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Antigua Guatemala

http: email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Bilingual monthly magazine based in La Antigua, with tourism and feature articles, interviews, and calendar of events, cinema, and live music. Print edition is available for free in many places in La Antigua and locations in Ciudad de Guatemala. *

Marshall Space Flight Center

in Germany's pre-war rocket development program, and post-war director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center,

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

management, decision making, prioritizing…" Nancy Collins,feature-articles rudys-first-lady-0307-2 "Rudy’s First Lady", ''Harper’s Bazaar'', February 28, 2007. Founded in 1457, the Moravian Church originally spread across Moravia, Poland and Bohemia before persecution forced the remaining faithful to Saxony, where they lived under the protection of Count Nikolaus Ludwig

Phoenix, Arizona

 people lost power in Yuma, as well as Los Angeles and southwestern Utah. '''Winnie Ruth

Mexico City

of Crane by friend and photographer Corwin Knapp Linson. Linson said the author's profile reminded him "of the young Napoleon (Napoleon I of France)—but not so hard, Steve." Davis, p. 80 At the end of January 1895, Crane left on what he called "a very long and circuitous newspaper trip" to the west. Davis, p. 99 While writing feature articles for the Bacheller syndicate, he traveled to Saint Louis, Missouri, Nebraska, New Orleans, Galveston, Texas and then Mexico City. Wertheim (1994), p. 121 Irving Bacheller would later state that he "sent Crane to Mexico for new color", Stallman, p. 141 which the author found in the form of Mexican slum life. Whereas he found the lower class in New York pitiful, he was impressed by the "superiority" of the Mexican peasants' contentment and "even refuse d to pity them." Stallman, p. 144 Returning to New York five months later, Crane joined the Lantern (alternately spelled "Lanthom" or "Lanthorne") Club organized by a group of young writers and journalists. Wertheim (1994), p. 132 The Club, located on the roof of an old house on William Street near the Brooklyn Bridge, served as a drinking establishment (public house) of sorts and was made to look like a ship's cabin. Davis, p. 119 There Crane ate one good meal a day, although friends were troubled by his "constant smoking, too much coffee, lack of food and poor teeth", as Nelson Greene put it. Davis, p. 120 Living in near-poverty and greatly anticipating the publication of his books, Crane began work on two more novels: ''The Third Violet'' and ''George's Mother''. History The first significant contact of the Quechan with Europeans (European colonization of the Americas) was with the Spanish (Spanish colonization of the Americas) explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and his party in the winter of 1774. Relations were friendly. On Anza's return from his second trip to Alta California in 1776, the chief (Tribal chief) of the tribe and three of his men journeyed to Mexico City to petition the Viceroy of New Spain for the establishment of a mission (Mission (station)). The chief Palma and his three companions were baptized in Mexico City on February 13, 1777. Palma was given the Spanish baptismal name ''Salvador Carlos Antonio''. Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Federal District Commons:Category:Mexico City Wikipedia:Mexico City

Buenos Aires

city paper, presents concrete recommendations and new perspectives to self-oriented travelers. Each issue blends alternative and mainstream reporting with feature articles on local themes, quick travels tips and day-by-day event listings, including film, music, and the fine arts. Distribution is done through a 75 key locations network of hostels, Spanish language institutes, specialized travel agencies, bars and restaurants. Go next * La Plata - located 56 kilometres south of Buenos


some destruction of buildings. Wernher von Braun, a central figure in Germany's pre-war rocket development program, and post-war director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center,


Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

South Africa

, free to air television broadcaster and vehicle tracking provider Tracker. The company is actively making new investments across a number of sectors, including media, telecommunications, technology and renewable and alternate energy. '''''DRUM''''' is a South African family magazine mainly aimed at Black readers and contains market news, entertainment and feature articles. It has two sister magazines: ''Huisgenoot'' (aimed at White and Coloured Afrikaans language Afrikaans


''''', which began publication in 1930, is Russia’s oldest English-language publication newspaper. Many of its feature articles used to be translated from the now defunct Russian ''Moskovskiye Novosti.'' '''''Trud''''' ( Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia

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