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Port Alberni

. By the Second World War, plywood mills and a nascent pulp industry had started. For the next forty years, the forest industry reigned supreme. Today, the town is a major service centre for local, regional, and provincial governments, and a supply centre and hospital for west coast communities like Bamfield, Tofino, and Ucluelet. Currently, the natural resources of the area are taking centre stage again, but in a different way. Port Alberni is in the process of "re-developing" itself as a tourism destination. The area's amenities, such as the natural beauty of the area, the opportunities for fishing (both marine and freshwater), its convenience as a jumping-off point for new outdoor recreation and ecotourism activities such as hiking, kayaking, and mountain-biking, lend themselves to these activities very well. thumb widthpx Damage to Bank of Montreal in Port Alberni by the 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake. (File:Bank of Montreal damage in 1946.jpg)The 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake was a 7.3 magnitude (moment magnitude scale) earthquake that struck Vancouver Island, on the Coast of British Columbia, Canada, at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, June 23, 1946. The M7.3 Vancouver Island Earthquake of 1946 Retrieved on 2008-06-11 The main shock epicenter occurred in the Forbidden Plateau area north of Port Alberni. While most of the large earthquakes in the Vancouver area occur at tectonic plate (plate tectonics) boundaries, the 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake was a crustal (crust (geology)) event. 1946 Vancouver Island Earthquake Anniversary Retrieved on 2008-06-11 Shaking was felt from Portland, Oregon to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The earthquake is remembered as one of the most damaging earthquakes in the history of British Columbia. From 1920 to 1973 Alberni Residential School was in operation. The Canadian Federal government now says that this was a big blot on race relations in Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada The residential school (Canadian Indian residential school system) system run by the United Church forcibly separated children from their families and communities. The residential school was closed in the late 1970s and in 2009 was demolished. In 1955, the Alberni Athletics Senior-A Men's Basketball Team had an outstanding year. The Alberni Athletics won the Canadian Senior Basketball Championships at home. A young Jim Robson honed his sports reporting skills doing the play-by-play on radio station CJAV. The Alberni Athletics were inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. thumb left Good Friday Tsunami (File:USGS Tsunami Travel Time.gif)In 1964, Port Alberni was hit by two tsunamis (called tidal waves in 1964) during the Good Friday Earthquake. The water rose about one foot in a minute reaching ten feet above the high-water mark. About 375 homes were damaged and 55 were washed away, however there were no injuries or fatalities. In 1967, the neighbouring towns of Alberni (on the north) and Port Alberni (on the south) amalgamated to form the city of Port Alberni. The Alberni Valley has a museum and many ancillary attractions. Sproat Lake, located just outside of Port Alberni is the present home of Martin Mars water bombers. Geography


here and is China's third largest such enterprise. Datong is indeed however an emerging economy, as the city seeks to loosen its dependence on coal, introduce more environmentally friendly and efficient methods of extraction and move into other areas of business services. Local government has continued to upgrade its pillar coal sector (and related industries like coal chemicals, power and metallurgy), while also developing "substitute industries" such as machinery manufacturing, tourism


363 1494 1283.abstract accessdate 24 January 2012 Research in artificial photosynthesis undergoes a boom in the beginning of the 21st century. In 2000, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) researchers publicize their intent to focus on carbon dioxide capture and conversion to hydrocarbons.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

name Beard1913_p142 Oliver Ellsworth "rose rapidly to wealth and power in the bar of his native state" with "earnings... unrivalled in his own day and unexampled in the history of the colony", developing "a fortune which for the times and the country was quite uncommonly large".


