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Canby, Oregon

the public about reptiles, often offering lectures in educational settings such as libraries, science museums, television appearances, and even specially arranged birthday parties. Reptile World has not been open to the public since 2002, but continues to focus heavily on rescue and educational work. OR 99E remains co-signed with I-5 until Salem, Oregon Salem where it again splits off from the interstate, serving many towns in northern


) is a cooperative village (intentional community) jointly founded by Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs (Arab citizens of Israel) in an attempt to show that the two peoples can live side by side peacefully, as well as to conduct educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples. The village is located on one of the two Latrun hilltops, midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Falling under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council, in 2006 it had


taken by Soviet authorities to control the people included the imposition of a harsh church tax to close churches, monasteries and parish schools. Public education became mandatory to indoctrinate the youth. The Cyrillic script replaced Todo Bichig, the traditional Kalmyk vertical script. In spite of these measures, some of the better known Kalmyk monasteries were able to expand their religious and educational work. The Kalmyks of the Don Host (Don Voisko Oblast), however, were not so


was part of the ''SA Gruppe Hochland'' and served first as the deputy director of SA schools in the region, and then later also as a director. In parallel with the educational work in these posts, Schmidthuber was a member of the training command of the SA (Sturmabteilung). However, on the 17 May 1935 he joined the SS where he was appointed SS Obersturmführer and immediately attached to the ''SS-Verfügungstruppe''. Initially he commanded the 7th platoon of ''SS-1 Standarte


by Japanese culture. It consists of various departments, such as Nursing Garden, Elementary School, Junior High School and Senior High School. * Shenyang No.43 High School International School * Shenyang International School, SYIS was founded in 1998 by the International Schools of China (ISC), a United States non-profit organization committed to educational work in China. It is the only school in Shenyang that offers an American curriculum and a college preparatory system of instruction


, research and educational work on the reconstruction of literary history Slobozhanshchina (Kharkiv region). There are more than 30 thousand exhibits, contains a unique manuscripts, photos, documents, autographs, memorabilia of many other cultural figures. Based on these ekspanatov team created dozens of museum exhibitions that have received high marks in Ukraine and abroad. Here operate children's clubs and Theatre-Studio Arabesques. * Wikipedia:Kharkiv Commons:Category:Kharkiv Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kharkiv Oblast Kharkiv

East Timor

work, Apr 15, 2009 * 2010.09.12-17 - Visited East Timor for UNICEF. watched over the vaccinations and educational work being done on site by UNICEF.

Tel Aviv

* May 30, 1972: The Lod Airport massacre: an assault rifle (Sa vz.58) and grenade attack on Israel's Lod Airport in Tel Aviv, now Ben Gurion International Airport, killed 26 people; about 80 others were injured. "In what became known as the Lod Airport Massacre three members of the terrorist group, Japanese Red Army, arrived at the airport aboard Air France Flight 132 from Rome. Once inside the airport they grabbed automatic firearms from their carry-on cases and fired at airport staff and visitors. In the end, 26 people died and 80 people were injured." ''CBC News'', ''The Fifth Estate'', "Fasten Your Seatbelts: Ben Gurion Airport in Israel", 2007. Accessed June 2, 2008. One of the three attackers then killed themselves with a grenade, although some believe this to be an accident. Another was shot in the crossfire of the only surviving attacker Kōzō Okamoto. It has been claimed that the PFLP was behind the attack. * July 1973: Red Army members led a hijacking (Japan Air Lines Flight 404) of Japan Airlines (JAL) plane over the Netherlands. The passengers and crew were released in Libya, where hijackers blew up the plane. Three of his accomplices were arrested attempting to withdraw funds in Tel Aviv, Rotterdam and San Francisco. Interrogation of his accomplices directed investigations to Levin, then working as a computer programmer for St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia) based computer company AO Saturn. However, at the time, there were no extradition treaties between the US and Russia covering these crimes. * An attempted coup (coup d'état) by disaffected former soldiers of Côte d'Ivoire was put down, with the death of the alleged coup leader, General Robert Guéï, a former military dictator of the country. Guéï was killed when his car refused to stop at a roadblock in downtown Abidjan. Rebels continue in control of the cities of Bouaké and Korhogo. * Israeli-Palestinian conflict: After a suicide bomber kills 5 and wounds more than 60 on a bus next to Tel Aviv's Great Synagogue (Great Synagogue (Tel Aviv)), Israeli troops, tanks, and bulldozers destroy buildings in Yasser Arafat's Ramallah headquarters. * U.S. plan to invade Iraq (2003 invasion of Iraq): The Bush administration pressures US Congress (Congress of the United States) to pass a resolution giving Bush authority to use "all means he determines to be appropriate, including force" to oust Saddam Hussein and disarm Iraq. 0,000,026 26 Three members of the Japanese Red Army, on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, killed 26 people and injured 80 others at Tel Aviv's Lod airport (now Ben Gurion International Airport). "In what became known as the Lod Airport Massacre three members of the terrorist group, Japanese Red Army, arrived at the airport aboard an Air France flight from Paris. Once inside the airport they grabbed automatic firearms from their carry-on cases and fired at airport staff and visitors. In the end, 26 people died and 80 people were injured." CBC News, ''The Fifth Estate'', "Fasten Your Seatbelts: Ben Gurion Airport in Israel", 2007. Retrieved June 2, 2008. "The short-term impact of the Lod Airport massacre as a precursor to Munich..." Stephen Sloan, John C. Bersia, J. B. Hill. ''Terrorism: The Present Threat in Context'', Berg Publisher, 2006, p. 50. ISBN 1-84520-344-5 "Two years later, just before the Lod Airport massacre, authorities uncovered the bodies of 14 young men and women


