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Morgantown, West Virginia

sporadic including a cameo in the 1996 film ''Big Bully (Big Bully (film))'' as the principal of the high school. In 1998, Knotts had a small but pivotal role as a mysterious TV repairman in ''Pleasantville (Pleasantville (film))'' with Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon. That year, his home town of Morgantown, West Virginia, changed the name of the street formerly known as South University Avenue (U.S. Route 119 (U.S. Route 119 in West Virginia)) to Don Knotts Boulevard on "Don Knotts Day". Also that day, in a nod to Don's role as Barney Fife, he was also named an honorary deputy sheriff with the Monongalia County (Monongalia County, West Virginia) Sheriff's Department. - MGW KMGW Morgantown Municipal Airport (Walter L. Bill Hart Field) Morgantown, West Virginia, United States - left 175px thumb West from ''The Monticola'', 1959 (File:Jerry West (1959).jpg) After graduating from high school in 1956, more than 60 universities showed interest in West, and he eventually chose to attend West Virginia University (WVU), located in Morgantown (Morgantown, West Virginia). Retrieved on 11-30-2008.


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Staten Island

*''Analyze This'' *''The Astronaut's Wife'' * ''The Atomic Space Bug'' (1999) *''A Beautiful Mind (A Beautiful Mind (film))'' *''Big Daddy (Big Daddy (1999 film))'' *''Big Fan'' *''Cropsey (Cropsey (film))'' *''Combat Shock'' (1986) *''A Conversation with Norman'' (2005) *''Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco (film))'' *''Easy Money (Easy Money (1983 film))'' *''Freedomland (Freedomland (film))'' *''The Godfather'' *''GoodFellas (Goodfellas)'' *'' He Knows You're Alone


Kent State University. DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Cleveland, Ohio DATE OF DEATH '''''Welcome to Collinwood''''' (also known as '''''The Pride of the East Side''''') is a 2002 American crime (crime film) comedy film about five small-time criminals, from the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, who try to organize one last big job (Robbery). The story is a remake of the 1958 Italian film ''I soliti ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street)'' by Mario Monicelli. Education *Doctor of Business Administration, June 1996, Major in Accounting, Minor in Information Systems, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio *Master of Business Administration, June 1991, Area of Concentration: Finance, Cleveland State University WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland


Die ''. In the film, Big is portrayed by actor Yaphet Kotto. The novel and film versions of Mr. Big are extremely different, with the film incarnation bordering on being a completely new character. Hardly disputed, the character of Kananga was based partially on Haitian dictator François Duvalier, who rose to power only in 1957, after Ian Fleming finished the novel. In the novel, Mr. Big's name is actually an acronym for '''B'''uonapart '''I'''gnace '''G'''allia, his real name


. Genest turned to acting and in his early years played a son on the immensely popular French-language radio show, ''The Plouffe Family (La famille Plouffe)'' and on its follow-up television series. In 1961 he had a significant role in the first of several films for Walt Disney Pictures. The first was ''Nikki, Wild Dog of the North'' followed by 1962's ''Big Red (Big Red (film))'' with Walter Pidgeon and the following year he was cast in the lead of ''The Incredible Journey'' that was remade by Disney in 1993 as ''Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey''. Moving to Hollywood, Émile Genest went on to play a number of character roles in a variety of films including in the Steve McQueen 1965 production, ''The Cincinnati Kid''. His son, Claude Genest, was born in 1963 in Hollywood and too worked as an actor before becoming an ecological (ecology) activist. Released June 20, 1949 Recorded July 30, 1946-November 9, 1947 Hollywood New York City Genre Classic pop birth_date


%22we%20are%20the%20world%22&f false accessdate 2011-07-28 Also in 1985, she signed a multi-picture deal with Touchstone Pictures. She was subsequently cast by director Paul Mazursky in ''Down and Out in Beverly Hills'', beginning a successful comedic acting career. She followed that role with ''Ruthless People'' (1986), ''Outrageous Fortune (Outrageous Fortune (film))'' (1987), and ''Big Business (Big Business (1988 film))'' (1988). ref

New Zealand

newspaper New York Times title New Zealand Bends and ‘Hobbit’ Stays first1 Michael last1 Cieply first2 Jeremy last2 Rose date October 2010 url http: 2010 10 28 business media 28hobbit.html have encouraged some producers (Film producer) to film big budget movies in New Zealand. ref>


