding higher prices than some other structures which are a bit older. There is in any case plenty of ongoing activities in renovating building new hotels in the area Go next WikiPedia:Zenica Commons:Category:Zenica


HUF500 per two climbing, 'Construction' of Compartment HUF500 per 15min, Table tennis HUF500 per hour , Table soccer HUF100 per ten balls. - Beach Entrance fees: Adult Child (daily-weekly-for all season ticket): HUF500-3000- 8000 300-1800-6000 content Open Air Games. Water Games, water bike, kayak rentals. Team building trainings: for school groups, groups of friends, companies. - Brázay-Beach. - Brázay-Snack bar: Home cooked food. Fast food (Pizza, Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pancake); Ice cream


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are outside the town centre - a taxi ride away but well worth it; Try Great Ayton - a quaker village with great pubs and restaurants, Yarm - a Georgian High Street with innumerable restaurants and bars or a great favourite Cafe Lily - in Norton - a really great atmosphere and lovely food. Fast food *Burger King, 58 Linthorpe Rd. ''+44'' 1642 248919 *KFC, 191 Linthorpe Rd. ''+44'' 1642 244861 *McDonald's, 95 Linthorpe Rd. ''+44'' 1642 231555 *McDonald's, North Ormesby Rd. ''+44'' 1642 246594


In the Patisserie: Mousses, Cakes, Pies, Crackers. An air-conditioned place with open-air terrace and high prices. Traditional Hungarian tastes, veggie dishes and some food of the international kitchen too. Wide selection of drinks Fast food Fast food restaurants also can be found in the Árkád shopping mall (#rkd shopping mall)'s food court. *


School Rid, Moza Rid, Chk 2 Faiz Multan is affiliated to BISE Multan and shows satisfactory results at secondary education level. Cuisine of Multan thumb Multani Sohan Halwa (File:Multani-sohan-halwa.jpg) Multan is full of bazaars, mosques, shrines and plenty of places to have food. Restaurants in Multan serve array of cuisine’s including Pakistan Food, Continental Food, Fast Food, Arabic, BBQ and Chinese. Restaurants in Multan Range from Multi National Food Chains like (KFC, Subway

Food and Drug Administration

caused it have been the source of much negative publicity for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meat industries, and fast-food restaurants (fast food) since the 1990s, especially in the Jack in the Box (Jack in the Box (restaurant)) contaminations. It was also featured in the Robin Cook (Robin Cook (novelist)) novel ''Toxin (Toxin (novel))''. In 2006, an epidemic of harmful ''E. coli'' emerged in the United States (2006 United States E. coli outbreak) due to contaminated


first film, ''Goodbye New York'', in 1985. His film ''Fast Food Fast Women'' was entered into the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. Commons:Category:Jerusalem Wikipedia:Jerusalem Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Jerusalem

Saint Petersburg

with a cup of tea on a cold winter street. Teremok (Теремок) is the street-corner kiosk "chain" for bliny but it now has indoor fast food spots around the city, along with Chainaya Lozhka (Чайная ложка) and U Tyoshi Na Blinakh (У тёщи на блинах). The other really tasty local offerings for street food fast food include pirozhki (one: pee-rah-ZHOK, several: pee-razh-KEE), shawarma (шаверма), and pyshki (пышки). Pirozhki are fried buns stuffed usually with beef, vegetables, potatoes

Saudi Arabia

to a customer's removable media on request. Eat Eating is one of the few pleasures permitted in Saudi Arabia, and the obesity statistics show that most Saudis indulge as much as they can. Unlike other businesses which kick out their customers at prayer time, most restaurants will let diners hang around and eat behind closed doors through the prayer period. New customers are generally not allowed to enter until after prayer is over. Fast food '''Fast food''' is a huge business in Saudi Arabia, with all the usual suspects (McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway) and not a few chains that rarely venture outside America elsewhere (e.g. Hardee's, Little Caesars). Meals invariably served with fries and Coke cost SR10-20. Some local imitators worth checking out include: * '''Al-Baik''' - fried chicken- in Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Taif but not Riyadh * '''Baak''' - Pizza (thin crust and quite good), fried chicken, lasagna, sandwiches *

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