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Farm Security Administration

seldom had. However, in succeeding decades, these modernizing assumptions created conditions for Delta African Americans on resettlement projects to challenge white supremacy. Jane Adams and D. Gorton, "This Land Ain't My Land: The Eviction of Sharecroppers by the Farm Security Administration," ''Agricultural History'' Summer 2009, Vol. 83 Issue 3, pp 323-51 FSA and its contribution to society The Documentary photography genre describes photographs

that would work as a time capsule for evidence in the future or a certain method that a person can use for a frame of reference. Facts presented in a photograph can speak for themselves after the viewer gets time to analyze it. Documentary photography does not just stop there by taking pictures of human beings in poor conditions; it also runs in the veins of several aspects of society. Photographs of revolutions, accidents, or speeches all fall under that same style, as we could tell from

the picture what went on because it simply was taken in order to let others be aware of what was happening during that period. Graham Clarke, The Photograph (New York: Oxford University of Art, 1997), 145-166 Not only that, but also the concept of manipulating the picture is available in documentary photography and it all falls at the end of the day under the decision of the photographer. For example, lining up the characters in the picture may strengthen the message

Galiano Island

Air: Gulf Islands destinations ** Galiano Island Montague Harbour (YMF ) ** Mayne Island Miners Bay (YAV ) – Mayne Island Water Aerodrome '''Jennifer Abbott''' (born 28 November 1965) is a Canadian (Canada) director (film director), cinematographer and editor (film editor), best known as a documentary (Documentary film) maker. Her first feature film

feature documentary, ''A Cow at My Table'' (1998), explores contemporary Western attitudes to livestock and meat production. More recently, she served as co-director and editor of the widely acclaimed documentary, ''The Corporation (The Corporation (film))'' (2003), which critically examines large corporations in the modern world. That film won numerous international film awards, including a Genie (Genie Award) for best documentary, an audience award from the Sundance Film Festival

Abu Ghraib

Rumsfeld 's twice-offered resignation during the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. However, refusing a resignation can be a method of severe censure if it is followed by dismissal; Alberto Fujimori attempted to resign as President of Peru, but his resignation was refused in order that Congress could fire him. In 2005 Bukovsky participated in ''They Chose Freedom'', They Chose Freedom, a documentary

series by Vladimir Kara-Murza (in Russian). a four-part documentary on the Soviet dissident movement. In 2005, with the revelations about captives in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp, Abu Ghraib and the CIA secret prisons, Bukovsky criticized the rationalization of torture. Torture's Long Shadow, ''The Washington Post'', 2005. Bukovsky warned about some

and are available on US military declassified websites). In addition, few commentators believe that under 100-200,000 civilians died as a result of other acts during the 2003 war. Films in 2008 included ''The Visitor (The Visitor (2008 film))'', by Thomas McCarthy with Richard Jenkins and Hiam Abbass; ''Chicago 10 (Chicago 10 (film))'', based on the 1968 Democratic convention protests; and ''Standard Operating Procedure'', a documentary about Abu Ghraib by Errol Morris. http

Hudson, Quebec

by becoming the first in North America to ban several forms of lawn and garden pesticides used to kill insects and weeds. The town was sued by two pesticide companies and on June 28, 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the town's favor by a 9-0 vote. The Hudson example spurred many other municipalities and provinces in Canada to enact similar bans of pesticides. The Hudson case is the subject of an upcoming American documentary movie titled ''A Chemical Reaction'' by filmmaker Brett Plymale

always maintained an avid interest in TV production and music, and at 16 co-produced a documentary (documentary film) on the swing revival. Between acting jobs, open mic nights doing stand-up, creating video comedies with her friends and learning to play the fiddle, she held a part time job as a waitress in Hudson, Quebec. Walsh started her acting career "acting" out border-crossing scenarios at the Canada Customs college in her home town of Rigaud. MuchMusic Walsh

Greensburg, Kansas

' town. A documentary (Documentary film) on its reconstruction, called ''Greensburg (Greensburg (TV series))'', aired on Planet Green, a sister network of Discovery Channel. Another documentary, ''Earth 2100'', drew attention to Greensburg as "the green town" that was built after the devastating 2007 tornado. The ABC (American Broadcasting Company) film suggested a fictionalized, future Greensburg as a model showing how American towns can successfully implement green

