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Chetwynd, British Columbia

and Che Guevara. *We have featured articles on a few other relatively small places - compare this article to Chetwynd, British Columbia and Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory for examples of topics that could also be covered (demographics, geography, transport, economy, culture, recreation, politics). -- ALoan (User:ALoan) (Talk) (User talk:ALoan) 11:16, 16 March 2006 (UTC) - Chetwynd, British Columbia November 15, 2010 Maclean25 (user:Maclean25) - I have a feeling that the article does not indicate the so many negative aspects of the city. For example, the poverty, the slums, the indifferent nature of the common man etc. The sobriquet "dying city" is also not there in the article any more. Can you suggest where to or how to integrate such aspects?--Dwaipayanc (User:Dwaipayanc) 05:33, 31 March 2006 (UTC) :You can craft the most alarming or important negative aspects (slums, suicide, unemployment, etc) into a one-sentence description in the lead while relegating less important negative details to "Demographics". You can have a look at Chetwynd, British Columbia (note how they incorporate crime stats and other negative info). On the other hand, I don't think there's a big problem with "whitewashing" in this article — as long as slum stats, crime, poverty rates, etc are dealt with, you don't need to worry about including every negative epithet used for the city. Other than doing light copy-editing (I've done some) and the advice given by others, I don't have much to add. This is getting close to featured status, and we can have (LOL) three Bengal-related FACs (Bangladesh, Rabindranath Tagore, and Kolkata) up for review at the same time. Saravask (User:Saravask) 08:08, 31 March 2006 (UTC) ::Crime stats have been added, to some extent. Some "negative" statements like the depressive economy in 1970s and 1980s have been added. Unreferenced statement on people living in streets and footpath have also been added. Poverty rates could not be added due to lack of reference. Copyedits are going on. Please help!--Dwaipayanc (User:Dwaipayanc) 16:58, 1 April 2006 (UTC) (Self-nomination) I think this would make a good featured article. It has lots of detail, applicable pictures, is fairly clearly written, comprehensive and relatively stable. JoeBaldwin (User:JoeBaldwin) 00:13, 4 April 2006 (UTC) :'''Object'''. You might want to have a look at the featured article criteria (Wikipedia:What_is_a_featured_article) and check some things. First, there is no reference section at all and FA criteria requires inline citations. I'd also move the graphic at the bottom to a better position. The stub tag is still on the article and shouldn't be. Business, Industry, and Transport seems subsectioned to death -- might want to strike some of those. Also, some of the lists should be turned into prose, particularly the one under bus. It's a very nice start, but I think it has quite a bit to go before being ready for FA. It also needs a peer review (Wikipedia:Peer_review) to help work on the actual writing. Chetwynd, British Columbia may be helpful reading for those working on this article. Thanks! ( 02:33, 4 April 2006 (UTC) :'''Object'''. Needs to go to peer review, be referenced and have citations. Some things that would have been raised in a peer review: History section very short; geography only a single sentence about the river. Need sections on local politics; newsworthy events over the years. Demographics should have ethnic and religious breakdowns and age profiles. What percentage of the people living in the town were born there? Is there a movement to move the airstack elsewhere due to noise complaints? The section at the end of Recreation about youths causing trouble (if this is important to keep) could easily be cited from local newspaper reports or politicians' statements. For reference and ideas on expansion, a trip to the local library (I assume you're from the town) should pay dividends. Amazon listed about 12 books with Chesham; the British Library lists 91. (Not all will be relevant). But have a look at the town and city articles that have been featured (as suggested above, plus Sheffield) to see how it works. I hope this is useful. --BillC (User:BillC) 22:07, 5 April 2006 (UTC) **I suggest that history is expanded. As of now, the history only reaches up to 1600, which IMO isn't very comprehensive (perhaps add recent events?) **The rest of the article is simply a list of buildings. More can certainly be added: culture, demographics, government structure, etc. For an example of a featured town, see Chetwynd, British Columbia (other FA cities can be found in Wikipedia:Featured_articles#Geography_and_places). I suggest that this article follow a similar format to those found in the above category (same goes with Chew Stoke). Thanks, ''AndyZ (User:AndyZ)''  t (User talk:AndyZ) 19:18, 25 April 2006 (UTC)