in Bangladesh, an appropriate technology training center and reforestation program in Lesotho, and a wind-powered electric lighting system in a Carib (Carib people) Indian school in Dominica. It provided disaster relief in the "Developing" World and free ambulance service to the South Bronx which helped to train emergency personnel what then became New York City's EMS. It went to sea with Greenpeace and gave the ''Rainbow Warrior'' (Rainbow Warrior (1978)) its ham radio, slo-scan TV, and radiation monitoring equipment. Equipment was provided with assistance from Solar Electronics, now SE International, inc. Plenty put Native American (Native Americans in the United States) FM (FM broadcasting) stations on the air, and pioneered amateur-band television and radio to keep its remote outposts of volunteers connected. Origins The Foundations drew much interest and intrigue due to the size and structure of the group. Not only was there a diverse ethnic mix in the group, but there was also diversity in ages and musical backgrounds. The oldest member of the group was Mike Elliott, who was 38 years old. The youngest was Tim Harris, who, at 18, was barely out of school. The West Indian horn section, which consisted of Jamaican-born Mike Elliott (Mike Elliott (saxophonist)) and Pat Burke, both saxophonists and Dominican-born Eric Allendale on trombone. They were all highly experienced musicians who came from professional jazz and rock-and-roll backgrounds. Mike Elliott had played in various jazz and rock and roll bands including Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott, Inlay notes to ''Baby Now That I've Found You'' CD, Sequel Records NEECD 300 the Cabin Boys (led by Tommy Steele's brother, Colin Hicks), and others. Pat Burke, a professional musician, was from the London Music Conservatorium. Eric Allendale had led his own band at one stage as well as having played with Edmundo Ros and being a former member of the Terry Lightfoot A Chat With The Foundations Clem Curtis By Cherry Butler and Alex Walsh bands. Alan Warner (Alan Warner (musician)), the guitarist, was also an experienced musician for his age, having played with numerous semi-pro groups from the age of 16. Pluto Biography, Bassist Peter Macbeth was a former teacher. Tony Gomez, the keyboard player, was a former clerk, while Clem Curtis had been an interior decorator and professional boxer. The diadem was also worn during the coronation procession of Queen Victoria (Victoria of the United Kingdom), and later Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom). It is also worn by Queen Elizabeth II in the procession to the State Opening of Parliament. It has featured in many portraits of the Queen, including one by Raphael Maklouf that appears on Commonwealth coinage and on British Machin series stamps (Machin series). It has also featured on the banknotes of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, British Honduras, the British Caribbean Territories currency board (consisting of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Anguilla, Saba, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, British Guyana and the British Virgin Islands), Mauritius, Southern Rhodesia, Cyprus, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Fiji, Belize, the Bahamas, Malta, Malaya (Federation of Malaya) and North Borneo, and Jamaica. WikiPedia:Dominica Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominica commons:Dominica

North Korea

. Searches of the ship by Australian authorities revealed the ship had been modified for long voyages and was carrying enough fuel and provisions to travel around the world without needing to port. Iran and North Korea have some of the largest numbers of FACs in operation today. North Korea alone operates more than 300, Hy Sang Lee: ''North Korea: A Strange Socialist Fortress'', p. 85 while Iran have been seen developing "swarm boats" to be used


