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Indian Head, Saskatchewan

of the Trans-Canada Highway. It "had its beginnings in 1882 as the first settlers, mainly of Scottish origin, pushed into the area in advance of the railroad, most traveling by ox-cart from Brandon." The town is known for its federally operated experimental farm and tree nursery, which has produced and distributed seedlings for shelter belts (windbreak) since 1901. For many years the programme was run by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation

land comprise the Indian Head Migratory Bird Sanctuary located south of Indian Head. The Canada Agriculture Experimental Farm Tree Nursery is a part of the sanctuary lands The Canadian Wildlife Service on its last review felt that the sanctuary should be abolished.

Rehabilitation Administration Shelterbelt Centre work Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada publisher Government of Canada date 2009-04-09 url http: AAFC-AAC 1186517615847&lang eng accessdate 2009-05-08 Indian Head Experimental Station or Indian Head Research Farm established in 1887 provides innovative research into crops and soil types.

Spanish National Research Council

. * Estación Experimental Aula Dei (EEAD), Zaragoza. * Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas (EEZA) Almería. * Estación Experimental del Zaidín (EEZ) Granada. * Estación Experimental La Mayora (EELM) Málaga. * Institución Milá y Fontanals (IMF) Barcelona. * Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra (IACT), Granada. * Instituto Botánico de Barcelona (IBB), Barcelona. * Instituto Cajal (IC), Madrid. * Instituto de Lengua, Literatura y Antropología (ILLA

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

anniversaries of the flight. Bell's estate also included the Bell Boatyard which made both experimental and traditional boats. Notable examples included the pioneering hydrofoil HD-4 and the yacht ''Elsie''. The boatyard employed up to 40 people at its peak and was notable in employing many women in World War One when it made lifeboats for the Royal Canadian Navy. Rick McGraw, "Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922

tour of 1910–11, Bell and Baldwin met with Forlanini in France. They had rides in the Forlanini hydrofoil boat over Lake Maggiore. Baldwin described it as being as smooth as flying. On returning to Baddeck, a number of initial concepts were built as experimental models, including the ''Dhonnas Beag'', the first self-propelled Bell-Baldwin hydrofoil. Boileau 2004, p. 18. The experimental boats were essentially proof-of-concept prototypes that culminated in the more

Laboratory Association' ''(1880), also known as the'' Volta Laboratory (Volta Laboratory and Bureau) ''and as the'' 'Alexander Graham Bell Laboratory', ''and which eventually led to the Volta Bureau (1887) as a center for studies on deafness which is still in operation in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The Volta Laboratory became an experimental facility devoted to scientific discovery, and the very next year invented a wax phonograph cylinder that was later used by Thomas Edison; http


and at Sevmashpredpriyatiye (SEVMASH — Northern Machine-building Enterprise), Severodvinsk. The lead unit was a Project 705 design and all subsequent were 705K. The first vessel was commissioned in 1971. Project 705 boats were intended to be experimental platforms themselves, to test all innovations and rectify their faults, that would afterwards found a new generation of submarines. This highly experimental nature mostly predetermined their future

on 6 June 1963, and commissioned (ship commissioning) on 9 October 1963. The keel of the K-27 was laid down on 15 June 1958 at Severodvinsk Shipyard No. 402. K-27 Project 645. Retrieved on 8 November 2011. She was launched on 1 April 1962, and she went into service as an experimental "attack submarine" on 30 October 1963. ref name "K-27" >

in Gremikha bay since 20 June 1968 with cooling reactors and different experimental works were made aboard till 1973 when rebuilding or replacement of the port-side reactor was considered as too expensive and inappropriate procedure. The submarine was decommissioned on 1 February 1979 and her reactor compartment was filled with special solidifying mixture of furfurol (Furfuryl alcohol) and bitumen in summer 1981 (the work was performed by Severodvinsk shipyard No. 893 "Zvezdochka


is planned. Works on container and packing perfection, expansion of their assortment proceed . Search of new business partners will proceed. Perspective directions of expansion of outlets for the enterprise are the countries of Africa and Asia. Building of experimental wind-driver power station is supposed. Transfer into the municipal property of the city of plant of biological sewage treatment is planned. The Berdyansk state factory of fiberglass specialises on manufacture of fiberglass and products

"Berdyansk harvesters"; – Public corporation "Factory" Yuzhgidromash "; – Limited Liability Company "the Trading house"Yuzhgidromash "; – Public corporation "Dormash"; – Public corporation "Azovcable"; – Limited Liability Company "Azov cable company"; – Limited Liability Company "Azov cable -Donelektro"; – Limited Liability Company "Azov cable -Privat"; – Public corporation "Experimental

cables Limited Liability Company "Azov cable -Privat" specialises on release of cables of a long-distance communication. Public corporation "Experimental cable factory" specialises on release of cables and telephone wires . Public corporation "Berdyansk factory of the materials-handling equipment" specialises on release crane load gripping for piece cargoes, chains and sling chain, cranes, traverse for unloading of a roller stock, traverse of special clip