. As a result of television, the studios and companies sought to put audiences back in theaters. They used more techniques in presenting their films through widescreen and big-approach methods, such as Cinemascope, VistaVision, and Cinerama as well as gimmicks like 3-D film. Big production and spectacle films perfect for this gained popularity with the many historic and fantasy epics like ''The Robe (The Robe (film))'', ''The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men'', ''The Ten Commandments (The Ten Commandments (1956 film))'' (1956), ''The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad'', and ''Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur (1959 film))'' (1959). Other big-scoped films thrived internationally, too, such as Russian fantasy director Aleksandr Ptushko's mythological epics ''Sadko'', ''Ilya Muromets (Ilya Muromets (film))'', and ''Sampo'', and Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's historic ''Seven Samurai'', ''Throne of Blood'' and ''The Hidden Fortress''. Toshirō Mifune, who starred in those Kurosawa films, also starred in the color spectacle ''Samurai Trilogy''. The establishment of the Silurian system was followed by that of the Devonian system, an investigation in which Murchison assisted, both in the south-west of England and in the Rhineland. Soon afterwards Murchison projected an important geological campaign in Russia with the view of extending to that part of the Continent the classification he had succeeded in elaborating for the older rocks of western Europe. He was accompanied by Edouard de Verneuil (1805–1873) and Count Alexander von Keyserling (1815–1891), in conjunction with whom he produced a work on Russia and the Ural Mountains. The publication of this monograph in 1845 completes the first and most active half of Murchison’s scientific career. thumb right The Muscovy Company (File:Ivan the Terrible and Harsey.jpg) traded Russian produce to England. In one suggestion, it has been claimed that the Company of Merchant Adventurers to New Lands traded these ducks to Europe occasionally after 1550; Holderread (2001): pp.73-74 this chartered company became eventually known as the Muscovy Company or "Muscovite Company" so the ducks might thus have come to be called "Muscovite Ducks" or "Muscovy Ducks" in keeping with the common practice of attaching the importer's name to the products they sold. But while the Muscovite Company initiated vigorous trade with Russia, they hardly, if at all, traded produce from the Americas; thus they are unlikely to have traded ''C. moschata'' to a significant extent. In the Arab world, Assad mended relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization but relations with many Arab states, in particular Saudi Arabia, have been deteriorating. This is in part due to Assad's continued intervention in Lebanon and his alliance with Iran. Around the time of the 2008 South Ossetia war, Assad made an official visit to Russia. In an interview with the Russian TV channel Vesti (Vesti (TV channel)), he asserted that one cannot separate the events in the Caucasus from the US presence in Iraq, which he condemned as a direct threat to Syria's security." * Eurasia: The Kontinental Hockey League, based in Russia and also including teams in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Slovakia, has operated with a salary cap since its creation in 2008. Kontinental Hockey League When the Russian Superleague was dissolved to make way to the modern-day KHL, the Kontinental Hockey League Players' Trade Union (KHLPTU) agreed to the implementation of a salary cap. When first implemented there was a salary cap, as well as a salary floor. As of the 2009-10 KHL season, the salary cap was 620 million rubles (Russian ruble) ($US18.3 million) and the salary floor was 200 million rubles ($US5.9 million). The KHL's cap operates despite the KHL's multinational nature, with teams in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and (as of 2011–12 (2011–12 KHL season)) Slovakia, in addition to its primary base of Russia. The four non-Russian countries each use different currencies that currently float against the ruble. Kazakhstan has never sought to peg its currency (Kazakhstani tenge) to any other. Belarus has in the recent past attempted to peg its currency (Belarusian ruble) to the ruble and the US dollar (United States dollar) with limited success. Slovakia uses the euro, while Latvia's currency (Latvian lats) is closely tied to the euro via the country's membership in ERM II (European Exchange Rate Mechanism). '''Dubna''' ( Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia

United States

that quickly led to an HBO special (The Pee-wee Herman Show) in 1981. As the stage performance gained further popularity, Reubens took the character to motion picture with ''Pee-wee's Big Adventure'' in 1985, toning down the adult innuendo for the appeal of children. This paved the way for ''Pee-wee's Playhouse'', an Emmy Award winning children's series that ran on CBS from 1986-1991. Another film, ''Big Top Pee-wee'', was released in 1988. Following the success of ''The Pee-wee Herman Show

who has starred in film and in television. '''Sidney Ganis''' (born January 8, 1940) is a Greek-American (United States) motion picture (film) executive and producer who has produced such films as ''Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo'', ''Big Daddy (Big Daddy (1999 film))'', ''Mr. Deeds'', ''The Master of Disguise'' and ''Akeelah and the Bee''. On August 23, 2005 he was elected President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He serves on the board of directors

Big to Fail,'' an HBO film. He also starred in ''Cat People (Cat People (1982 film))'', ''The Milagro Beanfield War'', ''The Pelican Brief (The Pelican Brief (film))'' and ''Big (Big (film))''. The '''WITI Tower''' in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was completed in August 1962 and was briefly the tallest free-standing tower in the world, rising . (Tokyo Tower had been the world's tallest, and after the construction of WITI (WITI (TV))'s tower, it added

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