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

s (''Aratinga erythrogenys''), descended from escaped or released pets. The flock was popularized by a book and subsequent documentary (2003), both titled ''The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill''. The birds, known in the bird trade as Cherry-headed Conures, are native to Peru and Ecuador; they have established a breeding colony, with the support of some residents, as reported in the film ''The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill'', and through the help of volunteers with http

+Francisco,+CA,+USA&sa X&oi map&ct title The location of Filbert Street in San Francisco , Google Maps. '''''The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill''''' is a 2005 (2005 in film) documentary film directed, produced, and edited by Judy Irving. It chronicles the relationship between Mark Bittner, an unemployed musician who is living rent-free in a cabin in Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill, San Francisco) in San Francisco, California, and a flock of feral

parrots (cherry-headed (Red-masked Parakeet) and two blue-crowned conures (Blue-crowned Parakeet)) that he feeds and interacts with. Bittner also wrote a book by the same name on the subject. In May 2007, the documentary aired on the PBS series ''Independent Lens''. thumb right 250px By the time of this postcard circa 1920s, San Francisco had been fully rebuilt. (Image:MarketStreetSanFran.JPG) Almost immediately after the quake re-planning and reconstruction plans

Brooks, Alberta

; as a result of a documentary by Brandy Yanchyk profiling the community's significant immigrant, refugee and temporary foreign worker populations. The documentary was called "Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos" and was created in 2010 for Omni Television.

accessdate 2011-10-24 The community's multicultural character was also the subject of a 2007 National Film Board of Canada documentary, ''24 Days in Brooks'', directed by Dana Inkster.

Resettlement Administration

the Depression to combat American rural poverty. "Resettlement Administration," ''Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture'', Oklahoma Historical Society accessed November 17, 2011. Documentary films The Resettlement Administration also funded two documentary films by Pare Lorentz, The Plow That Broke the Plains about the creation of the Dust Bowl and The River (1938

(WPA), and Pan American Union, including serving as an administrator for the WPA's Federal Music Project, for which his wife also worked, from 1938 to 1940. *''Mato Grosso: the Great Brazilian Wilderness'' (1931) likely the first sync sound documentary made in the field, in Mato Grosso, Brazil. *''The Plow that Broke the Plains'' (1936), a New Deal Resettlement Administration documentary directed by Pare Lorentz. *''Traffic with the Devil'' (1946

), a documentary short nominated for an Academy Award. url http: ~1930s FILM lorentz bio.html accessdate May 22, 2011 Despite not having any film credits, Lorentz was appointed to the Resettlement Administration as a film consultant. He was given US$6,000 to make a film, which became ''The Plow That Broke the Plains'', a film that showed the natural and man-made devastation caused by the Dust Bowl. Though the tight budget and his inexperience


''L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin!'' A documentary film, ''L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin!'' L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin! on Stalin (Joseph Stalin)'s creation of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and its partial settlement by thousands of Russian (Russian language) and Yiddish-speaking Jews was released in 2003. As well as relating the history of the creation of the proposed Jewish homeland (territorialism), the film features scenes

cities twinned with: * Niigata (Niigata, Niigata), Japan See also *''In Search of Happiness'', a documentary about modern day Birobidzhan * Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia Organization for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union (IKOR

Press year 1998 isbn 978-0-520-20990-9 *''Birobidjan, Birobidjan !'', documentary by writer Marek Halter. External links *Official website of Birobizhan *''Birobidzhan from 1929 to 1931'', photo album (digitized page images) , at the US Library of Congress *Atlas: Birobidzhan * http

Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco

, declining infrastructure, limited employment and racial discrimination were notable problems. James Baldwin documented the marginalization of the community in a 1963 documentary stating "this is the San Francisco, America pretends does not exist." KQED, 1963, ''Take This Hammer'', San Francisco Bay Are Area Television Archives In 1966, racial tensions sparked a race riot at Hunters

Fresh & Easy date April 12, 2013 The neighborhood was the subject of a 2003 documentary, ''Straight Outta Hunters Point'', http: title tt0369993 directed by lifelong Hunters Point resident Kevin Epps, and a 2012 sequel, "Straight Outta Hunters Point 2," movies that expose the daily drama of gang-related wars plaguing a community already fighting for social and economic survival. The Spike Lee film ''Sucker Free City'' used

Hunters Point as a backdrop for a story on gentrification and street gangs. Community activism A number of community groups, such as the India Basin

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