*Victoriaville, Quebec – Queen Victoria * Name: ''Autoroute des Bois-Francs'' ** History: A-18 was planned in the early 1970s to extend east from Autoroute 55 (Quebec Autoroute 55) through Victoriaville toward Autoroute 65 (Quebec Autoroute 65) in Plessisville (Plessisville, Quebec). In March 1997 Frith formed the electro-acoustic (Electroacoustic music) improvisation (Free improvisation) and experimental (experimental music) trio (Trio (music)) Maybe Monday

with saxophonist (saxophone) Larry Ochs (Larry Ochs (musician)) from Rova Saxophone Quartet and koto (koto (musical instrument)) player Miya Masaoka. Between 1997 and 2008 they toured the United States, Canada and Europe and released three albums. In March 2008 Frith formed Cosa Brava, an experimental rock and improvisation quartet with Zeena Parkins from Skeleton Crew (Skeleton Crew (band)) and Keep the Dog, and Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi from

West Island

: pub geott ess_pubs 107 107783 gscmap-a_148a_e_1916_mn01.pdf Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1916, Stansfield, J *From Gordon and Gotch map of Montreal dated 1924. *Experimental Farms Service Canada Department of Agriculture, 1952. Titled "Soil Map of Montreal-Jesus-Bizard Islands" Early 21st century: Merger

of the West Island is so sparsely developed it constitutes the last portion of Montreal's pre-settlement ecosystem. Though agriculture on the island is limited to the Macdonald Experimental Farm, the remnants of farmland in Senneville and Pierrefonds are likely to be developed into low-density residential housing. Conserving the remaining segments of local island wilderness has become a focal point of West Island politics over the course of the last thirty years, and is point of common concern

-l'Orme Nature Park , Angell Woods, Terra Cotta Park, Centennial Park, the Rapides du Cheval Blanc linear park, and the Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park which constitute the major forested areas of the West Island, while remaining community green spaces are typically designed in a conventional park layout. The other principle large open green spaces include Macdonald Experimental Farm and the remaining tracts of open land around the Morgan Arboretum in Senneville and western Pierrefonds


the produced gas. In 1940, experimental plants were built in Lysychansk and Tula (Tula, Russia). After World War II, the Soviet activities culminated in the operation of five industrial-scale UCG plants in the early the 1960s. However, Soviet activities subsequently declined due to the discovery of extensive natural gas resources. In 1964, the Soviet program was downgraded. only Angren site in Uzbekistan

successful test was conducted on 24 April 1934 in Lysychansk, Donetsk Basin by the Donetsk Institute of Coal Chemistry. The first pilot-scale process started 8 February 1935 in Horlivka, Donetsk Basin. Production gradually increased, and, in 1937–1938, the local chemical plant began using the produced gas. In 1940, experimental plants were built in Lysychansk and Tula (Tula, Russia). After World War II, the Soviet activities culminated

Mojave, California

, California , United States. Prior to acquisition by Northrop Grumman, the company was founded to develop experimental aircraft, but now focuses on designing and developing concept craft and prototype fabrication processes for aircraft and other vehicles. It is known for unconventional designs, for its use of non-metal, composite materials, and for winning the Ansari X Prize with its experimental spacecraft SpaceShipOne (Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne). !-- TOWNS FEWER THAN 30K

, Nevada ; California City, California; Twentynine Palms, California; Joshua Tree, California; Pioneertown, California; Lone Pine, California; Boron, California and Mojave, California. The California portion of the desert also contains Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, noted for experimental aviation and weapons projects, and the largest Marine Corps base (Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms) in the world

Province of Saxony

Knoblauch at Halle as the ''ordinarius'' professor for experimental physics In Germany, until the early twentieth century, experimental physics had priority over theoretical physics, and therefore such positions were considered to be higher in rank. This changed with the rise of German theoretical physics in the early twentieth century, especially through the activities of Max Born at the University of Göttingen and Arnold Sommerfeld at the University of Munich, who adroitly

used experimental physics to test and develop their theories. and director of the physics institute. Dorn’s previous duties were assumed by Karl Schmidt, who had been a Privatdozent and was called as an ''extraordinarius'' professor for theoretical physics. Jungnickel and McCormmach, 1990b: p. 293 The Duchy of Brunswick (deriving from Brunswick-Lüneburg (Brunswick-Lueneburg)) created administrative districts (''Kreise'') in 1833; the District

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