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Yulin, Shaanxi

River Category:Cities in Shaanxi (Category:Yulin, Shaanxi) Category:National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China In 628, with Ashina Duobi and Ashina Shibobi having a fallout, Ashina Shibobi submitted to Emperor Taizong, as did the chieftains of Khitan (Khitan people) tribes, who had previously submitted to Eastern Tujue. With Eastern Tujue in turmoil, Ashina Duobi was no longer able to protect the last late-Sui rebel ruler who along remained standing against Tang


beach is a beautiful pristine white sandy beach which was abandoned for over 25 years and the current developer acquired it through purchase. Amani-y is also the site of the infamous "Zombie hole", 200 meters deep reef which features large "Elephant Ears" fan coral, sponge tubes, black coral, blue tang, sea urchins, and many more. It provides for easy access to the region’s famous historical sites such as: The Palace with 365 doors and 52 windows in Petite-Riviere de l’Artibonite; the forts in Marchand Dessalines; the pilgrimage site of Saut d’Eau; the port of Saint-Marc which is currently the preferred port of entry for consumer goods coming into Haiti because of its location to the capital. An experienced diver has described the diving at Amani-y as follows: commons:Category:Saint-Marc, Haiti


River (Heilong Jiang) thumb right Wudalianchi Volcanic Landforms National Geopark (File:WudalianchiGeopark.jpg) Heihe has plenty of natural tourism resources, including the Amur River and Wudalianchi Lake (五大连池) and Wudalianchi Volcanic Range (五大连池火山群), where people can take a trip to local volcanoes. The Old City of Aigun is a famous historical scenic spot, in which the Treaty of Aigun between China and Russia was signed in the 19th century. Sport The university of Heihe


%. Investment in fixed assets came to 10.974 billion yuan, up by 12.4%. Tourism right thumb Haiyang Xuegong (Confucianism school of Haiyang County). (File:Confucianism school of Haiyang County.JPG) right thumb Chaozhou People's Square musical fountain (File:潮州人民广场音乐喷泉.jpeg) Chaozhou is a famous historical and cultural city in the country. The city's feature is known as "Classic Tourist City" which receives numerous tourists both from abroad and home. There are many valuable historic

* UC Berkeley Teo-Chew Association * Government website of Chaozhou '''Chiuchow cuisine''', '''Teochew cuisine''' or '''Chaozhou cuisine''' or '''Chaoshan cuisine''' (


of Jiaxing ref>


) * (Category:Ganzhou) Category:Geography of Jiangxi Category:National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China * Accession of Han Zhangdi. * Revolt against the Chinese (China) in Tarim (Tarim Basin): Cachera and Turpan are besieged. Luoyang orders the evacuation of Tarim. Ban Chao makes the rebels retreat towards Khotan. At the same time


: index.htm Official Website * Historic US Army map of Qiqihar, 1945 Category:Populated places established in 1691 (Category:Qiqihar) Category:National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China There are more than 1,900 rivers in Heilongjiang, including the Songhua River, Heilongjiang

Taizhou, Jiangsu

and transportation center in Central Jiangsu Province. The hometown of great artistic Masters like Shi Nai'an, Zheng Banqiao, and Mei Lanfang, etc., Taizhou is also the birthplace of the Navy of Chinese People's Liberation Army. Taizhou is now one of the famous historical and cultural cities of Jiangsu Province. Economy Taizhou is a center for flour mills, textile works, fishing net manufacturing, and other industries based on local agriculture. Having a favorable


of Sichuan Category:National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China *Stretches of Chang Jiang have local names such as the Chuan Jiang (Sichuan River) (川江, for the Sichuan portion of the river from Yibin to Yichang), Jingjiang (荆江, for the Jingzhou section of the river) and Yangzi Jiang (near Yangzhou). The entire Chang Jiang is navigable and also known as the ''Golden Waterway.'' *'''Jinsha River''' or '''Gold Sands River''' (金沙江 ''Jīnshā Jiāng'', lit. "Golden

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