) WikiPedia:Havana Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Cuba Localities Havana commons:La Habana


liberated by the Revolution in 1917, and in 1919, Arshinov joined Makhno and became involved in cultural and educational work in the area controlled by the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine. He was also the leader of ''"Nabat"'' (Confederation of the Anarchist Organizations of Ukraine), and edited the paper ''Golos Anarkhista''. In 1921, Arshinov emigrated from the country, in which time he would participate in the group Dielo Truda with Nestor Makhno. During his time in Berlin he would edit ''anarkhicheskii vestnik''. He joined the communist party after returning to the USSR in 1930, but Arshinov was an obvious target for the purges and subsequently disappeared, probably being executed sometime around 1937. Air Malta '''Seasonal''': Malta (Malta Airport) Aurela '''Seasonal''': Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Airport), Almaty (Almaty Airport), Antalya (Antalya Airport), Dubai (Dubai Airport), Hurghada (Hurghada Airport), Kiev, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Airport), Malé (Malé Airport), Moscow, Nouadhibou (Nouadhibou Airport), Riga (Riga Airport), Sharm el-Sheikh (Sharm el-Sheikh Airport), Stockholm-Arlanda (Arlanda Airport), Tallinn (Tallinn Airport) Bulgaria Air '''Seasonal''': Varna (Varna Airport) thumb left 200px Gilding Gilded (File:Onion domes of Cathedral of the Annunciation.JPG) onion domes of the Cathedral of the Annunciation, Moscow Kremlin. thumb 200px Saint Basil's Cathedral (File:RedSquare SaintBasile ( (1555 - 1561) in Moscow, Russia. Its distinctive onion domes date to the 1680s. The multidomed church is a typical form of Russian church architecture, which distinguishes Russia from other Orthodox nations and Christian denominations. Indeed, the earliest Russian churches, built just after the Christianization of Kievan Rus', were multi-domed, which has led some historians to speculate about how Russian pre-Christian pagan temples might have looked. Examples of these early churches are the 13-domed wooden Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod (989) and the 25-domed stone Desyatinnaya Church in Kiev (989-996). The number of domes typically has a symbolical meaning in Russian architecture, for example 13 domes symbolize Christ with 12 Apostles, while 25 domes means the same with an additional 12 Prophets of the Old Testament. The multiple domes of Russian churches were often comparatively smaller than Byzantine domes. Russian Church Design by Lisa Kies. About Russian Domes and Cupolas at Sky Palace world architecture site. Russian domes are often gilded (gilding) or brightly painted. A dangerous technique of chemical gilding using mercury (mercury (element)) had been applied on some occasions until the mid-19th century, most notably in the giant dome of Saint Isaac's Cathedral. The more modern and safe method of gold electroplating was applied for the first time in gilding the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, the tallest Eastern Orthodox church (List of tallest Orthodox churches) in the world. The history of galvanotechnology in Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow

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