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turned seven and consequently all five Lewis children were raised by the mother. Arthur was a gifted student and was promoted two classes ahead of his age. Tignor, pgs. 7-8. After finishing school at the age of fourteen, Lewis worked as a clerk, while waiting to take his university entrance exam. During this time he met Eric Williams , the future first prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, and the two were to remain lifelong friends. Tignor, pgs. 11-13 Eastern Caribbean and Venezuela As a tropical storm, Gilbert brought high winds and heavy rains to many of the eastern Caribbean islands. In St. Lucia, heavy rains, peaking at wikipedia:Castries

Malayan Union

and afterwards attended the Lucie Clayton finishing school, From the world's most glamorous single mother to Gurkha warrior, Joanna Lumley reveals all in her colourful biography Mail Online after being turned down by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the age of 16. Joanna Lumley profile: She's nobody's Patsy - News ref>

Province of Silesia

''. His literary work was varied. As a poet he used forms like the ''Minnesang'' or the folksong and the anacreontics' style. Biography Naumann was born in Guhrau (Góra (Lower Silesian Voivodship)) in Silesia (Province of Silesia), Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia), Germany (German Empire). After finishing school, he studied political economics. Naumann joined the NSDAP in 1928. Naumann became a member of the SA (Sturmabteilung) where he rose to the rank


. '''Carl Winberg''' (1867, Karlstad – 1954) was a Swedish (Sweden) Communist leader. Dahlgren was born in Nordmark (Filipstad Municipality) parish in Värmland, son of Barthold Dahlgren, the manager of the mines at Taberg, and Anna Carolina Svensson. After finishing school at Karlstads gymnasium (Tingvallagymnasiet) in Karlstad, he matriculated at Uppsala University in 1834, completing a filosofie magister degree in 1839. He was the father of the historian Erik


Liegnitz , Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia), German Empire death_date Commons:Legnica

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

1867 to 1869 she attended the Chegary Institute, a finishing school in Philadelphia. <


to Worthing, West Sussex in 1880 and then Putney, London in 1883. At seventeen, because of her father's financial difficulties she went to work as a governess and teacher, first in 1891 for six months at a finishing school in Germany. In 1895 Richardson gave up work as a governess to take care of her severely depressed mother, but her mother committed suicide the same year. Richardson's father had become bankrupt at the end of 1893. 'Chronology', ''Windows on Modernism

: Selected Letters of Dorothy Richardson'', ed. Gloria G. Fromm. Athens, Georgia, U. of Georgia Press, 1995 ; see also ''Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'', Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Between 1939–1945 she boarded (Boarding school) at Warren School For Girls in Worthing, Sussex. She then spent a year at La Ramée, a finishing school in Lausanne, Switzerland, followed by a year at St. Godric's Secretarial and Language School


after his father Hjalmar Lindroth had been appointed to the Chair of Nordic languages at Gothenburg University. After finishing school in Gothenburg at Göteborgs högre latinläroverk (Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet), he matriculated at Uppsala University in 1933 and eventually became a student of Johan Nordström, holder of the Emilia and Gustaf Carlberg Chair of the History of ideas and learning, the first of its kind at Uppsala. Lindroth eventually completed a monumental, 500-page

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

, British Columbia by his mother, a single parent. After finishing school he moved to Prince George, married and raised three children. A businessman, he owned and operated several companies in Prince George and the Cariboo region. His most successful company specialized in tires and distribution of tire parts, though he

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