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including Wu Ding, under whom the dynasty reached the zenith of its power, until it was wiped out along with the dynasty that was founded by King Wu (King Wu of Zhou) of the Zhou (Zhou Dynasty) in 1046 BC. Anyang's Tangyin County was the seat of Yue Village, birthplace of the famous Song Dynasty general, Yue Fei. This was also the historic home of Zhou Tong (Zhou Tong (archer)), Yue's military arts tutor (though fictional sources place him in Shaanxi). Yuan and Ming

Daly City, California

to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Transbay Terminal (San Francisco Transbay Terminal) in downtown San Francisco. A film biography, ''Love It Like a Fool,'' was made a few years before she died in 1978. Reynolds' most famous song, "Little Boxes" (made famous by Pete Seeger), has enjoyed renewed popularity by being featured in Showtime (Showtime (TV network))'s TV series (television program) ''Weeds (Weeds (television))''. "Little Boxes"


was divided into several styles based on the main courts in the area — Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Pakualaman and Mangkunegaran. Perhaps the most famous song in the kroncong style is ''Bengawan Solo'' (Bengawan Solo (song)), written in 1940 by Gesang Martohartono, a Solonese (Surakarta) musician. Written during the Japanese Imperial Army occupation of the island in World War II, the song (about the Bengawan Solo River, Java's longest and most important river

Camarillo, California

Feel." Perhaps the most famous song associated with the facility was "Hotel California (Hotel California (song))", by The Eagles (Eagles (band)), which is widely rumored to be about lead singer Don Henley's brother's struggles to overcome a mental disorder, but Henley claims this connection is false. The former hospital is the now the site of California State University, Channel Islands. The University has retained the distinctive Mission Revival Style architecture bell tower in the South quad. The band Brazzaville (Brazzaville (US band)) released a video called "Camarillo" in 2007, with mental hospital-like imagery and lyrics concerning lead singer David Brown's relatives' stay in the institution. is a public airport located three miles (5 km) west of the central business district of Camarillo (Camarillo, California), a city in Ventura County (Ventura County, California), California, United States. It is roughly equidistant from Los Angeles, CA and Santa Barbara, CA although it is inland. The airport has one runway and exclusively serves privately-operated general aviation and executive (Executive jet) aircraft with no scheduled commercial service (Scheduled air carriers). Released 1982 Recorded Poiema Studios Camarillo, California The Gold Mine Los Angeles, California Genre Folk (Folk music) rock (Rock music) *Engineered by Mark Heard, Bill Cobb, Janet Sue Heard *Recorded January-February 1982 at Poiema Studio, Camarillo, California, and at The Gold Mine, Los Angeles, California *Mixed by Mark Heard at Wilder Brothers Studios, West Los Angeles Released 1981 Recorded Poiema Studios Camarillo, California The Gold Mine Los Angeles, California Genre Folk (Folk music) rock (Rock music) *Additional engineers: Mark Heard, Janet Sue Heard *Recorded February-March, 1981 at Poiema Studios, Camarillo, California and at The Gold Mine, Los Angeles, California *Mixed by Mark Heard at The Gold Mine, Nashville, Tennessee - 2 align "left" Los Angeles-Riverside-San Bernardino align "left" Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)-Long Beach (Long Beach, California)-Santa Ana (Santa Ana, California), CA; Riverside (Riverside, California)-San Bernardino (San Bernardino, California), CA; Camarillo (Camarillo, California), CA; Hemet (Hemet, California), CA; Oxnard (Oxnard, California), CA; Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California), CA; Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita, California), CA; Simi Valley (Simi Valley, California), CA; Temecula (Temecula, California)-Murrieta (Murrieta, California), CA; Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks, California), CA 15,492,749 -

Socialist Republic of Croatia

, the most memorable of his many schlagers might be ''Vraćam se Zagrebe tebi'' (Coming Back to You, My Zagreb), ''Ta tvoja ruka mala'' (That Little Hand of Yours), and ''Tiho plove moje čežnje'' (Silent Sail of My Yearnings).But most of all, his song,schlager, "Samo jednom se ljubi", remains as maybe most famous song i Ex-Yugoslavia countries i.e. Real Evergreen. One more thing in favour of that song. There is no other singer who had courrage to sing that song in public or record


, is the third tallest statue of Christ in Latin America, only smaller than the statue of Christ The Redeemer (Christ the Redeemer (statue)) in Brazil and Cristo de la Concordia in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Situated on the top of a hill, this image of Jesus with extended arms symbolises protection for the inhabitants of Torreon.<

Huntington Beach, California

-499938-includes-holland.html accessdate March 17, 2013 newspaper The Orange County Register date March 17, 2013 page Real Estate 6 * The ska punk rock band Reel Big Fish formed here in 1992. * Dean Torrence, from the 1960s Pop group Jan and Dean, who co-authored the famous song " Surf City


of Silla (present day South Korea) *618-1279 - Tang dynasty-Song dynasty, observatories built in Chang'an, Kaifeng, Hangzhou, China In 1133, the famous Song general Yue Fei led many successful campaigns against the Jin Dynasty (Jin Dynasty (1115–1234)), in the Xiangyang area. From there, he pushed the Jin army back north as far as Kaifeng. In 1234, the Jin Dynasty was conquered by the Mongols under the leadership of Ogedei. At that time, Mongols


Garden . The Tiger Hill (Tiger Hill, Suzhou) is a popular tourist destination and is known for its natural beauty as well as historical sites. The hill is so named because it is said to look like a crouching tiger. Another legend states that a white tiger appeared on the hill to guard it following the burial of King Helü of Wu. The hill has been a tourist destination for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, as is evident from the poetry and calligraphy carved into rocks on the hill. Famous

Song Dynasty poet, Su Shi said, "It is a lifelong pity if having visited Suzhou you did not visit Tiger Hill." Temples Hanshan Temple (Cold Mountain Temple; Chinese: 寒山寺) is a Buddhist temple and monastery in Suzhou. It is near Fengqiao (Maple Bridge; Chinese: 枫桥), about west of the old city of Suzhou. The Hanshan Temple is famed in East Asia because of the well-known poem "A Night Mooring near Maple Bridge" (枫桥夜泊) written by Zhang

Cape Verde

's most famous song; French (French people) singer Étienne Daho also produced a song of the same name. ''The Good Son (The Good Son (album))'', a 1990 album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, was heavily informed by Cave's mental state at the time, which he has described as saudade. He told journalist Chris Bohn that, "When I explained to someone that what I wanted to write about was the memory of things that I thought were lost for me, I was told that the Portuguese word

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