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Fort Nelson, British Columbia

is on the southwest edge of the Greater Sierra oil & gas field (Greater Sierra (oil field)). History Fort Nelson, named in honour of the British naval hero Horatio Nelson, was established in 1805 as a fur trading post. Due to fires, floods and feuds, Fort Nelson is currently situated in its fifth location. The Fort Nelson Airport played a key role in developing Fort Nelson as a community. Yukon Southern Air Transport began chartering flights to the regional airport in 1935. World

Qing dynasty

with significant support in the field. History In Qing dynasty China, the Liaodong Peninsula was administratively part of Liaoning Province. In 1882, the Beiyang Fleet established a naval base and coaling station at Lüshunkou near the southern end of the peninsula. Ancient After their use in Ancient Greece for raising the height of important characters in the Greek theatre and their similar use by high-born prostitutes or courtesans in Venice in the sixteenth century

Works Progress Administration

that the situation at Midland was very favorable. On June 13, 1941, it was announced that Midland would become a training base to be named '''Midland Army Air Field'''. History The line opened in 1935 along the old Morris Canal right-of-way, from Broad Street (now known as Military Park (Military Park (NLR station))) to Heller Parkway. WPA (Works Progress Administration) artists decorated the underground stations with art-deco scenes from life on the defunct Morris Canal


the Shah's death, Ali Quli came to Kandahar, and at Multan he met Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana who made him a royal employee while in the field. History The city was founded at the close of the 15th century and named after Nawab Ghazi Khan Mirani (Ghazi Khan), son of Nawab Haji Khan Mirani, a Baloch (Baloch people)i chieftain, who had declared independence from the Langah Dynasty (Langah (tribe))'s Sultans of Multan. Together with two other ''Deras'' i.e. settlements, Dera

St. Louis

), the Chicago Cubs (1985–1989), the New York Yankees (1990–1994), and ESPN (Major League Baseball on ESPN) (1995–1997) prior to joining the Rays in their inaugural season of 1998. With the Cubs, he called the first MLB night game in Wrigley Field history with Steve Stone (Steve Stone (baseball player)) on August 8, 1988, though the game was called due to rain. *April 14 **On opening day, there is a slugfest in St. Louis as the Browns and visiting

North Korea

the Posung-Myon area destroying three tunnels and two railway bridges without losing one man. James A. Field, ''History of United States Naval Operations, Korea''. (Wash, DC: General Public Office (GPO), 1962); pgs. 76 and 146. Plot A renowned North Korean pianist (Tony Lee (Tony Lee (actor))) is greeted at the White House for a solo performance, but the formalities change when the musician slips a message to the President

Portland, Oregon

. When the Boston Bulls merged with New York to become the New York Stars (New York Stars (WFL)), the original New York entry's draft picks were eventually relegated to Portland. They were the first major league football team based in Portland. They played at Civic Stadium (now known as Jeld-Wen Field). History The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement was founded by Les U. Knight,


) above sea level it is amongst one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. Lord's, London, England Umpires: Aleem Dar (Pak (Pakistan)) and RE Koertzen (Rudi Koertzen) (SA (South Africa)) Man of the Match: GD McGrath (Glenn McGrath) (Aus (Australia)) residence Boston, Massachusetts, USA nationality Pakistan, American (United States) field History and Sociology Early life Ayesha Jalal was born in Lahore


1784 – 11 April 1873) was a Norwegian (Norway) geophysicist, astronomer and physicist, best known for his mapping of Earth's magnetic field. History ''Monarch of the Glen'' was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sunday evenings on BBC One, usually at 20.00 GMT (repeats of the series have been shown on UKTV Drama and are currently running on ITV3). Filming took between six and eight months per series in the Badenoch and Strathspey (Monarch Country) area of the Scottish Highlands. Seven series were filmed, totalling 64 episodes (including a Hogmanay Special). The show's mixture of comedy and drama, its location, and its cast appealed to countries all over the world, including the USA (BBC America and PBS), Australia (ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)), Canada (BBC Canada), Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Vietnam and Dubai. The series is shown to more than 100 countries on BBC Entertainment (formerly BBC Prime), the BBC's 24-hour global entertainment channel, broadcast to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Publicity in the United States included front-page coverage in the ''Chicago Tribune''. Monarch of the Glen returns for a sixth series on BBC ONE BBC, 21 November 2003. Retrieved 13 January 2007. ''Monarch of the Glen'' was Australia's most popular BBC drama in 2002 and 2003. In the late 1980s, Malibu Comics's imprint Eternity Comics republished 9 issues of Cat Claw's adventures. Cat Claw was also translated and published in France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and some other countries. Between 1908 and 1914, larger ferrocement barges began to be made in Germany (Federal Republic of Germany), United Kingdom, "Working Lives--Pat Durkin." the Netherlands, Norway, and California. Svenska, På. "The History about the Ferro-Concrete Ships." The remains of a British ship of this type, the auxiliary coaster ''Violette'' (built 1919), can be seen at Hoo, Kent, England. National Register of Historic Vessels, Name: Violette, Certificate Number 716.returned to England in the summer of 1794, he became tutor in several distinguished families. In 1799 he set out with a Mr Cripps on a tour through the continent of Europe, beginning with Norway and Sweden, whence they proceeded through Russia and the Crimea to Constantinople, Rhodes, and afterwards to Egypt and Palestine. After the capitulation of Alexandria, Clarke was of considerable use in securing for England the statues, sarcophagi, maps, manuscripts, etc., which had been collected by the French savants. Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


track & field history to win a gold medal in an individual event at the World Championships. She was named Canada's female athlete of the year – the first track athlete to capture that honor in 25 years. Service history ''Broome'' left New York Navy Yard in May 1920 for duty in European waters. She cruised between English (United Kingdom) and French (France) ports, as well as in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean. At the end of the year, she reported to the Asiatic

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