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: news uk-14178097 "Profile: Sir Paul Stephenson" , BBC News, 17 July 2011 He attended Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School where he became head boy. '''Ray Lowry''' (August 28, 1944 – October 14, 2008) was an English (English people) cartoonist, illustrator and satirist (Satire), possessing a highly distinctive style and wit. He contributed


; people. Wajarri country is inland from Geraldton and extends as far south and west as Mullewa, north to Gascoyne Junction and east to Meekatharra. The Aboriginal people of the Murchison-Gascoyne region were instrumental in assisting early settlers in the area in identifying permanent water sources, and worked in the pearling, pastoral and fishing industries. Yamatji art is a distinctive style of painting, using thousands of dots of ochre and other earth-based pigments to create patterns


of Anthropological Museum Collections pages 229–245, December 1981. The Ubaid period is marked by a distinctive style of fine quality painted pottery which spread throughout Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf. During this time, the first settlement in southern Mesopotamia was established at Eridu, ca. 5300 BC, by farmers who brought with them the Hadji Muhammed culture, which first pioneered irrigation agriculture. It appears this culture was derived from


and unique contributions to Palestinian culture, cuisine (Palestinian cuisine) and costume (Palestinian costumes). ''Nabulsi'', meaning "from Nablus", is used to describe items such as handicrafts (Palestinian handicrafts) (e.g. Nabulsi soap) and food products (e.g. Nabulsi cheese) that are made in Nablus or in the traditional Nablus style. Traditional costume Nablus costume was of a distinctive style that employed colorful combinations

Burlington, Vermont

. They had initially intended to start a bagel business, but found the equipment costs prohibitive and switched to ice cream instead, choosing Burlington as a location because it was a prominent college town which lacked an ice cream shop. In part, their distinctive style of ice cream was developed to compensate for Ben's anosmia - his loss of smell and near-loss of taste - as Ben kept adding larger and larger chunks to the ice cream to satisfy his need

Ming dynasty

was led by Dai Jin, traditionally considered it's founder. The "Zhe" of the name refers to Dai Jin's home province - Zhejiang. The school was not a school in the proper sense of the word in that the painters did not formulate a new distinctive style, preferring instead to further the style of the Southern Song, specializing in decorative and large paintings. Instead the school were identified by the formal, academic and conservative outlook, being a revival in the early


" as is the distinctive style of traditional Irish music and dance, and has become indicative of modern "Celtic" culture in general. First alliance and then war with England James's policies during the 1470s revolved primarily around ambitious continental schemes

their freshness and originality. This led him to dedicate most of his career to the composition of chamber music, which was gradually coming into vogue for the first time in France, and works for orchestra. Although Lalo is not one of the most immediately recognized names in French music, his distinctive style has earned him some degree of popularity. ''Symphonie espagnole'' for violin and orchestra still enjoys a prominent place in violinists' repertoire, and is known in many classical


, as well as in the Anatolian Peninsula and the Mediterranean islands of Crete and Cyprus. Nablus also developed trade relations with Aleppo, Mosul, and Baghdad. Doumani, 1995, Chapter: The City of Nablus. Nablus costume was of a distinctive style that employed colorful combinations of various fabrics. Due to its position as important trade center with a flourishing ''souk'' ("market


bridges, each with its own distinctive style: Jiehu, Binfeng, Yudai (Jade Belt Bridge), Jing, Lian, and Liu Bridge. Linghu Chong sinks into despair as he is now an outcast of the ''wulin''. After leaving Shaolin he meets a stranger Xiang Wentian, whom he saves from dozens of enemies. Xiang becomes sworn brothers with Linghu and brings him to a manor in Hangzhou, where Linghu meets Ren Woxing (Ren Yingying's father), the former leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult who was ousted from power

St. Louis

thumb 222px Faada Freddy of the Senegalese rap crew Daara J (File:Darra j berlin retouched.jpg) in Germany, 2005 '''Hip hop fashion''' is a distinctive style of dress (clothing) originating with African American youth on the scene of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Virginia, Atlanta, and St. Louis among others. Each city contributed various elements to its

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