Engler. However, a couple of days later, Pettigrew suddenly decided to drop all charges. Supporters note that even in the face of its limitations, it would not be accurate to conclude that GSP has failed to benefit developing countries, though some concede GSP has benefited developing countries unevenly. Some assert that, for most of its history, GSP has benefited "richer developing" countries - in early years Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, more recently Brazil and India - while providing virtually no assistance to the world's least developed countries, such as Haiti, Nepal, and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The U.S., however, has closed some of these gaps through supplemental preference programs like the African Growth and Opportunity Act and a newer program for Haiti, and Europe has done the same with Everything But Arms. The '''Greater Antilles''' are one of the island groups in the Caribbean. Comprising the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola (containing the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Puerto Rico, and Jamaica, the Greater Antilles constitute almost 90% of the land mass of the entire West Indies Encyclopædia Britannica , as well as almost 90% of its population. The other island group is the Lesser Antilles. Puerto Rican Nationalist Party leadership thumb right 180px Don Pedro Albizu Campos, 1936 (File:Albizu 1936.jpg)In 1924, Albizu Campos joined the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and was elected vice president. In 1927, Albizu traveled to Santo Domingo, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela, seeking solidarity for the Puerto Rican Independence movement. There is a myriad of places of the world where boat people have undertaken voyages. A particularly frequent destination has been the USA, which has been the objective of boat people from Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Since 1995, the US wet feet, dry feet policy has generally allowed Cubans who reach dry land in the U.S. to stay while those intercepted at sea by the U.S. Coast Guard are returned to Cuba. Elsewhere boat people have originated journeys in Morocco, Vietnam and Albania. Many boat people have been attacked by pirates on the high seas, or have been turned away by governments and forced to return, sometimes even to countries where they were also present illegally. Early years: 1984–1988 Kurtis Mantronik (Kurtis el Khaleel), a Jamaican-Canadian (Canada) émigré, began experimenting with electro music in the early 1980s, inspired by early electro tracks like "Riot in Lagos (:File:Riot in Lagos.ogg)" (1980) by Yellow Magic Orchestra's Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 1984, while working as the in-store DJ (Disc jockey#Hip Hop DJs) for Downtown Records in Manhattan, Kurtis Mantronik met MC Tee, a Haitian-born, Flatbush, Brooklyn-based rapper (rapping) (and regular record store customer). WikiPedia:Haiti Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Haiti Commons:Category:Haiti


provider s (ISPs), especially in India, Russia, parts of Asia and other "developing" regions provide their customers only with "local" IP addresses, due to a limited number of external IP addresses allocated to those entities . Thus, these customers must access services external to the ISP's network through NAT. As a result, the customers cannot achieve true end-to-end connectivity, in violation of the core principles of the Internet

This means that the multinational corporations appropriate a disproportionally high share of the surplus value in "developing" countries. Hence, globalization and modern capitalism benefit mostly the golden billion, while people in the so-called "

;developing" countries are getting the short end of the stick. Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia


concede GSP has benefited developing countries unevenly. Some assert that, for most of its history, GSP has benefited "richer developing" countries - in early years Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, more recently Brazil and India - while providing virtually no assistance to the world's least developed countries, such as Haiti, Nepal, and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The U.S., however, has closed some of these gaps through supplemental preference programs like the African Growth and Opportunity Act and a newer program for Haiti, and Europe has done the same with Everything But Arms. The '''Saisiyat''' (


, London, 5 October 2007. In 2000, Wurmser helped draft a document entitled "Ending Syria’s Occupation of Lebanon: the US Role?", which called for a confrontation with the regime in Damascus. The document said that Syria was developing "weapons of mass destruction". The assassination of Rafiq Hariri: who benefited? by Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site, February 17, 2005 Present day Today, Candy's appliances are known more through their continued marketing of the Hoover and Kelvinator brands. Hoover-branded washing machines are largely Candy designs and are made up from Candy components. As well as in Europe, Candy operates manufacturing facilities in China, Russia, Turkey (Turkey (country)), Ivory Coast, Syria, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and Egypt. Later on, in 1957, an Assyrian Democratic Organization was set up in Syria by centre-left intellectuals from the Assyrian (Assyrian people) ethnic group and Christian religious communities whose main native language was Eastern neo-Aramaic (Aramaic language). Assyrians are a distinct ethnic group, they are Eastern Aramaic speaking Semites and are traditionally followers of the Ancient Church of the East, Assyrian Church of the East and Chaldean Catholic Church. They are native to Iraq, north eastern Syria, north western Iran and south eastern Turkey. '''Mafraq''' (Arabic (Arabic language) '''المفرق''' ''Al-Mafraq'', local dialects ''Mafrag'' or ''Mafra' '', "crossroads") is the capital city of Mafraq Governorate, Jordan, located 80 Km to the north from the Jordanian capital Amman in crossroad to Syria to the north and Iraq to the east. It has 58,954 inhabitants (2000). Commons:Category:Syria WikiPedia:Syria Dmoz:Regional Middle East Syria

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