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National Climatic Data Center

) in damage and one injury. Losses were more significant from the twister in Coffee County (Coffee County, Georgia), reaching $250,000 (1972 USD).

?wwevent~ShowEvent~23045 title Event Record Details: Tornado publisher National Climatic Data Center accessdate January 8, 2012 One mobile home in Georgia suffered significant damage, though it is unknown if this was related to the tornadoes. Though the damage from both tornadoes combined was about $275,000 (1972 USD), the National Hurricane Center notes only $205,000

Weather Service title Hurricane Danny damage reports work USA Today date June 11, 1999 Danny also dropped torrential amounts of rain in Louisiana, peaking at

Greensburg, Kansas

Service title Event Record Details url http: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~657501 accessdate 2007-04-12 Kansas Governor (Governor of Kansas) Kathleen Sebelius and President (President of the United States) George W. Bush both declared Kiowa County a disaster area, <


of Vaasa in 1888 where he worked for the rest of his life. From 1894 Aleksander also worked with the military law chief in the Senate. Aleksander died at Helsinki on April 15 in 1896, of paralysis. Elitloppet on May 26, meant another defended title and another event record (1:10.2&nbsp;km rate). Thereafter

Moore, Oklahoma

saved many lives. Kansas Governor (Governor of Kansas) Kathleen Sebelius

Pascagoula, Mississippi

NCDC year 1997 title Event Record Details: Hurricane (Mississippi) publisher National Climatic Data Center accessdate 2007-01-01 url http: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~299434 '''Michael Moore''' (born April 3, 1952, in Pascagoula, Mississippi profile ) was the Attorney General for the U.S. State of Mississippi from 1988 to 2004. In 1994, he filed the first

Panama City

, with damage to many others. Several tornadoes and waterspouts were spawned over Virginia; most of them occurred in Norfolk (Norfolk, Virginia), Portsmouth (Portsmouth, Virginia), and Hampton, Virginia

400000 1997 r 2 Rainfall

Huntington Beach, California

three and killing one. * August 19–August 20, 1997: Tropical Storm Ignacio (1997 Pacific hurricane season#Tropical Storm Ignacio)'s remnants produced gusty winds over the outer waters of California, and passed directly over the San Francisco Bay Area

Portland, Maine

;nbsp;mph (61&nbsp;km h) and around 1&nbsp;inch (25&nbsp;mm) of rain along the coast. In Maine, heavy surf closed several beaches and injured two people. Waves also damaged several boats. Winds were

moderate near the coast, peaking at 47&nbsp;mph (76&nbsp;km h) with gusts to 54&nbsp;mph (87&nbsp;km h) at Mount Desert Island. The winds knocked over several trees and caused sporadic power outages throughout the state, including loss

Memphis, Tennessee

Virginia and Ohio, the rainfall in Ohio leading to two indirect deaths. Katrina also caused a number of power outages in many areas, with over 100,000 customers affected in Tennessee, primarily in the Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) and Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) areas. "Hurricane Katrina: Event Record Details." ''Satellite and Information Service; National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Washington, D.C.

produced one tornado in the state. Washington, D.C. experienced moderate rainfall from the storm, totaling to 2.59&nbsp;inches (66&nbsp;mm) in Georgetown (Georgetown, Washington, D.C.).

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