candidates IFK Göteborg FAC , as I've self-nominated the IFK Göteborg article I've written (with the help of a few others). I think there are good possibilities for the notice board to collaborate and create more Featured Articles related to Sweden. -- Elisson (User:Johan Elisson) Talk (User_talk:Johan Elisson) 30 June 2005 22:26 (UTC) **Kånna – Toftaholm is a 2+1 (2+1 road) semi-motorway **Toftaholm (north of Ljungby) – Jönköping – Linköping – Norrköping – Stockholm – Uppsala – Gävle **Gävle – Bergby is a 2+1 (2+1 road) semi-motorway *'''28 (Swedish national road 28)''' Karlskrona Österleden *'''34 (Swedish national road 34)''' Linköping Trafikplats Tift ('''E4 (European route E4)''' Linköping västra) – Vallarondellen "Malmslättsleden" *'''35 (Swedish national road 35)''' Linköping Trafikplats Staby ('''E4 (European route E4)''' Linköping östra) – Mörtlösarondellen *'''34 (Swedish national road 34)''' Linköping Trafikplats Tift ('''E4 (European route E4)''' Linköping västra) – Vallarondellen "Malmslättsleden" *'''35 (Swedish national road 35)''' Linköping Trafikplats Staby ('''E4 (European route E4)''' Linköping östra) – Mörtlösarondellen *'''40 (Swedish national road 40)''' Gothenburg – Borås - Rångedala *Södra stambanan (Southern main line), 381 km, Malmö-Falköping through Nässjö-Jönköping *Östra stambanan (Eastern main line), 216 km, Nässjö-Katrineholm through Mjölby-Linköping-Norrköping) *Norra stambanan (Northern main line), 484 km, Stockholm-Ånge through Uppsala-Avesta (Avesta (locality)) Krylbo The '''Linköping Cathedral''' (in Swedish (Swedish language): '''Linköpings domkyrka''') is a church (church (building)) in the Swedish (Sweden) city of Linköping. The cathedral is the seat for the bishop in the Church of Sweden Diocese of Linköping. It is situated opposite Linköping Castle. Future There are plans to build a high-speed line between Stockholm and Gothenburg, south of the lake Vättern. The route would be operational somewhere around 2020, and capable of speeds of more than Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping


Gary, Indiana

; Meanwhile, Hill attempts to win the heart of Marian the librarian, who has an extreme distrust of men. His charms have little effect upon Marian ("Marian the Librarian") until he wins the admiration of both her mother and her withdrawn and unhappy younger brother Winthrop (Ron Howard) ("Gary, Indiana"). Marian falls in love with Hill, and subsequently hides evidence she has proving he is a fraud ("Till There Was You"). The band's instruments arrive ("Wells Fargo Wagon") and Hill tells the boys to learn to play via the "Think System," in which they simply have to think of a tune over and over and will know how to play it without ever touching their instruments. Meanwhile, Marian is falling more in love with Harold, and in a counterpart with the The Buffalo Bills (Buffalo Bills (quartet)) they sing "Lida Rose Will I Ever Tell You". Hill's con is nearly complete; all he has to do is collect the rest of the instrument and uniform money, and he can disappear. He is about to leave town when a disgruntled anvil salesman who had been run out of Brighton, Illinois in a backlash to Hill's having conned the townspeople there comes to River City and exposes Hill and his plans. Chased by an angry mob and pressed to leave town by Marcellus and Marian, Hill realizes that he is in love with Marian and can't leave River City. He is captured by the mob and brought before a town meeting to be tarred and feathered. Hill is saved by the boys' band who miraculously have learned to play their own instruments (albeit badly). Hill remains in River City with Marian to conduct the boys' band full time, which eventually becomes properly trained and equipped with better quality instruments and uniforms. ("76 Trombones 2nd Reprise (76 Trombones)"). * There must have been something in the air of Gary (w:Gary, Indiana) that led one into economics: the first Nobel Prize winner, Paul Samuelson (w:Paul Samuelson), was also from Gary, as were several other distinguished economists... Certainly, the poverty, the discrimination, the episodic unemployment could not but strike an inquiring youngster: why did these exist, and what could we do about them.


WikiPedia:Sarajevo Dmoz:Regional Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Localities Sarajevo Commons:Sarajevo


on ligne from 20 000) (Category:Vanuatu) Category:Archipelagoes of the Pacific Ocean Category:English-speaking countries and territories Category:French-speaking countries and territories Category:Island countries Category:Liberal democracies Category:Least developed countries


to answer for his conduct. Featured articles Bengtsson has produced many featured articles, but is best known for his coverage of Turkey's invasion of Cyprus and his coining of "ghost town" to describe Famagusta in 1974. Featured articles by Jan-Olof Bengtsson Life and career Adebibe was born in Bethnal Green, in Tower Hamlets (London Borough of Tower Hamlets), London, England. Adebibe is of Irish (Irish people), Cypriot (Cyprus) and Moroccan (Morocco) origins. WikiPedia:Cyprus Dmoz:Regional Middle East Cyprus Commons:Category:Cyprus

Dominican Republic

WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana


-upon-Tyne (twice), Glasgow (twice), Edinburgh, Tunbridge Wells and Paris. The following featured articles were displayed last week on the main page as Today's featured article (Wikipedia:Today's featured article): Sheffield, Raney nickel, History of merit badges (Boy Scouts of America), Panama Canal, Flag of Mexico, Médecins Sans Frontières and History of Portugal (1777–1834). Initial events included *The historical exhibition “Palace and Mosque


Barack Obama. Commons:Category:Turkey WikiPedia:Turkey Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey

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